Wayfinder Academy of Adventurous Arts

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  1. Wayfinder Academy of Adventurous Arts
    Iter immunitus.

    The well-established Pathfinder Society has chosen to play their hand in the world's very future, opening a school to teach what they hope will be the next generation of stalwart heroes to blaze a path to the furthest reaches of the world. They've set up in the beautiful island-country of Absalom, known as the City at the Center of the World, and with good reason: the world's largest trade city in the world, home to a myriad of cultures and peoples. A perfectly neutral place to begin such a venture.

    You are one of the school's first students, ready to be taught by one of the Pathfinder Society's senior members. Expecting small classes, there is only the one professor, who is also the headmaster of the school. Barred from adventuring after a rather tragic baleful polymorph, the feline professor is nonetheless well-regarded by his peers and quite knowledgeable. What he lacks in thumbs he more than makes up for in talent, which is what the Society hopes he passes on to eager young minds... yourselves.


    Welcome, thanks for giving the RP some notice! I've decided to toss this idea into the area: a bit of a 'tutorial' game towards one of the stranger hobbies in Iwaku: the tabletop game. Played via play-by-post, this game's intended to show interested parties how to actually play the game. To which the first part is making a character, which is what we'll be discussing the first time we all meet together, playing out a little like the beginning of Pokemon with a question-and-answer, back-and-forth to determine what you'll be playing and how we'll continue. If you're interested, please let me know!
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  2. Should we let you know via PM? Or can we just state our interest here?
  3. Posting here'll do it! :D

    Thank you for showing some interest! I think this'll be fun.
  4. I hope you're a good teacher, because I'm already lost -.-
  5. I'd be interested in this. :3
  6. Say, that's three! I think that's enough to actually begin on our thread, isn't it?

    Since it would be tough to get us all together for a DiceBox Rp, I've decided to go ahead and do this all in a play-by-post. In-character, too! :D

    We'll see how this goes!
  7. Sounds fine to me! I can go either way, but my schedule is usually pretty chaotic... Hard to pin down times in advance that I'll be available.

    And some information since we talked briefly in the chat box: I've done tabletop in person before, but I've never attempted anything online! I've pondered joining one for a while, but it seems very different from what I'm used to. x] This came at a perfect time. I'm also completely unfamiliar with Pathfinder as a system.
  8. I'll be honest, most of the other folks use the D&D 3.5 rules rather than Pathfinder. However, I find that Pathfinder is a bit... crisper. Cleaner. Easier to understand and adapt to. So I use Pathfinder. I used to do the D&D 3.5, but I took a long hiatus from Iwaku and played with my friends in an actual tabletop environment. You'll find that each of the Dungeon Masters in Iwaku have a different style. I like to keep the RP above the Dice bit, which is different than the challenges you'll face is other people's games. :D

    The actual RP thread is up! Let's have an adventure!
  9. Four, I have a friend who wants to try to, we were talking on skype when I left my earlier response.
  10. Meep. I'm interested. Is there room for one more?
  11. There's always room for more! :D Welcome!
  12. hey :) im Silvers friend she was talking about just thought id annouce that so i dont hold anyone up >.<
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  13. But if we're apples, wont we get eaten?
  14. Sorry, I mean 'we'll be fine'. XD
  15. lol jesi youd look like the tastiest apple out of us all o.o
  16. Excellent first post by Silver! /impressed

    I get the feeling this will be awesome.
  17. thank you *smiles all pleased like*
  18. I like that. Apples. =D

    I hope my post isn't too silly. I wasn't sure how you wanted to treat the RP, but I guess the tone of fireball'd paperwork just resonated with me. ^^
  19. I liked your post and I like Xavian. *nods* he's unique
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