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  1. Hey there. I'm Waywardsons but you can call me anything you want actually. I'm fairly new to the site, but very eager to start role playing. Please use male pronouns when referring to me please :)

    What to expect from me:
    -150- 1000 words. This greatly varies depending on what I'm given, time I have to post, how I feel that day, my sleeping patterns, etc....
    -prefers to play males but can do either gender
    -is okay with any pairing of any kind (I'm queer myself so it doesn't really bother me)
    -Okay with LGBTQ+ (gender fluid myself)
    -friendly, loves to talk ooc and make new friends
    -auto correct kills me. Seriously, it will put the most random things ever in place of words I spelt perfectly.
    -on all the time. I have way too much free time so I spend hours on my tablet role playing, so I generally post rather quickly.
    -will have multiple throw away characters to add depth and drama

    What I expect from you:
    -150-1000 words. Mirroring me is okay, but it's also okay if you do less or more. Just no one or two liners, those drive me nuts.
    -Okay with any pairing.
    -friendly, seriously, I'm looking for friends as well as partners here.
    -will tell me when they are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time or if they will quit.
    -will help with drama, plot twists, planning, creating, and willing to have throw away characters as well.
    -willing to talk ooc with me.

    Now for the fun part :) :
    */5 is how badly I want them

    Power within us: 5/5

    Human kind has always been fascinated with the supernatural. Always dipping their fingers where they shouldn't be in order to create something new. When the world goes through a stage where scientists have nothing to do, they create something that shouldn't have been created. They created the Snaga; a race of super humans with the abilities to control bits of matter in correspondence to their specific power. The power was infectious for the first week, but after that new Snaga stopped appearing, leaving the old to teach the new and find a way to survive.
    Many of the Snaga went on to live their normal lives once they got control of their new abilities, but some used their newfound powers for evil. They used them for murder, rape, robbery, and all sorts of crimes. They were the ones that caused the Snaga to become feared; to cause the world to want to hunt them to extinction.
    The world has become a dangerous place for the powerlings, and they must find a way to either hide or fight back. To protect what's theirs and live to see the sun rise again. Many tried to convince them that the Snaga wanted to cause them no harm, to create ways to break through the normals wall of distrust. They are trying to find a way to show them that the power was truly within us all.

    Those are the plots I have right now. I might add more as I come up with them ^^

    General Apocalypse- 4/5
    Wolves w/ or w/out powers- 4/5
    Supernatural(CNN version) -2/5
    Song based-1700/5 (ask for songs,have quite a few plots for them)
    Supernatural Beings-(E.G.fairies, werewolves, demons, etc...)- 3/5
    Original Plots-Fantasy or SyFy- 5/5
    Boarding school/ Academy for teenagerswith powers- 2/5
    Evolution(Tv Show)- 2/5
    Serial killer x civilian- 4/5
    Parkour Runner x college student 700/5
    Non-student x student 4/5
    Stray animals- 2/5
    Opposites Attract- 4/5
    The true lives of the Killjoys(Gerard Way's comic)- 150,000,000/5 (I will seriously love you if you do this with me)
    I really want some band member (one from pierce the veil, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, or panic at the disco) x Oc action. Please please please. I would perfer to be the Oc!
  2. I'm Willing to start the level 700.
    do you have a Bio sheet or is it Unnecessary?
    I'd prefer heterosexual with you as the girl.
    but if you truly want I can do Vice versa.
    I can't really do homosexual or sapphic Rp's because
    being a straight man myself, have no experience to draw on.
    I suppose I could give it a try if you really want it,
    but I'd rather not.
    I also ask that if we play there are 0-less scenes of a sexual nature.

    Welcome to Iwaku btw.
  3. Song based *****
    Serial killer x civilian ***
    Supernatural Beings ****

    I'm interested in those.
  4. @Enezrel
    I'd love to do this with you( you are talking about the parkour runner x college student correct?) I have no problem with a heterosexual relationship with me being the female :) message me?

    Message me and we can decide on one of them to do :)
  5. I'm up for the wolves with or without powers one! I tend to write long paragraphs and only write something short if I'm really tired, but even then I try to make it as descriptive as possible. I love to make new friends too, so talking OOC is no problem.
  6. @Wolfiethehybrid123 sounds good to me. Shoot me a message and we can come up with some sort of plot
  7. *Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas plays*

    Supernatural (CNN Version): Are you referring to the actual TV series? //is shot, but needs confirmation
  8. @Ĺค∂rєภgเℓσภ

    Yes I am actually :) I adore the show but I am pretty far behind. I'm still on the beginning season seven unfortuantly but tumblr has spoiled a good bit of it for me, so don't worry about that. I prefer Oc but am will I g to do cannon because I need to practice it :)
  9. @Waywardsons:

    Same here! It's one of my favorite shows. (I love it to bits) I'm on Season 9, so I'm not caught up. Since you prefer OC, but want to practice Canon, how about we double?
  10. I love apocalypse, PM me if you are interested
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