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  1. Hello. I should probably tell you a few important things about me. I sorta needed some inspiration but I can fill out a forum like I am a character if you wish!

    Well here goes nothing: I'd rather not make something I should learn to regret....

    Name: I prefer my name to be shortened to CZW or under special reasons you may call me Ella or Ember.
    Age: I am not afraid to say! I am 18 and almost 19
    Gender: For giggles I don't like to say. I am female though
    Art trades?: Ofg course, RP is an art form in it of itself, you know. I am also a writer and a drawing artist.
    Experience?: PLENTY in all genres or rather most. (11 solid years)
    Style: I like lengthy into-it Rps. I am strange because I like my romance but only if it means I get to kill some people in the process.. Most romances only go as far as having children unless explicit settings are applied and in which case children do not matter.
    Personality: In a group setting I am shy- HOWEVER when I am role playing you will (this is a guarantee) see my OOC posts (Usually in blue and in {bracts like these}) and they are quite random with cute little notes added in. I prefer PMs as this is where most of my personality can come out with the slightest of ease.
    Music Genre: Tap into the deepest depths of my mind and extract all the songs, you would forever be spinning around.
    Spres time: I don't have a lot. but when I do RP is my first and only choice, bored? I am the end of that. trust me. I have held many upon many RPs and hope to hold many more.

    On my old site I was gifted with the name Torturous Killer. My people loved my torture on characters, please make a note of that.

    Don't like me? I'm sorry. I can't help you.
  2. Well hey if they don't like you then they don't like you. Just know Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your time here. See you soon.
  3. Welcome sane lady! I wish you to have fun while being here, and a murderous rampage is normal and quite fun!
  4. Thanks, And thanks for the cookie...
  5. You think I'm sane, how cute. Thanks. I am far from sane though. I take pride in killing characters
  6. Ahhh your welcome. I just like the attitude you presented.
  7. And thanks again! I am sorta shy but trying to stick it out best I can.
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  8. Well once you find you some awesome people I'm sure your shyness will hit the road.
  9. Just give me a good RP where I can be any number of my characters and my shyness will... inevitably hit the road! XD
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  10. Nice!, though, you must surely not kill them the same way over and over, as that would be boring!
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, then CZW.

    Torturing characters are always fun, I usually do that to my own, a many times. Mostly for insanity purposes.

    I hope you enjoy it here.. lol
  12. NOWAY! That's so boring! I am a story writer and can kill any number of characters as many as 54 different ways on top of my head!
  13. Isn't it though? Already working on it. Got my own personal RP going and so far EVERYONE has been so nice! ^~^ dark side cookies rule!:cookie:
  14. That's nice, CZW. The Dark Side Cookies are always the best kind of cookies. =P
  15. ^~^ I'm pretty open to RP and am dying to do so... so... and yes... dark cookies are the best! (Well snicker-doodles are the best cookies, but EVEN better when they are baked upon the dark side!
  16. Roleplaying is nice, when you have people to RP with. =P

    Snicker-Doodle Cookies that allow you to shoot force lightning would be so much better though. Interesting RP, I guess you created CZW. =P
  17. Yeah, you know... it would.

    If you like it go ahead and join it! ^~^ no one has shown any interest. and thanks... it's sorta a spinoff of In The Blood Of Assassins... a book... written by me.
  18. That is nice you wrote a book. A spin-off, there is a lot of spin-offs in any type of entertainment medium. Like Vampire Dairies getting a spin-off called The Originals.. lol

    I'll probably have to look at it again, since... yeah. I do not really have a lot of those types of characters...
  19. It's the beauty of makin them.

    Honestly after I accumulated all my characters (54 you'll see this number a lot. XD) I noticed they were all virtually killers. I have some that aren't vampires and some that are but now most are a race I invented... Little to none are actually mainstream vampires.. .I just found it was hard to sell the species name I created and such.

    Oh, and technically still writing it as I hope it never ends... boy my readers are going to be pissed when I die.
  20. Err, you only have 54 characters? I have 324 characters and going up.

    And I created a lot of strange things in terms of progress of my insanity, mostly a entire Multiverse classified as the Jaina'Res Multiverse. As well as a Main Realm, that is classified as an Alternate Universe Storyline, in how I see Earth in a different light.

    The Jaina'Res Multiverse and this AU Version of our universe is connected via a strange trans-dimensional gate classified as a wormhole/black hole. I put a lot of work into this and I don't even have the patience atm, to create a book.
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