We Are Remnants- This is W.A.R

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  1. We always knew that we would be the eventual downfall of us all, I swear I'm not gonna make music reference all the time, just one day like this. Ok I'll stop now anyway. I'll start again shall I.

    We all knew that we would be our own undoing, it was pasted across the mass media on a daily basis, in the news on TV; magazines, the web, in so called DocuDramas. It was on protest signs and on T-shirts, we were running out of fuel and at an alarming rate but it seemed that in a rather grim turn of events that just as the big red buttons were being pushed we found trillions of gallons more... The fact is that by the time we knew about this we'd reduced the population down to such a size that we could have managed with the oil we had before.

    The wars had lasted over a decade, it in the eyes of many will be seen as the third world war. It is however in the eyes of all the most bloody war in human history... We think of war as brother against brother but this... This was brother against brother against father against mother against daughter...

    When the war broke out the global population was 7.6 billion. Today it is estimated that there are only 1.3 billion around the world.

    Back then governments worried about countries taking interest in nuclear weapons and monitoring or controlling the use of these weapons and substances. Today we don't have that worry. Why? We used them all. Russia against America against England against Germany against... Look. There's not a hole lot left is what I'm trying and failing to get at here. Just wasteland and ruin but... the war isn't over. It never really ended. When we destroyed ourselves we realized that it's no longer a war of domination... it's a war of survival.

    We are remnants... AND THIS IS (still) WAR


    It was dark. To dark to be wandering out in the middle of the night. In another ten years people would be telling stories of the old days where Tower Bridge stood as a massively popular landmark and not a choking point for travelers and bandits. Two survivors huddled in an expensive house, thankful for the bed that hadn't be stolen. torched or dismembered. It was only the one though but it was a king sized bed big enough for both siblings to sleep comfortably not that they would be sleeping at the same time though. Ryu a rough looking twenty year old sat at the foot of the bed, dripping with sweat despite the ungodly hour. He looked back at the bed and to the child curled up in luxury blankets that had been locked up for a long time. The girl was thirteen and on her best day, covered in blood and sweat she could have looked sixteen but now... she might as well have been a newborn child. He heard a click from a distance and stood, drawing a well use 1911 pistol. He stepped out of the room and down the stairs to the ground floor. Just a cat kicking the bucket. Ryu crouched and walked out to the back garden where he berried it hurriedly, there was a chance that you could be spotted even in a small back garden such as this. From behind he heard a faint click of a light switch and the soft glow of light from a bedroom window. Ryu sprinted back up stairs, slamming the light off, storming over to the girl and punching her in the arm. "Fucking Christ, Kiyra... I've told you a thousand fucking times. Always asume that there's no power in the area. Torches or candles. I am not loosing you, I do all I can only for you to fuck it up. Do as your pissing told for once goddammit." This entire speech was in a violent hiss like a time bomb about to explode.

    Kiyra shrunk back, smaller than she already was. "I... I... I... I'm s... sorry. I had a... a nightmare, I woke up. I couldn't find you. I got scared. I..." The girl didn't finish her sentence before she felt a reassuring arm around her as tears stung at her eyes.

    "Shit..." he cursed at himself as he put an arm around the girl, placing the gun on the bed and placing a hand on her head as she began to whimper. "Hey," he said in a tone almost the polar opposite to the one he had not long used on the sensitive girl. "I'm sorry, I just... uh..."

    "I know... you worry," The girl finished.

    "Yeah... Y'know... I... After mum and dad and..." he sighed as he felt himself getting choked up as well. "You are all I have left. You are the only fucking thing on this rock that matters anymore. I..." His words fell short, drowned out by the sound of and engine. The only people who drove were those who could defend their keep. It was this very sound that had made the siblings so close after five 'drivers' killed their father, raped and butchered their mother and ate them before the eyes of children and while neither of the siblings is religious the only word they can use to describe how they slipped away was a miracle but one that left them scared and broken.
  2. In a nearby basement, a man was in pain. This was not a special event, many people were in pain. This man, however, was strung up against the wall with a spear of stone through his torso. The said spear was pure red from the mans blood, and he screamed. The scream travelled above ground, and echoed in the wastes.
  3. Ryu pressed himself against the wall, his sister kept close. He checked his weapon, seven rounds. He heard the door get kicked in. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He could hear them down stairs. Five... Six... Seven... "We're not getting out the old fashioned way, there's at least seven of them down stairs. There might be more outside, I don't fancy our chances against seven armed with seven rounds." He stood there for a moment so that all that could be heard was the sound of his and his sisters breathing and the movement below. Then came a scream, a shuffling down stairs and gun fire. "What...?" Ryu risked a look around at what was outside. The last of the 'drivers' had just entered the building. Ryu looked around. No... he couldn't risk taking anything, he'd definitely be heard. He kept his eye on the bedroom door as he spoke: "I need you to listen to me Kiyra, I need you to climb out of the window and hide. I promise I'll be right behind you because the second one of us moves we alert them." He crouched allowing the girl to climb over him as his prediction came true, the child had barely moved when the first shot was fired. Ryu stood, aiming carefully down the sight of the weapon but by the time he had pulled the trigger one of them had crept around almost able to grab Kiyra's ankle. By now he had spent three rounds and three were dead. He grabbed one of the bodies as he started to make his way out, throwing it at the door where a man with a shotgun blew his companions left arm off at close range, he looked towards the rising sun as he saw his sister crouched on a roof about a hundred meters away. Once he caught up to her he smiled, "hey, you hurt?"

    Kiyra shook her head as she continued onward at a slower pace until she found a broken in skylight. She jumped landing nimbly, much to her surprise. "What is this place?"

    "A shop judging by the overturned shelves," he looked around for what little supplies there were left, "and next time for crying out loud look before you leap." Ryu eventually finding a rucksack, it was empty but it was useful. He walked to the back of the shop where a door had been covered over by a shelf, he almost walked away until Kiyra came trotting up behind him, her eyes wide with curiosity.

    "What is it?" she asked as she began moving the shelf with an amount of difficulty, "m... maybe there's something worth taking" she added hurriedly seeing her older brother's bemused expression. She finally pushed the shelf aside, now sweating she tested the door handle. It was unlocked. She smiled to her brother.

    Ryu's exasperated sigh turned into a shudder as a corpse fell from the ceiling where it hung, it's jaw missing and it's gut torn open for the siblings to be sprayed with blood, "oh... oh Jesus fucking Christ." He pulled the girl away, flinging his arms around her. Kiyra fell to her knees trying not to vomit, Ryu put a hand on her back "don't hold it in ok, your not doing yourself any favores like that, ok baby." Another Scream pierced the silence. It came from below...
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