Way of the Sith

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    Korriban, home of the Sith Academy and the burial tombs of Legendary Sith warriors such as Naga Sadow, Tulak Hord, and many others. All great Sith Lords were buried on this rock, and this is where the Dark Side is strong. They built the Sith Academy here on Korriban, to use the tombs and the dark energies on the planet to help progress the Sith training. This dangerous planet is the perfect place for any Sith. A new shuttle dropped off a fresh batch of recruits, these sniveling brats were given the chance to become a Sith.

    Only two will survive.
    Kotron was standing in the grand hall of the Academy, all the students were wearing the standard gray outfit that was given to every new student. Every student stood in a line, arms behind their backs as they waited for the Master of the Academy to arrive. To look at the new, fresh blood that stood before the Valley of the Dark Lords. His eyes glanced side to side, a human male stood to his right and a Zabrak female stood to his left. He was about to lean over and speak to the Zabrak female, but stopped when the grand doors opened and a man, a human no less, walked forward. He held the presence of being mighty, and how the guards and Sith bowed down before him, it was clear that this would be the man that would teach them.

    Uthar Lyx was the Master's name, and he was the Master of the Academy, but that was it. He wasn't the strongest Sith in the Galaxy, far from it. Uthar looked at all the new recruits, Fledglings, and they were all worthless in his eyes. They can gain some worth, but only through blood and sacrifice will they ever get more than a glare from him. "Most of you will die. You will never know what it would feel like to hold power, to be supreme, and to have it all. Only two of you will survive training, and only two." He spoke, walking in front of all the Students. Some had a stronger control over the Force, and some were complete novices.

    "You are fledglings! You have nothing, you must forge your own path. You will be given nothing, you will find answers on your own. No one is your friend, you will eventually have to kill the ones you are standing next to. You are specks of sand, you will be walked upon daily." He spoke, making sure every student understood. Kotron noticed the heavy influence of Sith Soldiers in the room, blaster rifles ready to fire, what was Uthar planning?

    "Now that you know only two will survive. Ask yourself! Will you really make it? Are you willing to die to become a Sith? Walk forward if you wish to give up now!" He waited, out of 30 Students, 3 students stepped forward. "Ah! So you three wish to give up already? You are a disgrace, you do not deserve to breath." Uthar spoke and the three students looked away uncomfortably, and a few of the guards raised their blaster rifles and shot the three students.

    As the students fell, dead on impact, Uthar walked over the corpses and looked at all of the remaining students. "Congratulations, twenty-seven of you have passed the first test. This is one of many. Now get out of my sight and train until the second test." Tests would be sporadic, and random. No one would know when the next test could happen. The next test could happen in a minute, or days, or months.

    They had to train their bodies, their minds, and their resolve. Kotron glanced at the students, many of them were grouping up and talking. This was the first phase, they were making temporary alliances to get over the first couple of tests. The more students that died, the more betrayals that would happen. Kotron turned to look at the female Zabrak, one of his own. Two Students would pass, so he would have to choose wisely, choose a partner that would stick with him to graduation.

    "My name is Kotron, and we should probably pair up if we want to survive past the first few tests." He spoke calmly, showing no signs of intimidation. He was shaken up by Uthar's demonstration of what would happen to quitters. This was much different than the Jedi training he received. He subconsciously placed his hand on his belt, but his lightsaber wasn't there. The Guards confiscated all the students weapons, they would have to start fresh and fight for what is theirs.
  2. Uthar Lyx, the human. The trainer, the master. Euxia stood straight and respectfully, demonstrating a level of discipline that stayed with her after she left her home planet. The urge was there, of course. An urge that told her to challenge the twenty-nine other students, to see who was strong enough to be in second place to her. Which was a bad idea, she was well aware of that. The point was to prove she wasn't a mindless fighting machine. If anyone could put some structure into her life, it was the instructors of this academy.

    Although average in height, there was a shapely, muscular sculpture designed to break your bones. Her shoulder length hair was tied back into a short ponytail with stray strands at the side, since they were smaller in length. She considered a shorter do, or perhaps getting rid of her hair altogether. Euxia was proud of the horns that lined along her forehead, and her hair made it hard to see the stubbier trio that was at the back of her skull.

    Fiery eyes of scarlet were watchful of the harsh master. The way he talked was inspiring, making her blood rush with excitement. Then her heart jumped when three bodies fell to the floor. Honestly, the sight awed her. Her face briefly twisted in disgust, and she would project saliva at their corpses if she weren't expected to stand here. Why walk in here, just to get shot? Without so much was trying to climb to the top. What an insult to their kind.

    She huffed ever so quietly to herself, her expression going neutral while attention went back to one-hundred percent on Lyx. Though it would go unnoticed, she made an affirmative nod when they were dismissed. Euxia was quick to separate herself from the others, uninterested in making friends here. They could come at her all at once if they wanted to. If she didn't live to see the end, then she didn't deserve to live at all. The quiet voice of logic in her head was warning her about how reckless that would be. The muscle that could use more exercise, apparently, was her brain.

    Although, there was a single being who in fact took an interest in her. It just so happened that he was a Zabrak, too. Euixa took a cautious step away from him. He didn't present himself in an intimidating fashion, but she was still wary of the stranger. Since venturing solo, she'd yet to meet anybody she really trusted. She looked contemplative for a moment, expressing brutishness through an unearthly growl. Then thoughtfulness replaced the menacing glare she always had.

    "Very well... Kotron." The way in which she talked sounded as if there was poison dripping from every word, another factor of her training so she could put more fear into her encounters. This was a friendly one though, more or less, so she chose to speak at a low volume to sound less threatening. "Euxia." She punctuated with a polite nod.
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  3. Kotron was taller than most humans, but barely and his horns helped a little in the height department. He wasn't as brash, and as twisted as his own kin. He was taken away at a young age and forced the ways of a Jedi, the ways of kindness and all the other lies that they taught him. His eyes were a golden brown, unlike her own fiery eyes. He didn't take pride in feeling that he made it past the first test, he didn't take pride in anything. Another Jedi teaching, and several habits he need to break. Maybe someone as ruthless and cruel as Euxia could help him break these old nasty habits. "He said only two survive. If me and you stick together through the entire thing, we could be the only two." He spoke. Even though she agreed on allowing him to assist, he was trying to convince her further.

    He glanced around at the students, they were either cruel or sniveling cowards. There was no in between, except for Kotron, and he had to fit into the cruel side or else he would be targeted. "We should go to the Library, learn everything we can about the Sith. There ways, code, holocrons, anything. He might test our knowledge on the Sith, our knowledge on tactics." It sounded more like a Jedi thing to be tested on, mentality and intelligence. The Sith weren't stupid though, brute force didn't win everything. They had to have both, power and intelligence. Without power, their intelligence is nothing and without intelligence, there power is just a raging berserker that didn't know what it was doing in the field of battle.

    Kotron pulled the PDA from his suit, it had a map of the Academy and would show where the apartments, library, torture room, training room, valley to the dark lords, and many other things. "The Library sho-" He was cut off as he felt the presence of Uthar enter the room once more. Everyone turned as the Master was already back, only a few minutes passing.

    "The second test will begin now. Form a circle!" He barked orders before the students formed a large circle, and it soon became clear to Kotron what was going to happen. "Jinxa and Lu'xu. You will be the first ones to fight. There is no surrendering, you fight until you win. If you refuse to kill your opponent then you will both die." Uthar spoke as the two students stepped into the middle of the circle. They didn't have weapons, no one did, it was going to be a brutal, bloody fight.

    Kotron looked at Euxia, who stood beside him. Was Uthar already breaking the Groups apart, making it harder? There was 27 students...so it was an odd number. What did Uthar plan to do with that. "Fight!" He yelled, the two students lunged at one another. Fists swinging, hair grabbing, blood flying. It was a dirty fight, and it would be a slow painful death for everyone.

    As the students fought, Uthar spoke up again. "There is an odd number of you. So one of you lucky shits won't have to fight today." He spoke up. So whoever wasn't picked to fight, that lucky one, would be safe for the day.

    The fights went on and on, before Kotron was called up and he was pitted against a scrawny looking twi'lek. The Twi'lek looked absolutely terrified and he waited for Uthar's command to begin fighting. Kotron had an advantage, though he was a Padawan, he had professional training in Lightsaber and Hand-to-Hand combat. The Twi'lek charged forward, Kotron's body kicking in. He sidestepped, grabbing the boys arm and kicks his feet out from underneath him. The Twi'lek hit the ground hard, and scrambled to get back up as Kotron distanced himself from the boy.

    The boy charged again, and Kotron quickly jabbed his fist out, hitting the Twi'lek square in the nose, breaking it on impact and blood covering his mouth, chin and beginning to drip down. The Twi'lek fell to his knees, holding his nose as he fought back the tears that were streaming to his eyes, and underneath his bloody mouth. "I don't want to die...no...please..." He begged, and Kotron glanced over at Uthar who seemed rather displeased with the fight.

    Kotron walked behind the boy, and he didn't look down. He couldn't bring himself to it as he grabbed the boys head, twisting it sharply. The boy died instantly from his neck being twisted and broken. ". . . Fuck. . ." Kotron muttered under his breath. His hands were shaking, but her formed them into fists so he could control it a bit better. He walked back towards the circle.

    The Twi'lek was no older than fourteen years old.
  4. Kotron looked to be a man with a plan. That's what she was assuming, anyway. Curiosity was expressed through a tilt of her head as he explained that they could beat the odds by working together. The fairly organized way in which he vocalized his thoughts was intriguing. What was his story? Where was he before he came here?

    Shortly after, he revealed a device that displayed a map of their academy. Euxia was genuinely interested in what he had to say. However, his words came to an abrupt pause due to the summoning of their Master.

    Joining the doomed classmates in a circle, she presented herself with good posture while looking over all the faces and bodies of the people within her sights. There were challengers of different sizes and species. Quite the interesting gathering, she had to admit. She looked forward to exploring what else was beyond the stars, assuming she made it out of here alive.

    After a duel to the death between two strangers, Kotron was told to step in with a young Twi'lek. She arched a brow at the small one, her lips twisting into a half frown that reflected disgust. 'Easy.' she thought to herself, wondering if Kotron would be disappointed with the lack of a challenge. Like she guessed, he was able to come out on top without too much trouble. As the teen begged for life, his neck was promptly snapped. She was pleased to see this partner she'd just gained wasn't a disappointment. For a moment there, she was starting to doubt he had it in him.

    Euxia was patiently awaiting her name to be called, hopeful she wouldn't have to be that one who doesn't get to take on another. One by one, students were eliminated from the competition, making the mess of blood stretch farther every time. Lyx called out more names, until she responded to hers.

    Air was forced from her nostrils, carrying a quiet snort before she stepped into the ring. She seemed calm and composed at first, giving her limbs a shake so they'd stay loose. Her challenger was a fairly athletic looking male human, who was eying her with a mix of confusion and caution. That turned to a brief look of fear when she made a stomp forward, growling through two rows of deadly teeth, a small trickle of saliva going down her chin. The man was prompt to respond, using one of his long legs to throw a kick at her jaw. Euxia let the strike land, sure to cause a bruise but no break. She was disoriented for just a few seconds before putting the thrill of pain to use.

    Now properly motivated, she spat blood at the ground and lunged forward with claws out. He dodged her attempt to swipe at him with her deadly nails, proving to be more agile than expected. Snarling, she gave her muscles a flex and threw herself at him, making a successful tackle to the ground with a force he did not expect. The two struggled against one another for a bit, him obviously trying to flip her onto her back. Euxia wouldn't allow it, though. "No!" she barked, breaking one of her arms free so her elbow could come down on his forehead. He took a blow to the back of the cranium, causing dizziness and inability to stop her from pinning his body down.

    Letting out what could be best described as a war cry, she launched her forehead at him once, then twice, using her horns and thick skull to cause severe damage to his face. She looked lusty for just a moment, inhaling the aroma of fresh blood while his shout of anguish created harmony in her ears. Though he was blinded now, she was grinning down at him.

    To finish the job, Euxia pressed a palm against his throat, going slowly until he was not only gasping for air, but choking on his own blood. A sharp crack could be heard, then he was no longer breathing. When she got up from the body, she gave it a prod with her foot, her chest heaving with deep breaths while her fists shook with need to drink more blood. It was when she looked at Kotron that she remembered she shouldn't get out of line, and then she was standing next to him again, uncaring of the fact she was a mess of gore. She rubbed tenderly at the big mark on her jaw, getting a feel for the damage before returning her arms to her sides.
  5. Kotron just killed a child, and he had to. If he didn't kill the child, then he would of been killed himself and Kotron wanted to survive. He chose this path of darkness, he knew it would change him but he didn't think he would have to kill a child as a stepping stone to the Sith. He positioned himself beside Euxia once more and watched fight after fight. They had to fight over the bodies, blood pouring into the cracks of the floor and making it slick. When it was her turn, he watched. She was the last fight, someone was lucky and didn't have to fight. He watched as he stepped in, watching closely to see who and what his partner would be like.

    He watched as she took the first hit, and turned into a savage after. She was cruel, fast and delivering punishment to the man. He watched, almost in shock as bashed his head in, using her horns and crushing his throat. After the fight was over, Uthar exited the circle and was prepared to leave, but he stopped and turned around. "I spoke incorrectly. Two are allowed to pass, but there is no guarantee that two will survive. You may all die, and no one graduates and becomes a Sith. If you want to become a Sith, you take the opportunity and make something of it." He spoke, now the knowledge of everyone dying was over there head. No guarantee of becoming a Sith, only what you do can determine that.

    Everyone was silent now, fourteen students were left. At this rate, the tests will be over in a few days, but Uthar decides when to test and he may decide that the next test in a few months, or years. He would test their resolve, patience, strength, intelligence, and many other things. He turned to look at his partner, noticing the blood that she left on her face. The bruise on her chin slowly forming and coloring. He had paired up with a savage, and he couldn't tell if he should be thankful or afraid for his life. If she was a true savage, and didn't have much battle intelligence, he could manipulate her and keep her on his side.

    "As I was saying before..." He wasn't shaking anymore, he had calmed down some and hid away his emotions of fear. He was staring at her for a moment before clearing his throat and pulling his PDA out once more to find the Library or whatever they had. "We should study first. It is clear that we both know how to fight." Some a little more gruesome than others. He turned to look at her, and then to the dead bodies. No guard was coming to clean them up. The bodies may lay there until they rot and smell. He lightly shook his head before following the map on the PDA.

    "This way..." He spoke softly, almost like he didn't want the other students to hear. As he made way for the Library, he looked at all the guards posted within the Academy. There was so many, and so few Sith. The Sith he did see must of been recent graduates that haven't left yet or stopped by. He checked his sides and behind him to make sure that Euxia was following him and didn't leave to go bash some skulls in. His mind trying to wrap around the way that they could proceed to the final test and become Sith fast.

    Entering the Library, he glanced around and took a seat at one of the tables, a holocron database in the middle of the table. "We have to take what we deserve...and we deserve to be Sith..." He was speaking out loud as he thought, loud enough for her to hear him.
  6. Now that they were through with testing, Euxia took the time to look herself over. To put it bluntly, she looked like she'd just committed murder. The crimson splatters all over her outfit said as much. Gingerly, she wiped the fronts and backs of her hands on areas that weren't already a mess. At the same time, she was following alongside Kotron, who seemed to have a better idea about where they were going.

    Secretively, she arrived at the library with him. Euxia was hesitant at first, falling behind for a short time as she let her senses adjust to the surroundings. When her shifting gaze landed on Kotron again, she caught up to him. A hand went to her jaw, where her reddish skin was gaining mark of black and purple. On her way to an available seat, a quiet chuckle could be heard as she tested the limits with her fresh injury. Forcing it too much caused pain, which was sickly humorous to the Zabrak.

    When her rear met with the chair, curiosity showed up in the natural glare her eyes held. They now had access to some valuable information, but where would they begin? It was a no brainer that Euxia wasn't the studious type. There were intelligent lessons mixed in with her physical training, but not enough to make a big difference. The fact she knew how to read, talk and write was a big deal. Even then, she was not an expert with any of those.

    She scanned the table, watchful of the center database she was interested in learning from. Kotron's outspoken thought on them being Siths made her grunt in agreement, although she didn't understand why he thought this way. "I wanted to ask, why did you pick me?" she suddenly inquired, keeping her voice soft. This great plan of his could have been shared with anyone, right?
  7. Kotron sat down and rubbed his temples, he had an idea forming but it was a dangerous one. Her talking broke him out of his concentration for a moment, as she wanted to know why he chose her. "Huh? Oh. I chose you because you are a Zabrak." He shrugged his shoulders, it was pretty obvious. They were the only two Zabrak this year as students, and their kin had already gone through enough. The Zabraks were once enslaved by the Sith before they freed themselves and showed that they were strong enough to stand beside them. He didn't have any other reason besides she was his own kind, it was simple. He wasn't racist towards Mandalorians, Twi'Lek, or any other race, but he preferred his own.

    Leaning back in his chair, he looked around before leaning forward and gesturing for her to lean in also. "Master Uthar said that...if we wanted to become Sith then we take it. We will not be given the title or the rights, but have to take it. So..." He glanced over as a student walked by and waited until he was out of hearing range before looking back at Euxia. He licked his lips, unsure of his idea but if they pulled it off, then they would be going for the final test in one day. Maybe it was some kind of record. "What if we...." he let out a sigh, thinking about the idea. "What if we snuck into the rooms tonight and killed all the students, just leaving us two. Once there are only two, they take the final test to become Sith." He was whispering, and if she didn't hear him the first time then he might just scrap the whole idea.

    His eyes locked onto hers, and maybe it was the lighting, but Euxia didn't seem so crazed at the moment. "So. What do you think of the plan...it will have to be done stealthy. We can't be loud about doing it..."
  8. The answer he gave her was simple, and made sense. Making a shrug to match his, and a nod to go along with it, she found that to be acceptable. She did feel more comfortable around her own kind, although he was unlike the Zabraks she was used to palling around with. Maybe if they were going to be partners, they should know more about each other. Which she had no idea how to approach.

    Euxia cradled her head in one of her hands while the elbow rested on the table, allowing her to comfortably lean in and see what he wanted to show her. All the while, she was avoiding contact with the half of her face that was bruising. She was truly doing her best to give him all her attention, but there were times when her mind wandered to less intelligent thoughts. Ones relating to violence, and mischief. Euxia managed to tune in when he proposed his idea that they take the risk of eliminating all their competition in just one night...

    "Hmmm," she grunted, thoughtful for just a moment. That plan would pair well with her blood lust. Prior to this, she'd already wanted to kill everyone at once. If they were stealthy enough, like he suggested, they could pull this off. No matter what they chose to do, they might die trying.

    Euxia gave their surroundings a quick look, reassuring they'd have no eavesdroppers. "I think it could work." Though her voice was soft spoken, it carried a menacing rumble that made her clear her throat in annoyance. Letting out a deep breath, she folded her hands on the table. "You think very much like a Sith already," Euxia then commented, obviously impressed.
  9. Kotron was nervous about the plan already, and they haven't even started anything yet. He looked over at her, she was complimenting him on how he was thinking already. Maybe it was because he was a Ex-Jedi and he had to study the Sith, know how they treated one another. He was trained to deal with the Sith, but now he was using this training to become a Sith. "Thanks...we have to do it tonight when everyone is asleep. Fast...quick, and quietly." He muttered to her. He glanced around again, before turning back to her. He wasn't sure if he should tell her this, but he had to give her some information for the hopeful-ness of gaining some trust from her. Sith can't have trust, to a degree, you can always trust that as long as Jedi and the Republic are around, the Sith will band together. When all that is taken over, then it is everyone for themselves and unite under the strongest Warrior.

    "I was....a Jedi before coming here. They have my lightsaber somewhere...if we could find and steal that back...it would make the job a lot easier." Maybe they would awarded new lightsabers if they kill the students. He didn't know if it was a great idea saying he was a Jedi, or maybe it was a good idea. Maybe she would think that he has seen the 'truth' and that he has training, maybe she would respect him and not try and double-cross him.

    "So...we sleep in the same rooms. All of us...so it will make it easier." They didn't need his lightsaber, they didn't even know where it was to be exact.
  10. Quick and quiet deaths were doable. Hard as it may be to believe, Euxia wasn't always so loud and brutal with her kills. That was simply her preferred method. This would still be fun, though. She liked the idea of laying in wait for all the students to go to sleep so she could slaughter them without a single warning. A corner of her mouth lifted to show a devious smirk while she stared into the hologram of information at the center of the table. It may look like she was studying, but really she was fantasizing about taking a blood bath.

    The word Jedi made her head snap in his direction, her brows furrowing as she locked eyes on him. That was not what she was expecting to hear him say next. How interesting, she thought. What made him turn his back on his allies? Also, it made sense as to why he was such a knowledgeable individual. "I see," she commented quite simply. Euxia looked down at her hands on the table. A lightsaber... Not something she was used to seeing up close. Her raw power couldn't stand up to those so well; fists versus lightsaber had an obvious ending. Those are battles she'd rather avoid, at least until she understood her Force powers better. "I had stun gauntlets when I came here. And my vibro-ax. Maybe those are with your lightsaber."

    Euxia would willingly help him search for the weapon. She didn't care about her own so much, those were easy to replace. The only reason she even had them was because it was smart to carry something, and she learned to use the axe as more of a secondary style. His, most likely, was sentimental in some way. Jedi seemed attached to their lightsabers. "Yes, this will be easy. I will wait for a signal of some kind, I assume?" That would be wisest. Euxia functioned better under someone's guidance when it came to intricate plots. It wasn't too long ago that she finally got into the habit of asking questions, instead of waiting to fail.
  11. He sat there, pondering on where they could be holding his weapon. Maybe Uthar himself had it, or maybe they just had it lying around with the rest of the weapons. Maybe they were in a locked room that they couldn't access, or maybe all the weapons were thrown away. There was so many possibilties of what could of happened to the weapons, but Koltron reached forward and took the PDA pad that they were all given and began to do some research. He looked over the map, and all the rooms names before coming across the 'Weapons Room' on the map. It was only a short walk from the Library, and they could check what was in there. This was a Sith Academy, so maybe they wouldn't keep everything under lock in key, because Sith love killing one another so much. "Let's try this room. They could be there...and if they aren't, we may find weapons to help." He stood from the table, the holocron went unused, but he didn't care. He would explore the world of the Sith later.

    He turned to look at her, for being a brutal killer that seemed to be born for a Sith. She seemed to take orders and ideas quite well, maybe she was more simple minded than he thought, or maybe she wasn't a complete Sith that would try and kill everyone that had an idea. They walked in the hall, students and guards alike passing on by and he was nervous. He tried to seem like he was acting natural, act like they weren't up to anything. A group of students were near the entrance to the weapon's room, chatting and it seemed like they were grouping up to pass these tests, only to turn on each other. Only two are allowed to survive, but that didn't mean that those two would even become a Sith.

    The Group stopped talking for a moment when they saw Koltron and Euxia approaching, but Koltron didn't stop. He continued to move past the group along with Euxia as they entered the weapons room and looked around. Once they entered, several training weapons were hung on the wall and students, guards, and Sith were training. They were training, testing new weapons, and just honing their skills. No one seemed to notice the two new students entering the room, or frankly they didn't give a shit if they were in there.

    His eyes scanned the area before locking onto a certain locker that wasn't opened up like the rest and was substantially larger than the rest of the lockers. It was either armor, or the weapons from the Students, and he had a feeling that it was the Locker for the students. "Over there, I think that is where the weapons are..." He whispered to Euxia, standing close to her so no one could over hear them. They would need a welding torch, or the code to get into the Locker, or Koltron could try and rip the locker door open with the force, or bash it in.
  12. Euxia followed Koltron's example by behaving naturally. Few so much as made a second glance at them. Just two Zabraks walking alongside each other, nothing unusual about that. Still, she couldn't believe how careless the surrounding staff and students were. Nobody even bothered to walk up and ask what they were up to. Perhaps that wasn't something they did here. Back home, you couldn't walk past another without receiving a glare, as if you were up to something.

    Keeping calm was more challenging than she expected. Being in the room full of training students was feeding her urge to rush them all with intent to kill. Euxia kept focus on the locker they were headed towards, hoping that would help her maintain focus. A good Sith wouldn't be such a reckless brute. They have to be smart, too. Smart wasn't her best quality, but she was willing to improve on it.

    Staying close to her comrade, Euxia looked the sealed door up and down. Using strength to break it down might gain them unwanted attention, otherwise she'd gladly suggest punching a hole into it. Tools didn't cross her mind at all, since she had knowledge of so few. Which left the option of using the Force, which both of them were capable of doing.

    She grunted with thoughtfulness, tapping at her lower lip with a needle sharp fingernail. When she used the Force, it was often in aggressive bursts. Delicate work like this needed more practice. Perhaps Koltron was more qualified? This was a chance for her to see what else he could do, even if it was the simple task of breaking into this vault. "Think you can open using the Force? I could keep watch," Euxia offered in a whisper, making a quick look to the side, then back to him.
  13. Koltron looked back at the students that were training and then towards the vault as Euxia asked if he could open it. It was a vault, and maybe he could unlock it with using the force instead of actually ripping the door off with the force, which would require a substantial amount of concentration and power. "Judging by how the Sith, mainly Uthar, has been acting. If we broke into he vault and stole the weapons, I'm sure he would praise us for 'thinking like a Sith' and finding weapons to use against our enemies. I don't think they plan on giving us a weapon at all..." The Academy was brutal, but this was the first Academy ever by the Sith. They had others across the Galaxy, and those Academy's may do different things and train in different ways. Though, he was certain that the message of you are now a Sith, and unless you adapt and become a Sith. You do not belong and you will be killed. It was a brutal process, but the Sith had roughly the same amount as the Jedi did, and no Jedi died during the process of training unless there was a terribly accident. The Sith could become bigger, stronger than the Jedi whose minds were closed as this vault.

    "Sith don't act in the shadows."

    He turned to look at her, for some odd reason he couldn't help how he thought at the moment. Maybe it was the darkness that seeped from this very planet, or maybe it was the hatred of the Jedi. He hated that they used him, lied to him, the Sith told the truth and nothing else, the Jedi were scum. They claim they are the protectors of peace, but yet they let millions die because they don't want to get involved when the Sith want to bring the Galaxy under one rule, and once that has happened, then there wouldn't be anymore wars and death. If he had to become the most hated man in the Galaxy to save it, then that is what it would take.

    He brought his hands up as the force began to swell around it, the power gathering in large quantities to the point that the swirling power was visible to the naked eye. "The Force was a tool to be used, the Jedi believe that the Force is the Master and you are the tool. They are wrong!"

    He pushed his hands forward and the force shot from him and crashing into the vault. The door began to bend and twist until it collapsed on itself, revealing the armory that was behind the door and all the weapons that the Sith have collected from Students over the years. The noise was heard and now the students, and eyes were directed at the two Zabraks. Koltron only glanced behind himself at the gathering group before walking past Euxia and into the vault were blasters, swords, and his saber was. He grabbed the weapon, the cylinder now resting in his hands as he glanced over the hilt. Rolling it over in his hand, he found the button and smiled before clipping it back onto his belt where it belonged.

    He could see that the Students were ready to run into the vault and grab their weapons that were taken from them. No guards or Sith planned on stopping Koltron, Euxia and the Students. They just went back to doing what they originally were doing and let them be. Untrained Students were no real threat to them, and if a Student somehow managed to kill every Sith inside the Academy, then the Sith Empire would praise that person and probably make them a Sith Lord.

    "Hurry up and grab your weapon, and lets head back to the Library..." He wasn't even looking at Euxia, but at the crowd of Students. They looked uneasy, timid, and hungry for power. If that is what they looked like after spending only a few hours within the walls of the Academy. Some were handling the dark powers of the planet, and some were not handling it so well.
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  14. Observing Koltron's use of the Force was a pleasing experience. She was challenged when it came to focus, and sometimes her sloppy work could be a disadvantage. This Zabrak looked so be so much more organized by comparison. That's the level she wanted to get on. How could she command an army without that knowledge under her belt? She was hopeful that it wouldn't take her long to become the best she could be.

    Euxia used the surroundings as a distraction from the escalating hunger she suddenly developed. Almost like she was sharing the growth of hatred that he too was having. As if she were able to smell the power itself, she breathed deeply, expressing contentment through a low hum in her throat. She would use that fuel to slay these bodies if only it were allowed.

    She settled her frenzied gaze back on the vault he was able to successfully open. Euxia grinned briefly at the success. On her way to fetch her weapon and gloves, she could feel herself sobering, so to speak. She still wanted to crack a few ribs, of course, but the lust for it at least dwindled. When she spotted the stun gauntlets, they were slid on for the sake of convenience. The vibro-ax was then taken into both hands, to be carried while they fled to the library.

    On her way out, watchers were gifted with a threatening scowl. She was armed and dangerous, she wanted that message to get right out there before anyone made a rash decision. It would be unfortunate for them to target her out of foolishness. That arrogance was noticeable in just about everything she did.

    During their rush out, Euxia messed with a series of straps that were dangling from her weapon. An expert from home crafted a custom holster of sorts that allowed her to wear her axe on her back. As well, it could swiftly be removed whenever she needed it. Buckles were done at the front so the straps would fit snug around her tall, bulky form.

    Euxia wore a smug little smirk once they got to hiding, her eyes and ears staying open for any intruders who might have fallen behind. So far, they were in the clear.
  15. He didn't even glance at anyone as he walked by, shoving his way through the crowd that accumulated over the time of standing in front of the vault and preparing to bust it open. Once Koltron and Euxia were past the crowd, they began shoving one another as they all poured into the vault and some fights were breaking. Weapons that didn't belong to them, but they wanted and began to fight over. More students were already killing each other off, and they haven't even put their plan into motion yet. He glanced to the sides while entering the Library, no one followed them at all, probably a bloodshed at the Vault. Fools, they were too stupid to realize that working together is the only way through this. It was easier with a partner, and especially one that seemed to offer trust easily. He wasn't thinking that Euxia was an idiot, more along the idea that since he was her own kin, that she was more willing to offer her services to him.

    "Now we wait. There should be a smaller amount to kill tonight, seeing as they were already fighting over the weapons, and now they will sleep with more peace. Thinking they are protected because they now have a weapon, a false sense of security." He muttered to himself, loud enough for Euxia to hear him though. These thoughts were coming from somewhere, or something, because he never thought this way before. He was raised from a small child to protect people, and offer safety and mean it. Not give false security and kill them in their sleeps, that wasn't the Jedi way. He wasn't a Jedi anymore though, a Sith in training. An Acolyte one could say or guess, but he didn't care what he was called. He had his own ambitions, and the Sith was just the quickest way to achieve that.

    Turning to look at Euxia now, his brown eyes meeting her strong fierce crimson ones. "Can that Vibro-Axe handle against a lightsaber, or would it just be cut in two?" He wanted to see how well she was trained, if she could stand up to a dangerous weapon like the lightsaber. If the vibro weapon could not handle it, then he would find something else to train against her. He was a rather skilled swordsman and force user, but he wasn't as powerful as he possibly could be. He had a lot of potential, and all the Masters at the Jedi Council could see that, and how he left them must of been a blow. They lost a talented young man, and he isn't boosting his own ego, just reiterating the things he has been told over the years.
  16. Euxia started to acknowledge some relief that Koltron had approached her when he did. Otherwise, she might be out there with the rowdy students, behaving no better than them. This really made her come to the total understanding that her goals were far more achievable through teamwork. How fortunate, too, that he was as brilliant as he was. She was willing to bet that a good handful of their peers were less educated than she was.

    The mention of her weapon made her look over her shoulder a moment, eying what she could see of it before looking back to Koltron. An interesting question, she had to admit. The center knuckle on her index finger was held to her lower lip as she gave the idea some thought. "I don't...think it can stand up to a saber, but..." The words trailed off into a soft, thoughtful sounding hum as she reached behind her to grab the vibro-axe. Not to remove it, but to squeeze her hand around the handle for a moment. A grin of teeth followed. "I'd like to find out sometime." If she put more concentration into her Force abilities, she could probably keep it from breaking. Supposedly, that could work. "Would be easy to replace." It wasn't much of a sentimental item. If it broke, she'd get a new one, or a different weapon altogether. If her hands were to be rendered useless... That was a different story.

    "You want to test me, Koltron?" The whisper in her voice started disappearing, making a slow build to the venomous speech her throat carried. It almost sounded as if she were purring his name, too. Much as she loved to murder, she had a love for friendly sparring too. She wondered what all he was capable of. Watching him defeat that young one earlier probably wasn't the best example.
  17. He thought for a moment, he could spar against her and tire himself out. That gave the possibility that he would be too tired for tonights mission and may pass out, along with her and they may miss their window of opportunity to kill everyone and pass the test. He couldn't run his hand through his 'hair' because he didn't have any, in fact he had horns and if he tried that crap then he would scar up his hand pretty badly. They were naturally sharp, he didn't choose to make them sharp, that was just how they came. Same with hers, and in a desperate situation and the right angle, they could be used as weapons. Ah, his mind was running off a tangent, shaking his head side to side for a moment bringing himself back to the attention of sparring and whether or not it would be a good idea at the moment. Even if they did spar, his saber would cut through her weapon with ease, and then she would be out of a weapon and only left with those unsightly gauntlets she also wore. They could spar another time, when there weren't so many factors they he didn't need to calculate in and worry about. "Yes. Sparring...maybe another time. We must conserve our strength and energy for the task that lies ahead. We cannot give an opportunity to our opponents to strike back."

    She would understand, she would have to understand that they couldn't fight at the moment. He could tell she wanted to dive into her animal instincts and fight him, probably to see if he really is worthy of leading her. He was currently taking charge of their little duo, even if she didn't like it, but he was the one coming up with all the ideas and how they should graduate from the Academy. He wanted to leave this planet, not die on this forsaken, desert world. "Have you ever meditated?" Meditating was even for the Sith. It helped calm the nerves, gather thoughts and body together as one and prepare oneself for the challenges that they may face. It was a very common thing to do among Force Users and even people that couldn't use the Force. Meditating was a good way to collect your thoughts and emotions.

    The clock was ticking, seconds passing by, only a few hours left before they would sneak through the sleeping students chambers tonight and kill them as they slept. One could hope that they wouldn't wake up, but he was taking into account that a few, or more may wake up and they would need to be quick to kill them before they alerted everyone inside the entire damn complex.
  18. Another time. Of course. It would always be 'another time' until the to-do list was all checked off. She responded to him with a chuckle, deciding to put her urge to taunt him to rest. Resting was hardly necessary for her. Technically, the past several days had been restful. Even that opponent she killed today felt like nothing to her. There was a positive to making her wait, though. The longer her rage built, the more deadly it would be when unleashed. They'd definitely need her to give it her all tonight.

    Euxia was following Koltron with ease, finding that use of the Force helped a lot in doing so. It felt as though she were a wave of energy staying close behind another one, attracted to its pull like nature intended. She actually felt her concentration favoring this new sensation, wanting to explore it further. The want to commit violence was mostly gone.

    "Have you ever meditated?" She released a baited breath so she could answer. Not right away, though. "Meh...di...tay-ted?" The word was being quietly sounded out like a child might do when learning how to talk. It would seem impossible to see any charm in Euxia until moments like these. Great, now he was probably going to think she was stupid. Had her skin not been a red tone already, it would be obvious that she was blushing with embarrassment. "Don't think so," was the answer she settled on.
  19. He wasn't going to fight her, he wanted to save his energy and if they did fight. She seemed foolish enough that she will somehow find herself on the end of his Lightsaber, and he needed her. For now. In the future she might grow to be an annoyance, or a threat and then he will dispose of her, but for now she has her uses just like anyone else would. She was just easier to use/manipulate because they were the only two Zabrak's within the Academy at the moment. 'Kin' had to stick together, to make sure they survived and moved forward together, or something like that. Total bullshit, it was a free-for-all, and anyone that didn't want to believe that and think a truce in the beginning would matter. Would end up with a blade stabbed right in the center of their back. The fact that she has never meditated doesn't even surprise him. She seems like the kind of person that couldn't sit still for a minute without having to do something other than nothing.

    "Yes. Meditating, here. Come with me." He gestured with his hand before turning his back to her, he moved like water, fluid and smooth with everything. Almost graceful, the Jedi training still in him to seem like a perfect body and mind to deal with any current situation. He made his way out of the Library and towards the room they would all be sleeping in, they had no privacy besides the crevice their bed hid in. It was a large room, splitting off down different hallways with no doors, a bed, a console for research, and a box to store your clothes/weapons. You would just take up your own room, they were not assigned, and when he found one that was empty. He walked into the open space in front of the bed and sat down on the ground, folding his legs in underneath him.

    Well, lets see how well this goes. Trying to tame a savage with tranquility... He didn't say anything, just closed his eyes and waited for her to take a seat next to him. He slowed his breathing down, releasing all the stress and tension from his body and becoming relaxed. "Get into a comfortable position, clear your mind and steady your breathing. Don't think about it, or anything, just let it all go and then focus on the Force. The life that surrounds us constantly, the energy coming from this Planet. Take it all in, go into a tranquil and bliss state of silence." Even though meditating seemed like it was a sure fire way to be stabbed in the back, it wasn't. If they were doing it correctly, they would feel all the movements of the Students, Guards, Animals, and just the force itself moving around them.
  20. There was a scowl on her face during the whole walk to a private area they could practice...whatever that word was. She felt uneasy in a room full of people she didn't know. It was one of the perfect places to watch her struggle with the urge to slaughter them all. Mostly, for fear they might get to her first. So much as tapping on her shoulder while she had her back turned would most likely get your stomach clawed into.

    The fear would not rule her, though. Grunting softly, she remembered her training from back at home, entertaining the idea that she was the most dangerous thing in this room. Even if she wasn't, simply believing it proved to be good for her confidence. Euxia noticed her partner taking a seat at an available area of space. She followed him to sit at his side, spending about half a minute trying to copy the way he was sitting.

    Her crimson eyes were widened as she scanned the room, taking account of what and who she could see. Baring her teeth briefly, she growled at nothing in particular. More or less it was like a dominant predator warning the rest of the wildlife that bothering them came with consequences.

    Now, she was eying Koltron cautiously. He appeared relaxed, which seemed to involve the steady breathing pattern he had. Euxia might not have been the smartest, but she was quite observant. There were things she'd notice that many might not. After a sigh, she got a start on following his instructions. Her eyelids dropped, she put focus into her breaths, and--....... Euxia opened an eye, looked around, closed it again. Breath... Yet again, opened her eye... 'What the fuck is this shit?'

    This felt impossible.

    Frustration was expressed through air forced from her nostrils. Koltron said to clear her mind. She could do that if she tried hard enough. Instead of thinking of bloodshed, she focused on her breathing instead. That was distracting enough. Ever so weakly were the sensations he described. Much like the feelings that made her curious earlier. This inspired Euxia to put forth more effort, just when she wondered if this was useless.