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    To a fantastic (and completely original ;p) and upcoming, Super hero RP!!


    instead of the typical super human powers...this one mixes science and the all important



    Basically you are able to pick from 2-3 (4 is the most) elements from the above ^^^ table to create your own PERSONAL and AMAZING Super Power~

    The amazing author: @Greedy Donuts
    Moderator/ co author: @CrystalTears

    and yours truly~ ;p

    Copper, Gold, and Silver by @Greedy Donuts
    Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Aluminium @CrystalTears
    Oxygen, Helium, Fluorine, and Arsenic @ME ;p

    If you are interested, comment down BELOW or PM one of us WONDERFUL RPers xP​
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  2. Sounds cool, but how does the superpowers work? It' like you can create that element or control it? Or do we get to choose?
    Anyways, I'd like to reserve Neon, Carbon and Platinum!
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  3. More like manipulate the element like as if Helium if you plus fire, it creates explosion. In other word, play with simple chemistry and apply it on your hero~

    Well or you could be unimaginative like mine: makeshift armor that made out of gold and such (my element)
  4. Okay so this looks pretty cool so I'm gonna reserve the elements mercury and possibly put bromine for me too.
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  5. Will do and should Haru and I change this into roleplay talk?
  6. This is interesting, but when will it be? Date and time?
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  7. Actually it was meant to be in roleplay talk but soon after we get ebough rooster (6/7 goodies) and 7/8 baddies
  8. So this is actually in the wrong thread? I thought you just hadn't put the time up yet.
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  9. I'm sorry though...
  10. It's fine, just make sure it gets moved to the appropriate forum. Should I join this, (which I probably will) I will be a baddie using Manganese, Magnesium, and Mercury.
  11. I already did and sorry once again mercury was taken by yuuki
  12. Then give me Manganese, Rubidium, and Iron.
  13. Okay reserved!
  14. Welcome aboard to our first baddie! May you enjoy this RP as much as we had making it! ^o^
  15. I'm sure I will. ^^
  16. Pfft should tell people that we're just spontaniously making this rp I'm about minutes !! XD jk guys, we work hard for this rp
  17. Cobalt, Neodymium, Iridium, and Tungsten. I like metal based things, so this is the best thing ever!

    I'm planning on Cobalt and Neodymium being my character's magnet powers and Iridium is found in meteors. If I can't throw meteors, well crap. Tungsten is going to be used for any melee weapons my character may use.

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  18. Yes sir! *salutes*
    Please do not make meteor kill us ^^;;
  19. Silver was already taken by Greedy Donuts. Gotta pick another one.
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