Ways to hide/dump a body

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  1. You never know when the strangest things get useful. Though this is among the least necessary on the 'need-to-know'-list because murder isn't exactly the primary course of action.

    So, as role players and/or writers we do our research and with it we know evil-minded things. One of them is hiding a body.

    So, what ways do you know? Pros? Cons?

    With greetings from someone who should be sleeping at 3 AM in the morning...
  2. I know that this is a weird thread and that because of how weird it is you're probably some psychopathic killer who tries to hide bodies. AM I RIGHT? I'M RIGHT AREN'T I? 8D
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  3. For once it's not S.S. Iwaku giving me a healthy dose of insane.
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  4. *hides knife* Nope, just someone who really needs sleep and is feeling random~ *lightly pushes the poison out of sight*
  5. So... going into this with what I've learned from others, I'm gonna say luck is your best friend.

    I used to think incinerating a body would be the easiest and the best method but that isn't the case unless you have access to a crematory. You would also have to keep in mind how your character kills their victim. Is it a bloody mess with lots of evidence? Was it with poison? How would your character get rid of the evidence, if that even matters to your character?

    Another thing to keep in mind is dead weight. A live person, unconsciously, shifts their weight so they don't put that much of a burden on you. A dead person does not and they will feel heavier. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this point.)

    With this in mind, how will you transport the body without being seen?

    For getting rid of a body though, I would cut the body into pieces and then soak each piece in liquid nitrogen, shattering each frozen section and then slowly burying the pieces in various remote areas, scattering the frozen remains.

    Sorry I babbled for a bit ^_^
  6. Pig or hog farm.

    They eat anything.


    It's terrifying.

    That or if you bury someone six feet under a dog corpse, when the detectives bring their dogs and dig it up they'll think it's a false positive.
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  7. This works as well
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  8. :dragon:One doesn't just dump a body...

    Eating it is far more efficient and if it's not your thing, that one stray dog that always comes into your yard for no fucking reason could always need a bit of freshly made dogfood... Nothing like the flesh of another fellow human to guarantee man's-best-friend to be your best friend. C:
  9. put it in a garbage bag and then dump it in one of those industrial-sized cardboard recycling bins
  10. You are an extremely disturbing individual.
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  11. Go classic Mafia style and make said body sleep with the fishes?
  12. I wouldn't trust them. I hear they want to wear our skin. :[
  13. Preventative measures such as not killing someone to begin with. :P
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  14. This comes to mind.

    I was laughing my ass off for about two minutes.​
  15. I've always been fond of the idea of a pig farm. Pigs are known for eating ever part including the bones. You just need to be careful concerning the transportation and any evidence left behind.
  16. Bury it in someone else's backyard.
  17. If I remember correctly, to best get rid of a body you should cut them up in tiny little pieces and feed them to the fishes in the sea. Don't remember what you should do with the skeleton though to best hide it.... I HAVE SEEN A DOCUMENTARY OF HOW TO BEST COMMIT THE PERFECT MURDER AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT AND NOW I CAN'T REMEMBER IT!!! Damn! ):
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  18. Wouldn't a perfect murder not be one you have to hide, but one you can do publicly and get away without any consequence?
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