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  2. Name: Majin Eve (Eve for short)

    Age: ???

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (open)
    She stands five and a half feet tall.

    Abilities: Some of Majin Eve's abilities are magic based, though she doesn't know it, it comes naturally to her since she's had it ever since she could remember.

    (Natural) Ki Energy - Though Majin Eve is naturally very strong, fast and durable, by using her Ki energy she can increase her strength, speed and durability greatly, as well as use it to fly at incredible speeds. At base she can lift about 10 tons, moves at mach 1, and can tank up to large missiles. Using her Ki, she can go up to 100,000 tons, move at speeds of mach 3, and tank nukes.

    (Magic) Candy Beam - Majin Eve fires a beam of energy from her center hair head tentacle that can change seemingly anything near the size of a large truck into various possible food items, most of which will possibly be desserts or candy, this can be used in battle but it's not nearly as effective at hitting it's target as a Ki Blast/Wave.

    (Natural) Ki-Blasts/Beams/Barriers - Majin Eve doesn't know many techniques besides firing single powerful or multiple Ki Blasts/beam/waves and making Barriers to shield herself, but she can learn them, ether from making them herself, being trained or seeing a certain technique multiple times. A fully charged beam will blow up a Texas-sized area. Normal blasts hit with the equivalent of a nuke.

    (Magic) Regeneration - Majin Eve has the ability to heal herself and regrow entire limbs or even her whole body in a matter of seconds if somehow she got blown to smithereens, but depending on how serous the injury the more energy it takes her to heal herself, the higher her energy the faster she heals, the lower her energy the slower she heals. She can die if completely destroyed.

    (Magic) Self Biological Manipulation - Majin Eve can stretch her limbs and body to seemingly any length and even control parts of her body if they were ever separated from her (from losing an arm to having her body cut in half horizontally from her waist), doing so takes a small amount of her energy.

    (Magic/Natural) Immortality - Majin Eve is immortal, as in she doesn't age.

    (Natural) Healing Power - Majin Eve can heal others but at the cost of her Ki energy.

    (Natural) Flight - with a little bit of focus she can use her Ki to propel herself through that air

    (Magic) Instant Transmission - Allows her to teleport instantly to any Ki energy signature that she can sense if she focusses on it.

    (Natural) Kaioken - A power boost that draws on her stamina to increase her strength, speed and Ki energy, but puts her at risk of exhausting herself for prolonged use of it. Up to 4x.

    (Magic) Multiform Technique - Majin Eve splits herself into multiple bodies, but for each body made it cuts her strength by half.

    (Natural) Energy Charge - By concentrating and drawing from inside herself Majin Eve can recharge her Ki energy, doing so takes time and leaves her vulnerable for attack until she stops charging her energy.

    Strengths: Because of her regenerative abilities it has made her resilient to pain, not to say she can't feel pain, but she just wont be begging for mercy if she ever gets impaled.

    Weaknesses: Thanks to her regenerative abilities it has lead her to believe that she's unbeatable, making her somewhat arrogant and careless in battle. If ever brought to the point of pure rage she could lose control of herself.

    Majin Eve is cheerful and or happy almost 65% of the time when she's not fighting, but when she is fighting she gets serious, most of the time. She's also caring about her friends and doesn't like it when she see's innocent people get hurt, she has a liking towards fighting and training, and she happens to have a serous sweet tooth. She doesn't like giving up, especially if she's fighting to help save innocent people. If ever Majin Eve was somehow ever brought to the point of pure rage during a fight she could loose control off herself and go berserk which not only can be dangerous to herself but to everyone near her, especially to the one she's fighting.

    History: Boredom. Years and years of boredom, after having beaten a demon god who threatened time and space itself, nothing seemed to be a challenge anymore. Not that Majin Eve didn't enjoy life with her friends, but she had surpassed them, to the point where she had to be carful when having a friend spare to not seriously harm her friends. It seemed like there was no more she could do in her universe, if there was ever a threat, her friends were able to handle it, so she just wandered the universe.

    And for years she searched for opponents that could rival her strength, but to no avail, when all hope to her seemed lost, she got an idea, one that would lead her to leaving her dimension. She had gathered seven magical orbs known as dragon balls, when they were brought together it summoned a massive green serpent like dragon that would grant her any one wish within it's power. She asked the dragon for a new adventure with challenges and opponents that would bring her to her limits, the dragon said such a wish would require immense energy that he did not have, making it impossible, so Majin Eve reasoned to give her energy to fuel the wish, the dragon contemplated this before agreeing with her, after having absorbed Eve's energy the dragon let out a roar towards Majin Eve that shook the heavens, the roar itself was so powerful that it tore a hole in time and space and sent Majin Eve flying through it.

    The hole closed itself after she went through it, and after a few seconds that felt like years she fell through a hole into another dimension, Majin Eve found herself floating above a planet, but something was wrong, she could feel it, all her energy was severely lowered, the energy she gave the dragon had not returned to her, as this realisation hit her, she hit the planets atmosphere as she fainted. When she awoke she was in a large crater in a snowy wasteland, she immediately jumped out of the crater and tried to use her powers, thankfully she still had them, but they weren't nearly as strong as what they were before, to this She smiled, the dragon had grated her what she wished for, a challenge. After that realisation she set off to find civilisation, because she found out that traveling through dimensions makes one really hungry.

    Majin Eve doesn't need to breath, eat or sleep, though she can she doesn't need to, but she prefers to do so.

    Kaioken Multipliers:

    Kaioken = Base stats x2
    Kaioken x2 = Base x3
    Kaioken x3 = Base x4
    Kaioken x4 = Base x5

    Theme -

    Theme 2 -
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  3. SOAB. I was typing up my cs and was about to post it when the 'new posts' thing popped up and erased my cs! raaaaage!
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  4. WIP



    Some 800 years old.



    -Can summon the powerful Dragon Ragnar from a different dimension. Roughly the size of another legendary dragon, Ragnar stand over 30 meters and with a total length of 60 meters. The dragon itself cannot be killed, but will in case of deadly wound be forced back to its own dimension. After a long while, Morgana can re-summon the Dragon. She can ride the dragon, or control it with her mind. (She can also summon lesser dragons, but they are more pets than anything else)

    Long Life
    -Morgana's aging process have been slowed down dramatically, literally preventing her from dying of old age.

    Goddess of Fire
    -Fire does not harm her but fuel her own power.

    Superhuman Strength
    -Not only can Morgana now take powerful hits, she can also hit back with force. Her holy armor also helps.

    Vinter's Spear
    -Morgana have mastered the use of her weapon, called Vinter's Spear. Forged with special metal, this weapon won't break easily.

    -In many cases will the rough size of the dragon come in handy. Its natural thick scales can hold its own as well. E.g simple tank shells won't harm it.

    -Not much can withstand Ragnar's powerful claws.

    Fire breath
    -Ragnar can shot a hot beam of flames.

    -The force behind the Dragon's tail can be enormous.

    -Can fly.



    Both Morgana and her Dragon can take quite a beating. Morgana have gained powerful strength and the Dragon have its thick scales. Ragnar can also shot flaming hot fire, burning anything in its path.


    Morgana cannot swim. She can be cocky, and waltz into a fight without planning beforehand. She can be overmanned and defeated if she is not backed up.

    The dragon's biggest weakness is large amounts of water. If cooled down, the Dragon will start losing strength and won't be able to fly or breath fire.

    Morgana have experience few others can brag about. She have completely mastered her powers, and isn't afraid of playing dirty. She's a very dominant lady and likes to toy with people. Morgana is very friendly towards women, but dislike most men.

    Morgana have walked the land since time of old. She grew up among witches and fought for her freedom doing the witch hunts. She was eventually captured, lost her eye and got a wide scar when she was tortured. Thus against all warnings, she made a pact with a being called "Endora". The creature from the rift promised her power, but in exchange she had to let the dragons feast on blood. Thinking she was getting off easy, she agreed. However, the dragon that came out of the rift was much more powerful than she had imagined. The beast would have destroyed the entire nation, had Morgana not managed to control the large dragon in the end. As an side effect of her powers, she evolved traits comparable to her dragon master. Long life, stamina, powerful strength and more.

    Morgana didn't have the high ambitions Endora had hoped for, but it was too late to break the pact. Instead of using the power to destroy the world, Morgana effectively took control of the Dragon. From then on, Morgana would be known as the Goddess of Fire. You might even be able to read about her in old books, but is she now mostly long forgotten.
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  5. Is that a sister of battle? I approve.
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  6. Name:
    Alexander 'Shiro' Drake


    Appearance(Any kind of picture is fine, or just a description):
    Do you know how hard it is to find a white haired anime dude who isn't either evil looking or looks like he's from a yoai?

    Ability(Be specific):
    Praxis Imortalis A Stage based bio-mechanical super-weapon, Part of Project Crucifix (after the huge cross shaped scar on his chest it left), Each stage takes 10 seconds more to activate than the last one, though he can delay the activation if he so desires.
    1) Supernatural strength(100ktons), speed(Mach10), resilience(He can head-butt a nuke and grin), High speed regeneration, as well as immense energy reserves. (activation time 0s) This has no outward physical changes
    2) His entire body skin and all, becomes a bio-metal, possibly the strongest thing known to humanity, capable of withstanding immense punishment, but also regrowing at a rapid rate. Any 'edge' on his body becomes bladed, while the flat parts become plating, he can form blades from this metal on his forearms and hands. Activation time 10s.
    3) Two huge wings of metal erupt from his back, rather than feathers these wings are coated in fish scale sized blades, each razor sharp and capable of ripping people apart, the blades are so close together and sharp that they are capable of reducing a tank, and all those within it to kitty kibble in seconds. Size wise they are 10m from tip to tip when spread, Activation time 20s
    4) He can manipulate, Lightning and electricity, allowing for lightning bolts, flight, st. elmo's fire, and even plasma to be thrown round and wielded. Activation time 30s
    5) Alexander gains a 'Null Shield' which converts any non-organic matter that comes in to contact with it in to pure energy, this is to fuel stages six and seven. Activation 40s
    6) The energy density of Alexander is getting to the point at which it warps space and time, resulting in time slowing down for him at a 1:30 rate, so one second is half a minute, his reaction times, and own speed accelerate to match, This increases at a depreciating rate, so after 10 seconds it is 1:45, after 20 seconds it is 1:53, after 30 seconds it is 1:57 after 40 it is 1:59, after 50 seconds it is 1:60, ect ect. Activation time 50 seconds.
    7) Oblivion, All of Alexander's stored power is unleashed in eruption of all consuming power, anyone, and anything in a 10 mile radius is turned to ash, it is not a 'energy' based weapon, rather more like a super nova or black hole. Those with super powers (Player char's and 'bad guys') are not harmed, however they lose all their powers for a good 5 to 10 minutes, However, it does hit clones/robots (so an army of clones dies with the exception of the original). On the down side, it effects itself, so Alexander is also powerless, however he only suffers half time, so 2 minutes to 5 minutes of power loss. This also strips innate powers like immortality or invulnerability. Note; It strips all abilites, supernatural powers, natural powers, 'innate' abilites, powers from bloodlines ect.

    Each 'stage' stacks, so at stage 3 he has all the powers of stages 1 and 2.

    Near invulnerability, due to the first stage being activatable instantly.
    Immense analytical abilities.
    Master of Stratagy

    Love of games
    Addiction to sugary foods
    He is often willing to accept challenges
    Alexander is polite, and warm normally. easy enough to get on with, however when he gets angry he is rash and aggressive, as well as deliberately abrasive. He is also highly energetic and almost always ready to scrap, though most of the time he is very light hearted about it and never goes all out. However this does mean when challenged he will often jump at the chance to lock horns with someone.

    Born in England his parents moved to Japan when he was 8, his class mates (who couldn't pronounce his name) called him 'Shiro' after his white hair and somewhat pale appearance. his father died when he was 16, leaving his mother with major debts, at the age of 17 he agreed to a government program in return for his mothers debts to be paid and her to be given a life of luxury, little did he know this program would turn him in to a human super weapon. capable of fighting in hand to hand combat with masters, surviving nucular wars, and wiping towns off the map. in his mind it was still worth it, even though he couldn't ever see his mother again and had to move town. he did however retain his name, and his old nickname.
    Other: First fully finished CS YUSH! ehem.

    Theme Tunes;

    Edit Reason; Clarification due to discussion.
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  7. That's LIKE other :p But really, it's good! Ah, and I took you up on the white haired guy challenge. You're right.
  8. Yeah, like either they are all evil bastards or look like they've taken a sausage up the butt.
  9. I might join this. I'll have to think about it.
  10. finished my cs =)

    if there is something you wish for me to change let me know, I will do so without hesitation. ....... oh okay maybe a little hesitation... and some pouting. X3
  11. A DBZ character, cool. Just gotta put specifics on how strong/fast you and your ki blasts are. Dunno if you plan on having her shoot Kamehamehas and the like or just the generic blasts like Raditz and others do. Other than that, you're good. I can make the limits for you or you can look at the limits I listed at the top and use those. Try to not max out your character in everything (100M tons, mach 20, and max durability) since your character has enough extraneous powers from being a majin and various techniques, especially Kaioken.
  12. Nice, Just as a heads up;
    We need to work out what'll happen if she's blown to bits, and then hit by Praxis Imortalis, because That might mean she's dead-dead. Like in bits that cannot reform. or is she just dead for 7 minutes or so?

    Also Now I want to do a theme song for Alexander. choices choices!
  13. Considering it negates powers, she would be killable in that time. Since she'd be dead...she'd be dead. Majins are magical in nature so the explosion would cancel out the benefits of their physiology. Of course normally you probably don't wanna go blow up your friend with your power remover when they're in pieces :p
  14. well, she could teach herself the Kamehameha, and the various other attacks in dbz, but that would be time consuming X3

    And I'd like it if you could make the limits for her =)

    hmmm. well, for one I didn't think she would be hit by it, I thought we were on the same team XD also, how does Praxis Imortalis affect magic considering her regeneration is magic based? =)

    and if it does happen to stop her magic based regeneration, then yeah, I suppose she'd be dead until the effect wore off =) so long as someone doesn't destroy every last bit of her before she's able to regenerate again =)
  15. Its final weapon is a AOE blast, he dosn't really direct it, not at-least until he's global level of power, because ya know, point that at the centre of the earth and everyone's dead. a 10 mile radus is pretty huge. and remember he's in his own time space so he's going 40 times faster than her.
    and yes, It stops ALL things, the idea being that it takes all your power to just survive such a weapon. I even said, Natural abilities such as immortality. I'm not sure how best to describe it. a Null Wave, a void of total nothingness that devours all things. and rather than devouring her it devours her powers, but like most powers, they will come back in time. (hence the 10 minute max)
    so I guess dead for 7 minutes or so. Mind you it also effects him so don't be to worried. I like the idea of it because its harder to use than just hitting someone and nulling all their powers.
  16. Okay. Considering there's no other Ki characters (yet) you probably won't be learning any techniques any time soon :p

    But okay, I'll put your character in the characters section and put in the limits. Check it out. I also added the fact she can still die, her regen is strong but not unlimited. Even Buu was able to die haha. The numbers may look relatively low in her base stats, but since she has up to Kaioken 4x she can multiply those by up to 4. So pretty high stats all things considered.

    Oh, and about the null blast: Considering it negates powers, she would be killable in that time. Since she'd be dead...she'd be dead. Majins are magical in nature so the explosion would cancel out the benefits of their physiology. Of course normally you probably don't wanna go blow up your friend with your power remover when they're in pieces :p
  17. Normally, This is roleplay. the abnormal is bound to happen. I don't intend to but its just a 'what if' situation. better to have that now than later.
  18. that sounds awesome X3

    ..... I wonder what it actually sounds like... I'd guess it to sound something like this X3 :(0:29)
  19. awesome X3
  20. Probably the 'start' of that explosion with the 'vrrom' sound in to something like

    Yay sound effects. But yeah it has its downsides. but hopefully I won't have an excuse to use it.
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