We Are the Chrystal Gems

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During the war for Earth Rose Quartz had to make some hard choices, including who to save. It is feasible that, had situations been different, Steven could have been raised by more or different Chrystal Gems. I'd like to explore how that dynamic may have shifted.

Character(s) I plan to play:
-Steven (duh)
-Greg Universe (if he ever comes up)
-Obsidian (Gem assassin, based on my OC in my fanfic Conversation Starters)

-We're starting from the basic plot of Gem Glow, then radiating out from there.
-Gemstones can include any precious stones or crystalline materials
-Post basic bios before starting in
-No fewer than three chrystal gems, and no more than seven (including steven)

-Any human residents of Beach city
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