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  1. You guys! Today we all forgot to celebrate what was probably the most important day for England, and therefore, for Asmo.

    He's probably crushed.


  2. Welp, Helen's wish has been granted~

    And bruh, when did we start posting novelettes for our characters?? 0_o'

    I mean, I'm definitely not complaining, just that I'm finally realizing it.
  3. Quinn

    It doesn't click in my head that I'm actually hugging Tegan until she starts laughing too. Oh, wait. The heck is wrong with me?? Coughing awkwardly, I gently put her down. I fix my blindfold on my forehead (they got a bit crooked from all that running around) before shoving my hands back into my jacket pockets. "U-uh, yeah. That proprietor was excessively uncouth." I grimace a little at the memory of that jerk getting all up in Tegan's face. Jeez, I don't think I've been that pissed in months.

    "He was quite obviously prejudice against abnormals," I say bitterly.
  4. Penelope

    I heave a massive sigh of relief when pure gratitude shimmers in Jacqueline's eyes. My hopes are confirmed when she thanks me and pulls me into an embrace. I smile and return the hug, though my hands come to rest of her back awkwardly. I'm not used to touching people I don't know very well and it doesn't help that the last time we had physical contact, I came out feeling tired.

    However, some of my nerves is replaced with concern when I feel her tremble against me. Is that...out of fear? Restraint? Pain? "Y-you're welcome, Jacqueline. But, um...a-are you well? Jack said y-you might feeling w-weak and need to feed soon." As I say this, I pull from the hug to look at her, but my hands are resting in hers again. In the back of my head, I know that I need to hurry up so we can go help Nellie. But I just want to make sure Jacqueline's okay.
  5. Winnifred

    I swallow nervously "I am fine. I just saw that the lock was melted...Oh good Jesus." I mumble under my breath and I turn towards him once again, offering a thin smile "I think someone has been up to some mischief. My bet is on the fire manipulator, probably just wanted to melt the door to get hands on people's information for God knows what." I roll my eyes. "I wouldn't worry but I know now that that is probably the reason that they put us on lockdown." I frown "Which means there may actually be something the matter and this isn't just a drill." I take a breath. I smile up at him. "Now or never would be the good time to settle into the attic. Especially if we need a so called safe spot." I motion my head towards the end of the hall "L-let's just keep looking."


    My head tilts. I can sense their is something not quite right with my question. Perhaps it was a sore subject? I can't imagine that her family would have problems. She seemed like such a normal girl. Not that is a bad thing, she is extraordinary, but she did not seem like the girl who would have a dark and brooding past. My fears are put to rest as she tells me how many half siblings she has. Then it hits me. It was probably a divorce in the family. That's not abnormal, but I can see why their may be hesitance. That makes sense. I smile at her.

    "Well I have been here a few times. It is nice and quiet. And besides, they have a good selection of stories, even a bit bigger than the selection they have at the Reid's house. And they serve coffee and muffins in the morning." I wink at her "So maybe I can take you here a few times a week. I am sure you'd love that."


    She asks me why there and I do not know how to answer her. I chuckle softly "I heard it was beautiful there. Not to mention the coast, the schools and the food..." I grin at her as I lean back. I shrug at her now. "That's how Warren has been functioning for years now. and you see it works because I haven't been outside without his permission in years." I frown at her and rub the back of my head "I am going to make that change soon. I swear it."
  6. Demi

    "That's Overlord Crunchy to you," I say with a warning look, still basically giving her a free ride to the kitchen. However, I can't stop myself from chuckling when she's reduced to giggling; shit man, how is someone's laughter that contagious? Then she pulls a dirty move and goes completely limp in my arms, practically doubling her weight.

    "Gah! Sonuvabitch!" I exclaim while grunting under the weight. However, I manage to fix my hold and keep her up. Once we reach the dining hall, I openly ignore the stares and looks some of abnormals are shooting at us. Fuck off! So what if we were just about to kill each other like an hour ago?!

    ...Okay. Fine. I can understand the shocked looks, but I don't give a flying fuck.

    Once we reach the kitchen, I set her down and bend backwards while cradling my back. "Jesus Christ, woman," I groan dramatically, "I might be a bone bender, but I swear you almost threw my back out." I glare playfully at her. "Don't be surprised if I sue you, Chipmunk."

    I then start looking through the cabinets. "So, where're they hiding the hot chocolate goodness, huh? I'm craving this stuff like it's nobody's fucking business."
  7. Yeah same; you know me, I love big posts. Especially when I getting really engrossed into a character and their interactions.

    Also, I just realized something...do you think Penelope will get jealous? This legit didn't click in my head until like five minutes ago.
  8. *heaves a long sigh* CRRRAAAAAaaaaaap

    Welp, that's gonna be fun. =D
  9. I don't remember any blood 0.0 XD. I remember the heart break though, good times.

    *stuffs crossed fingers into backpocket* Shhhh
  10. Simple--I like to make my characters' lives difficult. I thought you knew that about me already lmao! X'D

    But in all seriousness, I'm still weighing that option in my head. Like 30% of me wants to do it, but the rest is just like "nah", let Demi be happy for once. So hey, it might not even happen. Of course, I could just embarrass the crap out of her is someone (*cough cough* Helen *cough*) happens to see it. =w=
  11. That's taking a few levels in BAD ASS for sure.

    'Course he was bad ass to begin with.
  12. Royal Family > You.
  13. *whispers behind fan* Oh my God. . .What is she wearing?
  14. Eh, I'd take a faggot noble with a fake charge instead of Chavez.
  15. That's cause Chavez is cunt.
  16. Are we worse friends than this woman is a driver?

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  18. Whut? They're just like socialites with a title of high inbred-factor.


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