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  1. :fbrick:Hey~!
    My real name is Terilyn. I might not be new to role playing like some are, but I find it n absolute pleasure to meet you~!

    Most, particularly Romantic Comedy, Realistic, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy (though I can't do much on political-related) I am quite all right with Japanese or European stuff; I'm also all right with post-Apocalyptic stories, including horror; please no popular anime fiction. I'm all right with Touhou, SNK, and Capcom role playing! Ooh! The Tudors! Sure, I can do something (but I'd love original if historical)

    Interests I have: Touhou-related, youkai, vampires, Japanese culture, aliens, Datenshi (fallen Angels) demons, autism, British, Anime (NO POKEMON OR DIGIMON PLEASE!!), SNK, Capcom,
    psychics, super powers, time warping, comedy

    Pairings: It depends on the nature of the content. Perhaps I can do transgender people or the classic Girl/Guy relationship if romantic. Otherwise, I'm all right with any pairing, provided it doesn't get all too "hide-in-the-bush" or anything.

    Level of Roleplay: Literate to Advanced (I can get annoyed at misspellings, but I understand; I wish for everything to be spell-checked). I wish to see AT LEAST 4-6 sentences PER POST. I can write up to seven pages of content if I felt like it.

    Recruitment URL: I've yet to make one. If you wish to do one with me, don't be afraid to PM me. If you're not familiar with me, it wouldn't hurt to have me know you a bit, would it?

    Though I can join R-rated stuff, please be moderate on porn. I am SO not into too much 18+ detail.

    I am currently looking for an 1x1 role play since I had lost the compassion to make my own role play (even if I did, chances of gaining players is very slim.) Besides, I'm just looking into the site so take your time and tell me what you think!

    Don't know any of the stuff I like? Ask and I'll gladly tell you.

    Touhou is a popular shooter game by ZUN. You may have been aware of "Bad Apple"--a song actually based on Touhou. Most of the characters are based on Japanese folklore, legends, stories and/or basic imagination. A couple are quite exotic and beautiful while others---look more human than what they really are.

    SNK and Capcom are both game companies known for their famous
    fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Darkstalkers, and much more.

    I came across the school's door, and I grew timid about standing near the academy door. Though I know that this academy was known for crazy behaviors, I still had to see what it was about. I JUST wish my leg would stop hurting me so I can get through! Good thing that hound BOWSER did his work, otherwise, he'd be at it getting it on with my pillows.
    Galleria Academy wasn't all to bad, to be honest. Though I'm just an ordinary human at the school, why would there be strange monsters around? All I did was watch horror movies and Death Note to really now what was going on around here. Still, it's the start of the year, and it's time to shine!

    I tried to find the headmaster's office, bumping many people on the way. August 15 and that many people trying to sign up too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's awaiting application. Everyone looked at me with mixed emotions once I came to the door of the office. The school definitely reminded me of Hogwarts, with its dark and Medieval like appearance. Being the one who is an unnatural fan of such, I approved of its Gothic fashion.

    While I stood leisurely, there were many people trying to get to their classes with their newly made schedules. Suddenly, I was called up front by a brown-haired lady with red framed glasses. I slowly stepped back twice, looking at the people. I ran immediately to see the woman, only to fall on my butt. Though everyone laughed, I didn't give a second care. To my dismay, it was still raining hard with great intensity. As I patted the dirt off of my uniform skirt, she gave me my schedule. "So you're Alexandria McDowell, right?"

    "Y--y--yes, I am..." I stuttered, not knowing of the results. "I go by Alice, mam. Pleased to meet you. I'm a new student..."

    The woman adjusted her beautiful, red glasses. Her blue eyes began to sparkle, "Welcome to Galleria Academy! My name is Miss Sonia Phalanx--the Galleria fencing practitioner and the 1-2 Honors English teacher." Unknown to me, she appeared as if she wanted to hurt me or something. Her eyes were gleaming with so much intensity, I could hardly even believe that Miss Phalanx was even a person--a human being. Perhaps she was getting too many "MARRY ME!" cards from men.

    "So I guess I have this Deviation class with you...?" I trembled a bit, not knowing what else to say but that. I nervously stood there, wondering if anything would happen.

    Though this school was big, I should try to relax and fit in with everyone. Perhaps this school was haunted or maybe used to be a Catholic church. Well, I can't think that--guess I shouldn't have watched so much science fiction and horror movies. Even though reality should have set in at this point, why does it still feel like a nightmare? Is it a bit more than my head playing tricks? Is it a bit more than just a school or an academy?

    I tried to wake up from this dream by trying to scream "WAKE UP!" in my head. After I was sure my subconscious went hoarse, Galleria Academy was not a dream--it was the real deal. Thinking more than one thing at a time, I didn't know what to do. The terrified thoughts were scurrying about in my brain, nearly squishing my insides.

    "Alice?" A faint voice was calling me from the dpths of the waters of Thoughts. "Alice?!" it called me again, louder this time. When I was sure I had enough, I forced myself out of the daze. "Alice!"

    Too late to tell now, I was just standing there looking like a aristocratic idiot with no clothes. Even if I did have clothes, I felt like my blanket of Common Sense was shred to pieces off of my shoulders. When I finally saw a stern-looking Miss Phalanx, I began to confess. "Eh... Oh! I'm so sorry, Miss Phalanx! I--I..."

    Miss Phalanx waved a hand at me. "No, you don't have to do that. Just get to class. Others have been waiting for you, Alice."

    I looked back at the thirsty line of students. I grabbed my stuff quickly and sped to the classroom. "Thank you!" I hollered back as I dashed upstairs to my first class--Biology with Moquot. I wondered how he/she would be as the teacher. I hope they were one of the well-taught teachers. I hope they don't try to give u packs of homework on the first day like my other teachers did

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