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  1. "Google search" is not correct crediting :(

    It's nice you're not claiming the image as your own, but it's much nicer if you can tell people who IS responsible for the art you're using to represent your character, scene, or anything else.

    I use google and other search engines to find images, too; usually as a reference from which to draw my own, but I repost pictures pretty often for various reasons, too.

    I'm going to share some ways I use to be able to credit the creators of the art I use, and if you've got any to add on, to ahead!

    • Reverse Image Search
      This one's a bit dodgy, as you do occasionally run into multiple internet personalities claiming the work as their own, and may have to do some digging into the usernames to see if they have galleries/portfolios of similar artwork, or if their website, username, other art, etc. matches any watermarks or signatures on the image. It's quicker than searching by keyphrases though.
    • Find the original
      Some pictures are so popular there are a million variations of them with different colourings, backdrops, and special effects! It can be tough to track down the original version, but it is doable with patience and google's "related images" option. Even if I like a variation better, I try to keep the original on hand for crediting purposes, so that I can credit the person who drew it, not the person who applied a black and white filter and some text to it :/

    • Save as...
      I love that saving an image from deviantart causes the file name default to be IMG NAME by ARTIST. It's great! I just don't change the file name and then boom, when I need to credit the image, I just find where it's stored on my computer. In non DA cases, I can search around using the reverse image search and save the image as its artist's name.
    • Ask around!
      This is especially effective if the image you're using is a screenshot or scanslation page, as happens a lot with anime and manga. You can post on relevant forums and odds are there'll be ten geeks who are happy to point you towards the original artist.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.