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  1. Nezia (open)
    Name: Nezia Loni
    Race: Asari
    Gender: Female
    Maturity: Maiden, but very close to Matron
    Combat class: Ardat-Yakshi/Asari Valkyrie
    Appearance: She's very feminine even by Asari standards, she has markings that are similar to freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her skin is on the lighter end of possible Asari skin tones.
    Armor: Light Titan Armor
    • Umbra Visor
    • Armax Arsenal chestplate
    • Ariake Technologies shoulder pads
    • Hahne-Kedar arm plating
    • Armax Arsenal leg plating
    • Annihilation Field
    • Biotic Charge
    • Warp
    • Dark Channel
    • Lash
    • Reave
    M-96 Mattock
    • Ultralight Materials
    • Extended Barrel
    • Omni-Blade
    M-12 Locust
    • Ultralight Materials
    • High Caliber Barrel
    • Heat Sink
    Personality: Aggressive and free spirited, but extremely suspicious of others. She often seems cold because of her past and her job, but she keeps whatever friends she can have as close as possible and cares about them more than herself. This is very evident in her relationship with Lia.
    Bio: Nezia is an Ardat-Yakshi she found out when she killed her first partner, and wished she had known beforehand. She made a vow to herself and Athame that she would be celibate from that point on. Despite not having any intention on bonding with someone again she decided to run. She loved her freedom and wanted to keep it. She traveled to Omega and upon arriving she was approached by Aria T'Loak's guard, who "escorted" her to meet with the "Pirate Queen" herself. They struck a deal: Nezia would join Aria's personal army, and in exchange Nezia would be kept safe. She was given command of a ship called the Devil's Scream

    Lia'Tasi (open)
    Name: Lia'Tasi vas Omega nar Nedas
    Race: Quarian
    Gender: Female
    Maturity: Pilgrimage-age
    Combat class: Quarian Infiltrator
    Appearance: The visor of her mask often displays various bits of information or entertainment. Her hair is shoulder length, pale blueish purple, and layered. She has traditional Quarian facial tattoos.
    Armor: Light Colossus Armor
    • Kuwashii Visor (tech built into her helmet)
    • Hahne-Kedar chestplate
    • Armax Arsenal shoulder pads
    • Armax Arsenal arm plating
    • Hahne-Kedar leg plating
    • Overload
    • Combat Drone
    • Tactical Cloak
    • Tactical Scan
    • Sabotage
    • AI Hacking
    Black Widow
    • Concentration Mod
    • Thermal Scope
    • High-Velocity Barrel
    Blood Pack Punisher (Stolen)
    • Magazine Upgrade
    • Heat Sink
    • Recoil System
    Personality: Sneaky and suspicious of strangers. She considers Nezia's crew a family of sorts and is fairly open with them. She's very introverted by Quarian standards and often can be found reading alone.
    Bio: Lia'Tasi was one of the first Quarians born on Rannoch after forming a treaty with the geth. As soon as she left on her pilgrimage she knew she wasn't going back. She never felt like she belonged on Rannoch or what was left of the Migrant Fleet. She stopped using her old clan and ship name, replacing them with "Tasi" (meaning "Nobody") and "Nedas" (meaning "Nowhere"). The first place she went was Omega. When asked why she always changes her answer, her favorites are "Because I liked the idea of joining a mercenary gang," "It sounded like the best place to be left alone," and "Why do you want to know, bosh'tet von anus?" Because of being born on Rannoch she has a stronger immune system than older generations of Quarians and is able to take her helmet off, but generally prefers to keep it on in most situations.

    Seia (open)
    Name: Seia Perennis
    Race: Turian
    Gender: Female
    Maturity: Recently attained full turian maturity
    Combat Class: Infiltrator/Turian Assassination Expert
    Appearance: Seia has a small, thin face and white markings. Her eyes are a light blue and her carapace is a light grey. Overall Seia can be described as small and not very tough looking compared to most who make their living in Omega, in fact most people over look the large sniper rifle she keeps close by.
    (I used this for reference by the way. I thought it was cute.)
    Light Colossus Armor
    • Mnemonic Visor
    • Rosenkov Materials Chestplate
    • Hahne-Kedar shoulderpads
    • Armax Arsenal arms
    • Armax Arsenal legs
    • Assassination
    • Cryo Ammo
    • Incinerate
    • Tactical Cloak
    • Disruptor Ammo
    • Fitness
    M-92 Mantis
    • Concentration Mod
    • Piercing Mod
    • Ultralight materials
    Executioner Pistol
    • Melee Stunner
    • Magazine Upgrade
    • Pistol Cranial Trauma System
    Personality: Naive and somewhat oblivious to how the world works, Seia recently got out of the Turian hierarchy due to requests and threats. Two faced, Seia acts sweet and cute but when push comes to shove never forget that she could also execute anyone who threatens her. Seia is mostly oblivious to things that aren't military related, gun related, or job related.
    Seia is very sweet and empathetic when it comes to her teammates and often goes the extra mile to make sure they are okay.
    History: Seia was born to a high ranking general in the Palaven military and quickly climbed her way up through the ranks. However, she soon found herself bored after the reaper war and rather lonely as she did not make many friends during her time. She used her social standing and skills learned through the military to leave the military and strike out on her own in Omega. It didn't take long for the mercenary bands to figure out that she was almost as good a shot as Archangel. She was recruited to Aria's army after Seia managed to disassemble a plot on Aria's life.

    Lia'Tasi and Nezia's history (open)
    One day Nezia caught Lia in her ship and upon inquiry she found out that she had broken in looking for things to steal. Nezia told Lia to take whatever she needed, but offered her a position in her crew instead. Lia said she'd give it thought and left with some nutrient paste and back-up weapons. Later that night Nezia woke up to see Lia sitting by her bed.
    The next day they went to see Aria T'Loak to let her know. Aria shrugged it off at first then said "Welcome to my army Lia'Tasi vas Omega nar Nedas ." This confused Lia for a moment before Aria said "That is the proper name structure for your people, isn't it?"
    After going on various missions for Aria and defending her and Omega from attackers, they grew really close. Lia eventually expressed romantic interest in Nezia. Nezia told Lia that she didn't know how to react because of her condition. Lia replied by saying that she only wanted to be romantic, not sexual in any way. They live in the captain's cabin on board the Devil's Scream and, as far as Omega is concerned, are married.

    Nezia was lying on the bed in her cabin with a physical book, a copy of the first in a series called "Harry Potter." She was uncharacteristically relaxed and seemed to be enjoying herself, Human literature is very pleasant. I'll have to thank Lia again for this, I'm guessing she took it from some rich collector.
    Lia was cleaning and repairing weapons in the shuttle bay of the Devil's Scream, a frigate of human design. She was just finishing up on the last one when there was a crackle over the ship's intercom.
    "Nezia, Aria wants to see you," Sathor, a batarian, said over the speakers, "said it was important."
    Nezia sighed and put down her book, "Thank you for letting me know, Sath."
    "I assume you'll want these and me," Lia had somehow gotten into their cabin with their weapons without her lover or any of the other crew noticing.
    Nezia wasn't phased by this and gave the quarian girl a kiss, "You know me so well." They put on their equipment and headed for the airlock.
    "I wonder what it is this time," Lia was ready before the asari fugitive, "she doesn't usually say it's important."
    Nezia shrugged and placed her overlay on her forehead, "Who knows." She laughed a little, "Maybe the Council's attacking."
    Lia went pale, though it wasn't visible through her visor, "That's not funny, you know what woul-"
    "What would happen to me in the highly unlikely event that Omega became part of Citadel Space," Nezia interrupted, it wasn't the first time she had made the joke, or the first time Lia reacted like that. They stepped onto the station and made their way to Afterlife to meet with their boss.
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  2. Seia waited in the shuttle bay, checking her heavy pistol for the fifth time now. She was bored and wanted something to do, and something in her gut told her she wouldn't sit still for very long. It was a the quiet, maybe. The sort of silence that filled a space right before the shooting began to happen and people began to scream. The screaming part was obnoxious and annoying, but when civilians were around it was bound to happen. Seia wondered if she was wrong, that perhaps by hanging around the shuttle bay she'd just invite trouble instead of waiting for it. She sighed, her mandibles drooping in depression.

    A batarian arrived, one Seia didn't recognize, and began to speak. "Aria wants to see you. It's important."

    "Ah! Okay then!" Seia said, smiling and waving. "I'll get over there right away! Thanks for the head's up!"

    Seia started running towards Afterlife. Maybe I was right. Maybe there's gonna be something exciting happening soon and Aria needs me to do it! Hehe, maybe I'll finally get her to smile for once... I didn't know Asari looked so pretty when they smiled. Seia smiled and slowed down just as she passed the line. It was so that she wouldn't bump into anyone when she went inside, but the irritation on the faces of the crowd still showed. One human raised a hand with only one finger sticking up. Seia didn't know what to do so she simply waved back. "Humans have funny greeting gestures... that one seems to be really popular. I've seen it twice today!"
  3. "It's not a positive one I can assure you that," Nezia said when she heard Seia's response to being flipped off. They met up with each other on the way into afterlife. Lia had some text scrolling down her visor, whether it was for work or pleasure only she could say.
    When they arrived there were important citizens of Omega other than Aria, including leaders of the top three mercenary groups. Aria motioned for the three newcomers to have a set.
    "We have a situation," Aria said in her usual calmly aggressive voice, "I'll skip on the details, but the Council has decided to send a declaration of war. It appears they've decided that it'd be a good idea to 'clean up' the galaxy. So unless you all want to start working in C-Sec," most of those present laughed a little at the comment, "I suggest you join me again in defending our home."
    "Do we know when they'll be attacking," Nezia asked, to the approval of some of the others present, "It seems like that's important information."
    Aria sighed, "If I knew I would tell you. I have somebody keeping an eye on the mass relay, I could get notification at any time. Go prepare yourselves." Everybody started to leave, but Aria motioned for Nezia, Lia, and Seia to stay, "I need to speak to you three alone."

    OOC: Feel free to control Aria too.
  4. "Oh..." Seia replied to Nezia. "I thought it was."

    She'd known these two for a while, even if they hadn't worked together. Not to mention that Seia tried to keep a face recognition and database search function on her visor, and the second she turned it on the pair each had a list of felonies a mile long. Seia quickly turned the visor back off once she was done because she had no intention on overwhelming the device with so many faces that she could no longer see. Seia took a seat amongst the merc leaders and wondered if she'd made the right choice in joining with the 'forces' of Omega. At least things were more exciting and she learned something new every day.

    Then Aria said that the Citadel was going to declare war on Omega. Seia's mandibles dropped down in shock. No way... When everyone started to leave Seia moved to stand as well but Aria motioned for the group to stay where they were. Seia sat back down and waited for what Aria was going to say next. The Asari moved to the balcony, her back facing them. "You three are better than those meatheads of mercenaries and I don't want to send elite agents as cannon fodder."

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  5. "While I send those idiots out as cannon fodder you three will be working together and using the chaos to get through to high value targets." Aria sat down with a smirk on her face, "If you disrupt the chain of command it may not stop them completely, but it will send them into even more chaos, at least for a while. How you do it is up to you."
    "Makes sense to me," Nezia said bluntly, "Take out the leader and they have to move everybody up a rank, take out a few high ranking officers-"
    "And they have to completely reorganize themselves," Lia finished Nezia's sentence without either of them having to think about it, "I like it."
    Aria sighed and shook her head, "I didn't ask for your opinion, I gave you a posting, now get back to your ship and prepare for combat. Seia, I'm moving you to the Devil's Scream, understood?"

    OOC: Changed Nezia's armor customization slightly. She now uses the Umbra Visor rather than the Delumcore Overlay. I felt like a power damage boost makes more sense for her.
  6. Seia snapped to attention when Aria spoke, rigidly standing at attention as though Aria were her official general instead of her de facto one. Once Aria finished speaking, she told Seia that she'd be transferred to the Devil's Scream from now on. Seia gave Aria a salute, "yes ma'am! I'm ready to take out the generals as soon as possible. What's our first target?"

    "Pick one, I don't care as long as you take out most of the one in command." Aria replied, rolling her eyes.

    "Yes ma'am. Ready to depart without any further questions. Whenever you are ready to leave Miss Lia, Miss Nezia." Seia was still rigid and tight, at attention and ready to shoot at a moment's notice. All anyone had to do was give her a reason to. They just had to pull up a gun or say that they weren't going to work for Aria any more. Traitors weren't needed in a war that the group wanted to win, so any advantage they could possibly give to the other side had to be removed.