We are on the run from....zombies

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The last two weeks were hell on earth now there were three trucks on the road with very few survivors. These undead creatures started as one or two when they were dead they came back alive. The coroners and police were not ready for this so the virus spread quickly. First the town then the whole city now country and that's the last Becca had heard of the virus. The television shows were taken off the air soon after that the radio`s were taken down. When this happend she got a truck to keep some survivors in and found two others so they could drive two more. Survivors were far and few between but she had a small amount which was better thenthe whole world being changed. Now they were headed towards New York City for supplies and ammo but she knew this place was going to be hit hard it was so big. She had a big map on her lap and she used it to mark off places where they went to check for supplies and survivors. They already went through most of the small towns near where she lived finding one or two every now and then. Tapping her fingers on the steerign wheel she listened to the people behind her in the truck.
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Scarrlet sat silent in a corner of the back of the truck near the door. He had been on this ride for two full days and was growing bored with the rubix cube found at the last stop. "... Gah, these things are impossible!!" he shouted, throwing it on the ground for someone else to toy with. He glanced up at the little window between the drivers seat and the back of the truck, speaking through it in what was almost a shout, "Hey, how much longer until our next stop? It's cold back here..!"
He woke from his snooze in the corner of the truck bed and glanced down at the rubix cube now laying nearby "Why don't you just peel the stickers off and put all the colors together that way? saves a lot of time" he yawned and readjusted his side arm to fit a little more comfortably.
Dan was sitting on a window ledge in a condo just to the west of Central Park. It had been raining for the last six hours, which gave him time to rest, since he didn't like going out in the rain and that it could cause both his sword rust and increase the chances that he would miss his target with the sniper rifle he had found in an abandoned weapon shot 20 miles north. Jumping off the ledge, Dan went to finish putting back together the rifle, two handguns and submachine guns which he had just cleaned. With that task done, Dan picked up the rifle, and a 12 round magazine, broke one of the panels of glass, loaded the magazine, took aim, and started target practice on the zombies below.
Scarrlet suddenly perked up, standing up in the truck and looking out a small hole in the door at the scenery. "Wait.. Somethings not right here.." And then he saw it. A hoard of zombies blocking the road so thickly that the truck wouldn't make it through. "Oh, crap!! Stop the truck, get your weapons!!" He shouted to everyone on board, kicking the rubix cube aside and ignoring the obvious thing he could have done.
"You mean to tell me this truck hasn't been reinforced with anything on the front for this exact reason?" he sighed and stood up stretching. Digging through his duffel bag he pulled out an M4 and a belt of clips. Sliding a clip in and locking it, he charged the weapon. "Alright, let's have some fun" he smiled and made to open the back door of the truck.
"Wait, stop!" Scarr grabbed his shoulder and stopped him from leaving. Scarrlet then reached into his satchel and slowly drew out a long black sword, ready to join the fight. "Ok. Now lets go." He said, kicking the door open with a mighty push.
Dan had fired out three magazines before he decided to stop shooting. Leaving the shells on the window ledge, he leaned against the side, looking out into the rain while taking the rifle apart. Putting the parts back into their metal case, Dan stood up and peered to the North where he could see rays of sun reaching the ground. It was then that he what looked like a semi-truck. Grabbing his binoculars, Dan raced to the north window and raised them to his eyes. Looking through them, Dan saw that he was right, it was a semi, and it wasn't outfitted with any front protection. "Shit" he muttered under his breath. Grabbing two belts of ammo, one for the handguns and the other for the M16s, Dan raced out the door, jumped down three flight of stairs, jumped onto his two seater motorcycle, placed a clip into one of the handguns, Dan raced North pegging zombies one by one in the head, hoping that he would make it in time.
Meanwhile, Scarrlet was hacking and slashing at zombies, making sure to keep himself and his partner protected. "Help!! Someone, anyone!! We're kinda swarmed here!!" He shouted towards nobody in particular, slashing two zombies in half then kicking them down in one swift movement. The zombie swarm was only growing by the second, their numbers slowly reaching into the hundreds.
Dan was fast approaching the semi and the mass of zombies crowding the front. "Shit, this is bad." Coming within meters of the back group of the zombies, Dan pulled to a stop, stowed his handgun, and pulled out both M16s loaded them, and started firing into the crowd of walking dead, drawing their attention to him. In a matter of seconds both clips were empty, forcing Dan to quickly reload and continue fire. "Come and get me you meat hungry zombies!"
When Scarrlet broke the silence she glanced at the rearview mirror then back on the road. Why was she paying so much attention to the road if all there was was zombies. "Scarrlet we should be there soon here take this." She threw back a blanket the one she had been using knowing she would need it more then herself and she was caring about all the survivors. Moments later she slowed to a stop when she saw the hoard of zombies abotu 20 feet away and sighed. "Guys I don't think...." She was going to say it wasn't a good idea but they were out the doors. "Shit." She said and then grabbhed her gun following them outside. When the hoard starting growing she sighed and yelled at the two survivors fighting. "I think we should go around them back in the truck." Then she noticed the man on the motorcyle.
He was unloading clips head level into the zombie hoard, "When this is finished we're finding something to put on the front of truck" he yelled furiously! "I'm all for a little..." He paused and put a bullet through a zombies head "...fun now and then but we could have avoided this!" Pulling grenade from beneath his coat he tossed it into the swarm, "Time to thin this heard a little". A loud "Bang" echoed around them as the grenade went off, sending body parts everywhere.
Scarr turned around quickly at the gunshot, deflecting the bullet off of his sword as it skimmed through a zombies skull. "Woah! I appreciate the help, but watch it!!" He slashed another group of zombies into chunks as they began gaining on him. "Anybody got an explosive?" he shouted, holding a hand up and slashing another ones head in two.
Dan was half way through the hord and had used half of the ammuniton for the M16s. If only he remembered the gernades that were strapped to the front of his motorcycle. He hadn't noticed that one of his bullets had almost hit one of the survivorsin front of the zombie hord, what he did notice was that he wasn't hitting every zombie in the same place for an instant kill and was using at least two bullets on the odd zombie every now and then. Quickly stowing both M16s, Dan withdrew the 10mm handguns, which were both preloaded and continued to make accuate one shot kills again, moving steadly closer to the front of the hord.
Scarrlet skewered a zombie through the skull, flinging it into another group of five with a quick sweep. He noticed Dan approaching with both his guns and almost lost his focus. "Shiiit!!" he yelped, a zombie almost biting his arm off before he moved away and thrusted his sword into its stomach. "Who are you? A survivor?" he shouted towards Dan, hurridly putting his sword back into the satchel and replacing it with a pair of shiny 44 Magnums. He began blasting holes in several zombies heads as he waited for a reply from Dan.
Covering her ears she heard the loud grenade go off killing a whole bunch of zombies. After it went off she turned and shot someone that was heading straight for her then watched the zombie's body fall to the ground. "Come on guys we really need to get back in the truck. Who are you?" She asked looking to the man on the motorcyle and knew he would be good for fighting. Hopefully he would join their survivor team and ride with them on the truck so he could help them survive. She already knew that New York City would be filled with them but it was a last chance for supplies and ammo.
Dan made it to the front of the group, and let the two empty clips hit the ground with a loud clang. "The name's Dan. Sure call me a survivor. He said to the people talking to him. Sliding the handguns back into their holster, Dan looked at the front of the semi-truck. "You're going to need something on the front of this thing if you want to go past New York, else you will perish like every other person who has tried to leave this once beautiful city. Turning his back to the semi, Dan walked back toward his bike, not stepping on a single corpse. Pulling out a M16, he loaded it, and set off back into what he know called the rotten apple.
She knew that she had to get some things on the front of the truck to plow down the zombies. Another shot was heard as she shot the last of the two zombies that were heading towards them. Finally they were done with the horde now they can get something on the truck so they could be safer. "Ok Don. Would you like to go with us we have very few survivors and we are searching for them. We have some supplies that is why we are here." Turning back towards the front of the semi she had no idea what she would be able to do with it. They would need to find someone in New York.
Scarrlet popped his head up in the window, saying calmly to the driver of the truck, "K, hoards clear. This guy should come with us, he's a good fighter." then he just slipped away, slithering back to the inside of the truck after handing a new ammo clip to Dan. "Thanks for the help, man!" he shouted, closing the backdoor of the truck behind him and looking at the rubix cube on the floor. "... So we meet again, bringer of frustration.." and with that, he picked up the cube and began fiddling with it again.
Dan was just entering the city again where it was still pouring rain. He was about ten miles from the semi had stopped. Turning a corner so that he was headed towards Times Square, Dan encountered a small group of zombies. It took him two pulls of the M16 and six seconds of time before they were all dead. Approaching the square ten minutes after the zombie encounter, Dan turns down a road and stops when he reaches the wax muesum. Killing the engine, Dan walks into the muesum, and takes the stairs to the very top, where some of his favorite actors are sitting still looking like they haven't aged a year. Pulling up a chair, Dan sat across of Clooney, opened a bottle of scotch and started to have a conversation with the wax statue while he waited for the semi to pull into the city.