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|Genre-Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy|Setting-Medieval/Dynasty Age|

|General Plot|
Long ago, when the people of Deforte were still in hostile tribes, 6 protectors were born. Their jobs were to bring peace to the tribes, each possessing unique inborn abilities. Many years of war passed until at last the six protectors brought peace to the warring tribes, creating a strict treaty for all the tribes to follow. Once peace and order was achieved, the protectors and their families split off and established six different countries, Achmeia, Greco, Tuwana, Onixi, Chendu, and Xiamen, each named after the protectors family name. As time passed the tribes of each country melded together and created governments, unique for each country. As for the protectors, some became part of the government, while others disappeared from the public eye to live normal lives again.
The peace treaty has lasted for the past two hundred and forty three years, making the need for protectors non-existent. However, rumors have begun to circulate that Onixi and Greco, along with their protectors, have begun building armies, their goal to overpower the other countries. With the protectors being the only ones that can ultimately defeat Onixi and Greco and keep the world at peace, people are starting to wonder, "what happened to the protectors?" "Are they even still alive?". They must now break free from their everyday lifestyle and join together to defeat the opposing countries and their protectors.


|Basic Geography & Countries|
The world has been spit into six different countries. Each country is separated by a wall, similar to the Great Wall of china, to keep the cultures from integrating with one another. Each country's cultures are unique to their surroundings; Different languages are spoken, lifestyles vary from Oriental to Native American, even the geography and weather is drastically different from one side of the wall to the other. Between each country's wall are strips of land that allow anyone to go to non-neighboring countries without crossing through the neighboring country. No one owns this land, however, each country's government decides together how to take care of it. As stated before, all the countries are currently at peace with one another, however, a few countries have become hostile to one another.



=Language Spoken=
=Major Towns=
Althea, Mystras, & Atlantis


=Language Spoken=
=Major Town=


=Language Spoken=
=Major Towns=
Bias & Sere


=Language Spoken=
=Major Towns=


=Language Spoken=
=Major Towns=
Togali, Benu


=Language Spoken=
=Major Towns=
Bushadou & Meifang.


Iwaku rules apply
No need to explain.
Though a post or two everyday would be ideal, the least allowable is a post every three days. If you haven't posted by then without an explanation I will message you about it. If you do not answer within four days(given you've been able to get on Iwaku since then) I will assume you are no longer interested and give away your character spot. Therefor, you absolutely must let me know if you if won't have time to post for a certain amount of time.
Please participate in the OOC, whether it just be chatting or answering questions I or others ask. This helps with everybody getting along and helps me make the story more interesting for y'all if it starts to get boring.
Writing Quota
For every character I expect at least one paragraph. I do not expect perfect grammar, however, it would be nice if you'd go back and check to make sure everything is the best it could be.
Romance and Cursing
I would love it if some romances would bloom in this RolePlay as a side thing. However, I do not want any sexual stuff, and would even prefer it if you didn't lead up to that. As for cursing, I don't mind it so much. Just keep it to a minimum.


=Protectors=(No Spots Available)
This characters will be the leading roles in this RolePlay. They each have a specific, inborn ability that aids them when they need to protect something.

=|Protector|Ability|Birth City|Played By|=
Ko|=Summon Beasts Through Art=| Unknown | @NyanCat15 |
Estrella|=Mystical Music=|Xiamen|@CuccoLady |
Granzied|=Healing & Empathy=|Achmeia|@Enyrm
|The ability to heal both humans and inanimate objects. The ability to read the hearts of others.|
Asama|=Shadow Teleportation=|Chendu|@Thornapple |
Open|The ability the anticipate another persons moves within 1 minute| Reserved for Cybermoon|

=Supporting Characters=(Always Open)
These characters will be more like side characters. They will help with moving the story line, bringing in comedic moments, and possibly end up helping the protectors.

=|Side Character|Birth City|Played By|



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~Dawn of the 90th Day, Winter~

Estrella sat on the floor of the flower shop her aunt owned, all the way in Chendu, wrapping bouquets for the spring festival. She had arrived at her aunts house two days ago with her family for the Spring Festival Chedu held. After all, it was the prettiest place to be during the spring days. "Oh! It looks like the girls brought some more flowers." Estrella heard her cousin say as she hoped to her feet. Esther looked up and smiled at the sight of the bright flowers, however, quickly sneezed. Ugh, they must've brought some mushroom flowers. Estrella stood up and walked over to the group of younger girls and peered into the baskets filled with flowers. Spotting a bundle of bright orange flowers, "I told you not to pick those- Achoo!" Estrella sneezed suddenly. The. Young girls looked up, worried. "I'm sorry, Estrella. I didn't think the flowers would bother you." Her youngest cousin spoke. Estrella sighed then looked across at her mother in the kitchen with a frustrated expression. "It's fine. I'm going to step outside and get some fresh air." She said before turning and exiting the small building quickly. Allergies were the worst!

After taking a deep breath, Estrella looked around at the busy streets. She turned and began walking down the wooden sidewalk, looking for something to busy herself with. Estrella looked through the windows of various shops, but didn't enter any them because of the crowds. "I wonder what people that live here are thinking. They probably hate all the crowds and strangers." Estrella thought as she watched an old lady slap the hand of a little boy trying to steal an apple. Estrella paused infront of a candy store and took a deep breath. "Mmm." She hummed, peeking in the window and watching the old man make caramel nuts.



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Hiro had waken this morning to nature's own alarm clock.
The sun had dug into his dreams, forcing him to emerge from his soundless sleep, but it didn't matter today.
For today was the day before his favorite day. The day before Chendu's Spring Festival. The day before strangers flooded his homeland. Children of all ages, his age included! The boys around Chendu didn't fancy him too much, and tried to avoid him. Their mothers told them not to near Hiro, as they saw him as a dirty orphan who knew not of manners nor proper hygiene. Perhaps some of that was true, but some of the shop keepers saw more in him. They enjoyed having him around to run small errands or help around the shops. He was looked down upon by most in Chendu, which is why he so looked forward to the festivities. There he could melt in with the crowd, noticed by few, and especially not by Koshimi. He hoped so, anyway. The festivities were the only time he got to really play games with boys his age, and he was practically bouncing with excitement already.
He had much preparation to do though. Tomorrow was the only day he cared to look nice, so he would bathe in the springs and then head down to the market. Perhaps today he would finally earn enough to buy the new shoes he had been saving up his coins for.
Hiro sat up, stretching his arms out wide and yawning deeply. He glances over at a ball of black and white moving fur as it unfurls, revealing itself as a lemur.
Hire laughs lightly, he enjoyed watching his lemur. He'd spend hours watching Link on down days when he was bored, and he never tired of it. He stripped off his dirty clothes, which had been patched many times over. Once that task was done, he opened his small chest, which he had bought himself and was rather proud of, and removed a bar of soap. Although it wasn't so much a bar as a few pieces of thinned soap. He then hopped to his feet, and jogged over to the small rock overhang, Link scampering along at his feet. Hiro didn't even pause as he leaped off the miniature cliff, knowing that the water was a mere three feet below. His feet broke the clear surface of the water first, and he was surprised to find that the water was chillier than normal. Once submerged, he heard a faint splash above him, and instinctively knew that Link has followed him in. He inhaled a lungful of air as he resurfaced, grinning from ear to ear for no particular reason. He gripped the small shreds of soap in his palm, making sure that Link made it safely to the shore before he started to bathe.
He was going to look extra nice this Spring Festival. And as he scrubbed behind his ears, he knew that tomorrow was going to be special.
He just knew it.
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