We are getting CRUSHED in the topsites this month!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. My poor little heart, RPNation is killing us! I have been voting everyday, have you? ;___;

    Granted, I don't think we'll ever beat RPNation at the topsites race, but I would love to see us stay ranking #2!

    Have yoooou ever striven to win a weird contest by a deadline?

    Tell us all about it! >:3
  2. That was a terrible segue.

    Have you ever started a thread for bullshit egotistical reasons and then tried to disguise it as zeitgeist?


    *pushes Diana over*

    I once started a roleplay just so I could act out the horrific murder of my ex-girlfiend, who had just dumped me. I planned to rip out her head and spinal column, but for her to still be alive somehow, so my character could flail her around like a kind of... bitchqueen... morningstar. There was no other reason for starting that roleplay.

    We got about five posts into it before people lost interest in my impotent rage...

    Then I lost interest too.

    *sits on Diana*
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  3. I strive to win.

    No weird contest or bullshit deadline necessary.
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  4. Maybe you should have linked to the vote link in your post?
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  5. Damnit Asmo! D:< You're not supposed to call me on my shitty segues!
  6. Can I comment on your shitty segue?

    That was terrible. Like I don't even know.
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  7. That's it, all of you are banned! D:<
  8. Not if I ban you first Diana
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  9. Such shittyness.

    Where is our gang of current teenager-clique who will multiply our vote count plenty in the matter of days simply because they LURRRVE IWAKU??! TIME TO STEP IT UP

    Oh, and also, that was a shitty segue, Diana. Just had to tell you twice.
  10. Diana, it was pretty bad.

    Please ... seek help. We worry about you. ;_;
  11. Every highschool football game I ever had. =D
  12. Stay on topic, Cerulean. This is about Diana's shitty segues.
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  13. My mother put me in this beauty contest when I was 12, I wasn't pleased, But it made her happy so, In my opinion, That beauty pageant was weird and definitely the most uncomfortable things I've ever done in my life. Panty hose is the worst thing ever invented....Ever.
  14. Fijoli is the only cool person in this whole thread. ;__;
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  15. That's because I'm hot? No?

    *immolates self*

    How 'bout now?
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  16. How 'bout now?

    I jest, she seems pretty cool.

    Hmmm.. weird contest you say? Well, I once had to write a full fafiction about a love triangle between two mods and a admin for an april fools day thing for wotm... well, I didn't have to, but I wanted to. And I failed...
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  17. I'll do just about anything to win a t-shirt.
  18. There was a contest in elementary school once where there were 3 kids on each team. I can't remember what the prize for winning was, but the contest was to eat a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with a random ingredient fastest. First team to have 2 members finish won. The opposing team had Chocolate, Ketchup and Salad dressing, while my team had Caramel sauce, Mustard and Sauerkraut. I got mustard. The combination is probably one of the worst things I've ever tasted. Still finished first. Won the contest, too.

    Oddly enough, both chocolate and caramel finished last >_>