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  1. In a world filled with superhumans and normals alike, people with great amounts of power aren't uncommon People capable of destroying houses, or even buildings, with a few blows aren't uncommon. But among these are people even more powerful, people so strong they could take on a nation single-handedly and come out the victor.


    It has been 10 years since an even more extraordinary power arose. He controls the entire world. Every man and woman, and everything in between, is under his command. He is someone so powerful he took on the world, and won. Berkaunrora Tenshin. Nobody knows where he came from or how he became so powerful. All anyone knows is that he is unbelievably powerful. He has slain groups of incredibly powerful superhumans without any visible effort. Even a superhuman believed to be invincible, one who could control any and all energy, was defeated. But she figured out one thing, Berkaunrora Tenshin had an incredible ability. The ability to ban...anything.

    As far as they knew.

    Military workers were plentiful everywhere. God, as Berkaunrora chose to refer to himself as and had everyone follow suit, had commanded the world's militaries to search for a certain item. They were not told what it was, only that they would know if they found it. Even God didn't know exactly where to find this, but he demanded it be found and given to him. He conducts tests on newborns, and kills them if their power proves troublesome enough. Nothing born since his rule began is more powerful than simply being able to demolish a small house at maximum capacity. All newborn telepaths, telekinetics, and their ilk have been detsroyed. Most of the remaining superhumans live in fear, the thought of crossing God not even crossing their minds.

    The world before his rule didn't keep records on superhumans. After all, on a whim, those superhumans could destroy them. Berkaunrora searches for powerful people, hoping to single them out and destroy them. After all, his power made him practically invincible. He sent military men to scout for people with powers as well, but didn't trust them fully. There are rumors of a revolt to overthrow the dictator, and he seeks to eliminate this revolt, rumor or not. He plans to make the very idea of a revolt impossible, unthinkable. After all, this world is only the beginning of his conquest, he can't have any rebellions here.
  2. Shiro woke again, screaming. There was a sudden eruption of metal and the wall in-front of him was torn apart as his wings shredded it. He sighed and slumped back as the plaster dust settled, covering the room in a fine pink sheen. He'd had the same god dammed nightmare, a huge demon of metal and fire reaching up from a rip in the earth to pluck him from the sky. standing he looked at the ruined wall and made a 'hmph' noise. He'd also trashed the tray which he'd left his breakfast on. Now he'd have to wait for the scientist to come down and bring his breakfast down. It was strange, He'd grown up with a immense power, well one he thought was really cool, the ability to regenerate from almost any damage. he'd even lopped off a limb at one point. Now this hadn't seemed like something all that scary to their oh so benevolent overlord, however to the small group of underground scientists comprised of supergeniouses and other well trained personnel it was perfect, it meant that they could do anything they wanted without fear of losing him, from removing part of his lungs through to lacing his blood with a bio-organic metal.

    The other thing that was strange is that while he was forbidden to leave this place he could kill anyone who came in here, and break out if he so desired. but he didn't not yet at any rate. He sat down and picked up the strange 'pet' they'd given him, a living weapon, a biological rifle. rubbing the bolt slide, or where one would be on a normal gun, lazily he checked it over for cuts or scrapes, finding non he put it on the holster on his lower back. he let himself out and proceeded to go find a book to read. not that there was anything interesting, lots of tactical books, lots of bio-chemistry and biotech stuff that he hated, eventually he took to playing chess against the computer, not that it was any better, he lost almost all the time.

    He was on his 5th game when the lead scientist came down the steps from the tower block that covered the labs and doubled as the scientists living quarters. "Really James? the wall agian?" He asked and Shiro shrugged. "Nightmare, again. same one." He said focusing on the game. He still had his wings out, not bothering to retract them, the liquid metal that covered his body had retreated to only cover his cheek bones, upper arms and the ridges of his ribs and in strips down his arms where his bones were close to the surface. "pawn to e5 I would suggest" the scientist said and Shiro looked up. "I'm playing thankyou." He said and threw a lump of plaster at the scientist. "also I'm hungry." He added before sitting back. "fucking computer. I swear it cheats some how." he said before standing. "so what are we doing today." He asked looking at the professer, Who for a medical graduate of the top university, head of his feild in bio-engineering and winner fo 3 nobel prizes looked like a child when Shiro glared at him.

    "we'll be finishing off the linking of the stages and the final wiring for stage 7. the Oblivion Drive." "Thats the doohikky that will let me shut off everyone elses powers, right?" he asked and the professor sighed. "yes its the 'doohikky that shuts of everyone else's powers' " he said with air quotes. before using the computer to unlock the doors and heading towards the canteen. "I hope its bacon for breakfast." Shiro commented as the other scientists started to make their way in to the labs.
  3. @Kaykay
    Kamina was working at a comic book store, just minding his own business, literally, he had his dragon parts all withdrawn so he looked like just any other human with pointy ears, which at a comic book shop didn't stand out. He had a shirt on, and business was good.

    He was watching the news for anything new to do though, being a comic book store owner, was more or less boring over a long run, but it was a nice job.

    Kamina was a dragonborn from a Arch Dragon Arisen Father who was a badass human before, he became king, and now was even more of a badass, his mother was a Arch Dragon Queen, which attested to his fathers badassery. Kamina was made to go to human schools and learn the ways of dragons, most dragons stayed out of human affairs, because they just didn't give a damn, so they just stay out of human affairs and keep to their land hidden from the world. Most tales of dragon attacks come from the lesser not Arch dragons, and even then, those are just the few bad apples, like Aduine of old.

    Kamina saw the new on the dictator, but since he wasn't doing anything partiality evil or bad he didn't care, it was just another day.

    He was known to be able to perform well, and most people thought his dragon parts were part of his super power or mutation... so he was known for having them, but spent most of his time letting 'Real' Heros do the work, he really only got involved if it was something big, or affected him, since he like his dragon clan, mostly chose to stay out of it.
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  4. High in the clouds a pink humanoid flew without a care in the world, a smile on her face as she dove through the clouds as if they were water. While flying she looked down through the clouds, to her delight she spotted what she believed to be a city, after having flown for what felt like hours over a watery wasteland to find something, anything interesting she decided it'd be the perfect place to stop by. Thus she began her decent towards the city.

    'it seems like a nice place'

    She thought to herself in a happy tone as she landed near a road entering the town, her feet making a 'tap' on the dirt path beside the road. It was relatively quiet as the subtle sound of the city echoed through the air, the sunlight hidden behind the clouds as she made her way into city. She couldn't help but notice the odd stares the people there were giving her, though she was used to that kind of reaction, after all she wasn't human.

    'I wonder what kind of fighters are here'

    A smile came to her lips at that thought, she could sense that the average life energy of the humans around here was greater than that of the humans from where she came from, she could only imagine what this world had to offer. As she thought this she strolled through the town with a carefree smile on her lips, more or less ignoring the odd stares she was getting from the citizens.
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  5. Briana slowly opened her eyes, letting the blazing hot light enter her vision as she pushed herself off of the ground. she could feel the heat of the sun on her skin, making it rather uncomfortable for her, given that she was wearing all black. Black dress shirt, black skirt, black tights, black socks, black shoes. It was a mystery how she was able to coordinate this. She was blind. Well... that was the story, wasn't it? Blindness was easy to fake, but it was hard to explain why she could tell you how if you had an eyelash in your eye, but not the color of those eyes. Much easier to simply say that she couldn't see. She extended her awareness into the bar she was sitting outside. Not open. This meant that it was before 5:00 in the evening. That was good. She needed to work on getting up earlier. That also meant that the owner hadn't been around, meaning that she was able to stay here. However, the fact that she didn't know what time it was meant that it was safer to just leave. She slowly stood, trying to act as weak as possible in case there were any soldiers around. No need to put herself in jeopardy yet...

    She stumbled around the sidewalks, weaving her way through the crowd as well as she could without falling over or tripping anybody. She couldn't stand the city, but it was the safest place, for someone like her. If she was a regular street kid, she would have had to stay because she couldn't go anywhere. But for her? For someone of her... talents? She had to stay. It was much harder to find a powerful superhuman among a crowd this big, and God would not give her mercy just because she was a child. She had seen him kill children before. She ducked into another alley and put her back up against the wall. It was shaded here. That was good. At least she could cool off, for a little bit. She sat down against the wall and curled her knees up to her chest. She couldn't stand the thought of being found. She just couldn't handle going through that, again... Not in this lifetime.
  6. @NacNak
    Kamina tended to Client after Client, "Damnit the shipment of goods hasn't come in yet, I hope they are ok... people are asking for the next volume of Jump Weekly already, among other things" he said aloud to one of his employees... the Random employee said something back and he sighed, "Right... hmmm?" he said smelling the air, he could smell the pink girl who was new, she was close enough to the town, he could smell her.

    "A girl walking alone... that isn't good" he then turned to the employee. "Lock up when the day is done, I have to go look into something, I just got as text on my phone," he said faking.

    Once out he made his way over to her, he looked like a mostly normal human, with some nice tattoos on his face, "Women shouldn't walk alone in this day and age, you know..." he said, Kamina then put out his hand, "So where are you going, just for some sight seeing or what?"
  7. While she was walking she noticed a higher than average life energy approaching her, that and the sound of shoes slightly scrapping dirt on the sidewalk, she ever so slightly turned her head while she walked to see a boy with strange symbols on his face approach.


    She thought to herself as the boy began speaking to her, she stopped walking and turned to face him, her hands held behind her head nonchalantly, a small smile came to her lips when she heard what he said about her walking alone, but then what he said puzzled her.

    'why? are women not aloud to walk alone in this world?'

    Before she could think further on it she was brought out of her train of thought when the boy put out his hand, to which she just stared at for a few seconds before looking to the boys eye's as he asked her a question, she smiled as she answered him.

    "well, I guess I'm just sight seeing, I really only came here since it was the first place I found since I got to this planet"

    She said honestly, a pleasant smile on her lips, her hands were now behind her back as she held them lightly.
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  8. @NacNak

    "I see, well may I escort you?" He asked "I would hate it if the Military showed up and made a bad first impression of the human race to you..." Kamina said, "You see we have sort of a Dickwad who decided to take over the world, and well... we just don't have enough Nation level people to stand against him.... I myself came from a land that was untouched by him, I run a comic book store, a shop that sells stories, with pictures... I am just biding my time though... and waiting for a good chance to strike... you could say, we are getting tired of our current overlord and want to put the man down."

    He would pause.

    "So I am a horrible host, My name is Kamina, i have no last name, never needed one, and you my new friend what is your name?" he asked, with a gentlemanly bow.
  9. The pink skinned girl couldn't help but smirk slightly, after all she's been to earth before, all that's different this time is that she's in a different dimension. Though her smile died down as she listened to the boy explain the worlds current situation, her brows furrowed slightly as she extended her sense to search for the highest life energy on the planet while the boy continued to talk, she kind of tuned him out is she was being honest with herself. Surely enough she found it, someone's life energy that stood out amongst the rest, and it was a great margin above the few life energies on the planet that was above the average.

    'whoever it is, it can't be good news...'

    She thought to herself with a serous expression on her while she was slightly looking off into space, as the boy voice began to gain her attention, she shook herself out of her thoughts as she looked to him while he introduced himself, she smiled as she did so as well.

    "it's nice to meet you Kamina, I'm Majin Eve"

    she said with a warm smile, bowing slightly.
  10. @NacNak @KayLove (Forgive the insults to your char :3)
    "Nice to meet you," he said, "Eve..."
    Kamina's smiled. "If you are looking for the most powerful, that is hard to tell, because we can't practice in the open, because of the Dipwad under the mountain.... a earth joke... the evil overlord killing those that make a powerful display, pink skin with black clothing is hot... um... highly attractive", he said to ease the mood after talking her something critical.
    "Talking about tense stuff is a bit harsh... I would rather relax, because if you don't hold back we may have the military on us.... I think, I don't know if it is still that bad..."
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  11. Shiro slowly sat up, the wound on his chest closing itself slowly as he stretched, after a few moments he was left with little more than a huge cross shaped scar running from his collar bone down to his naval, and then across just under his pectoral muscles. He glanced down and shrugged. "So its all stable and in order?" He asked the still slightly shaken surgeon, It was hard operating on someone who's body could regenerate fast enough to survive everything except decapitation. The surgen nodded and looked to the professor. "Well its all in order but we are unsure how long it'll take to fully intergrate, You can use it all now, however it'll be years before your strong enough to take on the guy in the sky. I would suggest finding allies." Shiro nodded and flexed his arms, before looking over his shoulders. "I liked having my wings out all the time. Can we change that?" he asked before laughing.
    "Actually they will eventually come out all the time, the more you use it, the easier it'll become to activate, and after a few years you will have the first two or three stages running all the time." the professor said showing Shiro a chart of progression.
    "I see. and whats to stop the guy in the sky from say....banning regeneration?" "The reason your regeneration is stronger with this in than out is that not only are you naturally regenerating, but there is a part of stage one that manufactures nanites to repear you on a cellular level. This means that even if he banned regeneration, or healing you would continue to remain healthy." Shiro nodded. "You really did cover everything doc. I guess now I've got to go find someone who's willing to duce it out with a god." He said and grinned.
    "Actually, On that note we've got a few people in mind, I'll put a call to one of them now." the professor said with a calm tone, still unsure of what they'd created. He opened up the computer and this time Kamnia's phone really did ring.
  12. Majin Eve listened to Kamina, while doing so she lightly crossed her arms with a look of contemplation, yet again tuning out Kamina as she trailed off into thought.

    'he kills people who are stronger than most... why? if I had to guess it's because he fears that if such people got together they might be a threat to his rule...'

    While Eve was thinking to herself, slowly an angered look to hold of her expression, her brows furrowed as she frowned slightly.

    'he has to be stopped... but if I want to help the people of this world, I need to know what I'm up against...'

    With that Eve looked to Kamina with a dead serous expression as she sensed his life energy, making sure to remember it.

    "I've got to go somewhere, I'll be right back..."

    Eve said in a calm tone as she put her right index finger and middle finger together before placing them dead center on her forehead as she extended her senses with a focused expression. Surely enough she found the life energy that stood out amongst the rest, she was sure it belonged to this evil overlord Kamina was talking about. In an instant Majin Eve vanished from Kamina's sight as she used a technique known to her as Instant Transmission, which instantly teleported her to the high life energy she focused on.
  13. @Daws Combine

    A young girl, no older than 14, approached the darkly dressed girl. She smiled warmly at her and held out her right hand. Despite the hot weather, she continued wearing her hoodie. After all, these were the only articles of clothing she possessed. "Hey there, I'm Kat, dunno what my last name was," she introduced herself, hoping to get along with the homeless girl. She had seen Briana walking around and mistook her acting for the real thing. She thought she was a weakening, homeless child who needed some support. "I don't have much on me, but I'll help ya out!" she added cheerfully, keeping her smile on her face. "You hungry? I have some food back at my shelter if you wanna come with."



    Berkaunrora had just returned to his throne room for the day. He was out attempting to find the item he was so desperately searching for. With a sigh, he plopped down onto his throne, resting his head on his right hand. "Nobody powerful found, the Void Render hasn't been found, and no way to efficiently cross planets," he sighed, disappointed in recent progress. He'd begun trying to appear to be a more kind ruler, allowing lower-powered children to live and such, but regardless it seemed society was slow to make advances. Suddenly, a strange sound was heard. He immediately stood up, wielding his sword. A pink...thing appeared before him. A girl, probably, though he wasn't sure if it was an alien, a superpower, or some strange costume.

    He swung his sword banning high speed movement, though Eve wouldn't know this until she tried any. Perhaps she would notice she could no longer easily see everything moving in relatively slow motion compared to her. Or perhaps her focus would be busy with the man before her. The strong winds in the area immediately died down, their high speeds being too quick. Cars slowed on the freeways, unable to move faster than about 40 miles per hour/60 kilometers per hour. It would be impossible for anything to make a single move before Berkaunrora could slice it to pieces multiple times.

    He pointed his sword at the new visitor, intrigued. "A teleporter? I'd think we would've killed anyone with that power. Though I suppose you are certainly older than 10. Showing off your power now, what is your plan? Do you wish to die? State your business with God."
  14. As Soon as Eve got to where she teleported she lowered her right hand and looked to Berkaunrora, a serous expression on her features as she watched him stand and swing the sword he had on him, she smiled at the little display. Though she didn't notice at first, but it seemed as if the winds had died down just seconds after Berkaunrora swung his sword.

    'well, that's ominous...'

    She thought to herself, when Berkaunrora had pointed his sword toward Eve her eye's widened slightly, when he spoke she listened, trying to think of what to say when he finished speaking. She smiled towards him, showing no fear as a cheerful look grew on her as she put her hands behind her back to show she meant no harm.

    "I have no plan, nor do I wish to die"

    Eve said in a calm tone, still smiling while she spoke.

    "I just wished to see if the rumors I've heard on this planet were true"

    She said somewhat truthfully.

    "the people here say that there is a being of great power that rules this world, would I be be correct in assuming that they were speaking of non-other than yourself?"

    Eve asked him, tilting her head ever so slightly as to show her curiosity.

    'I best attempt to stay on his good side, no reason to get myself in trouble when I don't need to be'

    She thought to herself.
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  15. @NacNak
    Kamina closes his eyes, "I hope she'll be ok..." he said landing and then going over to the river and going to a high price restaurant and then pulled out his phone.

    @EddiEddi @Kaykay
    "Put me on the no Call list, I hate it when people call during dinner thank you" he said closing his phone without a second thought, it was a unknown on his phone, and some how telemarketers always called at the worst times, so he just assumed.

    He would make his order and wait for the food... the phone would go off again, "Drem Yol Lok, Tinvaak hi Dovahzul" he said closing his eyes, waiting for a reply.
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  16. Alias's day began with an old woman's smell and his partner Fest floating in his face. Alias didn't want to wake and could hear every breath the puppet took. Alias was hanging from the support beam exposed in the attic of the house. The house he slept in however was not his it belonged to a woman who kindly let him stay in the attic. Alias was fine with it and with a touch of magic cleaned it up to habitable standards. Alias began to take his first morning breaths when an alarm went off catching him off guard and causing him to fall, but he caught himself, levitating in mid-air he floated down the attic stairs and swam across the hall to knock on the woman's door.

    "Mrs. Adams? Ke Ke Ke." Alias knocked twice and waited staring curiously at the door.

    When Mrs. Adams failed to move Alias grew quickly impatient and started banging on the door. The alarm was still blaring inside. Alias opened the door and zipped around in the pigsty that she left searching for the alarm, but it shut itself off. Now with a clear mind he could focus on where Mrs. Adams had run off to because she was not there in her room. Alias clapped his hands together and went through three hand motions turning Fest into a bag. Alias then floated over to the calendar and searched for the date.

    "The weekend is over? She must be at school. Ke Ke Ke." Alias flew over to the door ready to zip out, but then remembered Mrs. Adams' words; No Flying. Be On Time- "I'm late! Ke Ke Ke!"

    Alias flew through the house to her office to grab a pen then ran back to the front door. He drew a summoning circle on it and clapped his hands together. As he went through the hand signs one of the six symbols on the circle lit up. When they all shined a purple hue he ran through the door and ended up in a locker at Mrs. Adams' school. He camouflaged himself as he walked to her room and took a seat in the back. Still camouflaged he made sure not to draw attention by knocking over a bookshelf. It frightened him and caused him to cower in the form of a green rabbit in the open drawer of her desk. Mrs. Adams slammed the drawer closed, but Alias warped out as a mouse hiding behind her pencil cup. As she continued to juggle him and her class she also continued to jab, mark, scrape, cut, and ruin her desk. After class was over she dismissed everyone and grabbed the green puma cub by the nape of its skin underneath her desk.

    "What is wrong with you?! I've told you that you can't interrupt me while I'm here! That was the most embarrassing thing I've ever experienced." Mrs. Adams shook Alias so much he almost was dizzy.

    "Alias apologizes Mrs. Adams', I was just trying to learn and then the bookshelf fell. B-But it wasn't me I swear! Ke Ke Ke." Alias sat there twirling back and forth in her grasp.

    Fest emerged from behind the fallen bookshelf shaking his head. He seemed dazed and had been hit by something. Mrs. Adams turned and looked at it and then pointed Alias at it. "Isn't that thing yours?" Alias nodded. "Then I still blame you." The next class began to pour in and Mrs. Adams tossed Alias hoping he would turn human. He did and landed gracefully into his seat grasping Fest and snapping turning him into a backpack again.

    "Alias will be joining us for today again class. Alright so what'd we go over last week." Alias slumped in his desk. Four thousand years and he never took the time to learn any of this. Ten minutes in he left a shadow double in his place and phased through the wall to fly around outside with Fest.
  17. The professor sighed, having expected this he looked at Shiro, who shrugged and looked at the computer which was buzzing softly. "dialect bad, grammar poor. translation slow." it informed them before translating what the two of them had heard as gibberish. "Peace Fire Sky, Talk you Dragon language"
    "bad dialect is a understatement. " Shiro said and the professor gave him a hushing gesture before looking at the computer.
    "cut the gibberish and listen carefully. We know you, Dragon-child. We know who you are. we know your powers. don't ask how, don't ask anything." He said getting the computer to triangulate Kamina's location. "get out the restaurant, walk down the street, on your left will be a building site. on the eastern corner will be a finished apartment complex. The code is 7943." the professor then hung up and stretched. "That will be one. We will continue looking for others, in the mean time you should get him to show you how to avoid getting spotted."
    Shiro grinned and nodded, sprinting up the steps, realising he'd been given permission to see the outside world. waiting for the arrival of this 'dragon child'
  18. @NacNak

    "So you are not of this planet. Interesting. But yes, you are most certainly right in your assumption," he said, letting his sword point away from the alien and towards the ground. "So what is your business here, alien? Do you have genders? By our planet's standards you seem female. But the most important question here," he said, his voice increasing as he slowly raised his sword once more, "Is whether you wish to serve me." Indeed, he cared not what her business, race, or gender was so long as the being before him would serve him. Unafraid, he swung his sword once more, this time banning the ability to lie. The winds slowly picked up and cars and other vehicles began moving at their proper speeds again.



    A group of military men had been making their rounds. Even schools were not safe from being monitored. Even old laws, such as no cameras in bathrooms have been overturned. God would not have anyone hiding their powers from him. When they noticed a boy fly out of a wall and floating in the air, they were suddenly startled, having not actually seen a kid use their powers recently. Their parents often told them not to so that God would pay them no mind. This boy's ability was a strange power. Something God would not like. Even worse, the boy seemed to have no qualms using his power. Something had to be done.
    "Excuse us, boy!" one of them shouted to the floater. "We are with God! Please come down here and tell us your name!" They had some sort of gun strapped to their backs and goggles on their heads, but neither were currently in use.
  19. ( http://www.thuum.org/learn/practice/phrases.php )

    ("Greetings, Do you Speak Dovahzul?")

    Kamina waited for the phone call to end, "right... so unprofessional, not even a greeting back," he said, then got a to go box and got up, walking in the opposite direction, leaving a tip... he figured that said people would try to find him and extort him if he didn't show up. But he could deal with them later.

    He had a second order of food for miss Eve if she came back.

    After all he kept his stats to himself, he hasn't had to fight, or much of anything, so all most people knew about him was, he was that dragon boy, with a shop... there was nothing on his powers. And no group would be interested in him.

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  20. (( Just a starter post, but I am kinda brain dead today so meh,... ))

    @ KayKay and @ ShiroKiyoshi

    Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, she sprinted across slated tiles while the wind tossed her hair about behind her.
    She was practicing her own hand designed course with which she trained herself to be agile and fast enough to
    outrun and outplay any soldier of God. She wouldn't allow for herself to be captured by some dumb soldiers with
    guns. Just because you work for a tyrant doesn't mean we have to yield to your laws.\ She proceeded to take another leap
    from a the roof she was running across, shaking the thought of tyranny and soldiers form her mind to keep from tripping.
    Catching hold of a flagpole, she swung herself around so that she could safely land atop the balcony of the house across
    from her, the gap having been too wide for her to jump and land safely on the other roof, so she had to make use of the
    flagpole to reach her destination. She stopped to catch her breath for a moment and looked down to see some of the soldiers
    and a boy who had burst through a wall. What a strange power, none of the likes she had seen before that's for sure. She got
    down as if she were going to do an army crawl and hid herself from view, watching but not getting herself involved. She knew
    they could probably find her with ease but she kept herself hidden anyway, beginning to whisper to herself,
    " C'mon, you can take them. You can take them, don't run away stay and fight... "
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