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  1. hello there, i'm gummie_sourball, though it usually gets shortened to gummie (which is fine by me, i think it's cute) let's see here....i should probably mention a few things about myself: i like video games, anime/manga, fantasy novels, drawing, cosplaying on occasion and i love to rp. i've been rping for about....11 years now (woah, it doesn't feel like that long though :foxscared:) i've done a few table top styles (mostly whitewolf) a few on irc chat, but most of the ones that i've taken part in are forum based. which i think is my favorite form to rp in. i've done mostly fantasy based with a few anime based and of course vampire rps as well. i've also been in a few based off video games (ff and one loosly based off pokemon)

    at the moment i have a lot of time so i'll be able to post pretty frequently. so if anyone wants to chat or have me join an rp just let me know. :foxhappy:
  2. Welcome to the site Gummie! I was considering calling you sourballs, but I don't think you would have enjoyed it as much. :P What is your favorite video game? Also are you a console person or a PC person? I personally like the PC and this steam sale is destroying my wallet. Heh. You should share some of your drawings in the Art area! It is always fun to see just how terrible of an artist I am compared to others. :D

    You'll be able to find pretty much any type of RP you are looking for, and if you can't then you can make your own! So I hope you stick around and enjoy.
  3. Lol, SC.

    Hai Gummie, welcome to Iwaku. Your name is cute and unique so I hope to see more of it. :)
  4. *waves back*
  5. *Waves at you from across the globe*
    *Holds up a nice big banner*