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    I haven't seen the Thor films, but I just watched the first Avenger's film (I know I'm late right!) and AoU and they were epic! (No Thor spoilers please, I have Thor on DVD waiting for movie night with friends and then tracking down Thor2).

    This is going to be an alt reality/non-cannon type RP so you don't need to stay true to original plots and stuff (I'd prefer we avoid canon plots because I haven't seen/read much yet -but I've googled stuff and read a couple comics etc-) Spoilers aren't fun!

    I thought the idea of RPing in a different world to earth (like Asgard) would be very interesting. So lets give it a go shall we!!!

    The plot is pretty sandboxy, depending on who your character is, what they do in general Asgardian society (e.g. a blacksmith would have different day-to-day activities to a prince and so on) will influence where we go with the plot.

    The main plot I have in mind is that MC (an OC), is the biological sister of Loki, although Loki doesn't know this,he doesn't know he's adopted (yet). MC struggles to keep the dangerous secret to herself, to make it more complicated, she is also the love interest for Thor.

    You will play Thor and whatever OC you want to introduce and we can weave the OC into the complicated plot too! (will he/she be a rival of Loki or Thor? or a love interest for Loki? An enemy they must all fight? etc etc). This RP starts off in Asgard but the other realms can be visited as part of the plot, other characters from the MU can be introduced (I'd prefer we stick to those in the Avengers films since I'm not too familiar with other villains and heroes!)

    Comment or PM if interested!
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  2. I adore this idea!

    I'd love to be involved!

    Could my OC be based from Norse Mythology's Sigyn.

    She is Loki's wife, but she wouldn't be his wife *yet* in the role play. ;)

    Also, I would love to also play Thor, if that's alright?
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  3. Omg I just want to fangirl over both Loki and Thor (Im so conflicted because I love both o_O) so yeah, lets just go do this lol and whatever character you want to be, you be!!! and like I said somewhere in the original post, fxxk the original plot and stuff, you can do whatever you wish ;)

    Maybe Sigyn could figure out that Laila is his sister somehow (asdfghjkl Im just so excited someones interested because I love Thor and Loki as characters so friggin much haha)

    Shall we just jump in via pm or do you want to do this via thread, I can make an OOC tonight and IC tomorrow perhaps -or if you'd rather you can start up an IC if you can't wait and I'll reply first thing tomorrow morning-?
  4. I prefer the PM system because it's easier. I can make brief profiles for Sigyn and Thor, I don't even mind starting if you'd like?

    How about you play Laila and Thor and I'll take Sigyn and Loki? Does that work?
  5. All the yes :D I'm okay with PM rp's too :) do send a message whenever you like, you can go straight to IC whenever you're ready :) start off however you like *squeeing with excitement because its going to be 5evar until the next Avengers film come sout T^T*
  6. I'm so grateful you're willing to rp with me. :D
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  7. Are you playing Thor or Loki? Because you sent me profiles for Thor and Sigyn (which were perfect btw) but you say in a post here that I take Thor and Laila and you play Sigyn and Loki. I don't mind playing either Thor or Loki (your cs of Thor was absolutely spot on like omg )
  8. Hmm, you wouldn't mind playing Loki? I can play Thor much easier. Is that alright? Also, I was thinking maybe Thor could develop feelings for Laila. Just to add some drama. We don't have to.
  9. Yes that's fine :) I'm perfectly happy to play Loki :) will I bother with a cs? I mean we're both familiar with his character lol.
    also Thor x Laila ... *nosebleeds* Thor is such a hunk -even though he's incredibly dumb compared to Loki .... its kind of endearing though lol Loki is a genius though ...
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  10. Your character is gorgeous! Would you like me to add hers and Loki's profiles with Thor and Sigyn? Just to keep everything organized?
  11. Yes please do :) would you mind starting the ic whenever you're ready, it's awkward starting things on my phone ^^" I won't be on my laptop for a while but I can do replies on my cell no problem
  12. Soon as I post their profiles I'll start my introduction post. :) No problem at all. I admire you for posting from your phone. I know that can be difficult.
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  13. Haha thanks :) and awesomesauce
    Yeah my WiFi is pretty dodge so I use my 3g too :/
  14. I added the profiles. Hopefully you'll like them. :)
  15. Everythings absolutely perfect :D and I loved your first post, hope mine is okay I can always edit it!!
  17. This sounds interesting!
  18. Sent one! :)
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