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  1. Hello ^_^

    I've been looking for a new place to rp when my other sites are dead and this seemed like a good site. (Plus this site doesn't force you to beat around the bush when it comes to smut.)

    Figure this is a good place to find new partners right off the bat so here's some details about me.

    • I have 8+ of rp experience and I can fluctuate between a few lines and multi-paragraphs per reply.
    • My grammar isn't perfect but my spelling and sentence structure is fine.
    • I'm 20 yrs old so mature rps are allowed. (I usually incorporate sex scenes into my roleplays)
    • I tend to reply multiple times a day and I like a partner who does as well.
    • I only write OneXOne rps and I strongly prefer yaoi rps.
    • I do both IC and OC rps and I have a lot of fandoms I like to rp so feel free to ask me about those.

    If this sounds good to you then you should message me for an rp.
  2. Welcome and welcome! Luckily for you we have a specific thread list for *lowers voice* That stuff... Of course I can't make a link to that area since I'm not an adult, but I assure you, You'll easily find it if you look.
    Enjoy roleplaying here, and thanks for joining.
  3. Hi! And welcome to Iwaku! =D May your stay be fun and enjoyable!
  4. Hi there Martica, welcome to the site! :D