We Are ODST - Upon A Pale Horse We Run

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  1. Something had been wrong with the drop. This planet was supposed to be mostly desert and small villages. Why had there been a city?

    Then we hit. Ripped into civilians in their office buildings. The news called it the terrorist attack on Odin. We were branded outlaws after that, our whole fleet was. The Admiral didn't even bother to pick us up from the planet. He wanted to run with his tail between his legs before the hunter-killers and pirate hunters showed up.

    That means we were alone, considered outlaws in a now abandoned city. It has been three days since the news picked it up. Two weeks since the landing.

    Those had been hard weeks, the civilians ran, some shot at us. They were scared of us. Like we had been demons come to haunt them and kill their friends. It wasn't our fault. Something was wrong with where we jumped.

    We all had different ideas, hackers, the Admiral being a terrorist and everything you could imagine. You would think two weeks would be a long time but when you are scouring for food in a ghost town the days seem to go by like hours.

    We weren't sure at first how the situation would be delt with. Whether it would be swept under the carpet like many things or whether it would go public. We hoped for the first. The first would keep us in the jobs we had trained for our whole lives.

    However, the radio had boomed out the news about the "Attack on Odin" and how we were all responsible for the ones who had died. If only the Media didn't pick it up. We also heard that the Extermination squads would be coming in soon. We had to either, surrender, fight back or hide.

    Our whole squad wanted a different outcome. I just wanted to live.

    "We are O.D.S.T. We work for the U.N.S.C. we should surrender and then explain what happened. What do you guys think?" I gulped as I said it. I didn't know if they were going to pummel into the ground. We had already been branded as outlaws.
  2. Sargent Patrova took off his helmet and stared at the soldier like he was stupid. Or crazy. Or both. He shook his head, slowly lowering it as he did so. He looked back up at the man. He laughed. a little at first, but it slowly grew. He began to laugh hysterically. It was deep and slightly maniacal. The 6'1" Sgt. looked at the one who suggested they surrender, coming down from his laughing fit. "You have to be crazy." he said, his thick Russian accent making it a little hard to understand. "We can't surrender. They are sending Extermination squads. That means they find us, we die. Try another solution, I don't think surrender will work all too well."
  3. "Yeah but..." I shook my head. And took off my helmet a warning message showing telling me, Sergeant M. Rick as it called me not to take off the helmet. I never liked the M in my name. "We can't just run away or try and fight back or something. What if we fuck it up and we all die?"
  4. The Russian chuckled a little. "Who said anything about fighting? It's called passive Aggressiveness. We don't fight, but we don't give in. Only fight when the come after us and shoot first. Hopefully, they will negotiate, find out it was a mistake in the drop, and leave us alone. Until then, we just keep finding places to hide. Simple. Normally I don't like hiding, but on an unfamiliar planet facing an unfamiliar enemy, I'd rather not test their limits." he pulled out his combat knife and checked to make sure it was sharp, and put his helmet back on. "We should start moving."