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    hey there, i'm fl00fiii. to avoid any typos and stuff, you can call me floof or foof or whatever else floats your boat. (literally you have to call me "whatever else floats your boat" aha, juuust kidding... maybe)

    it's really nice to finally join iwaku! i've been stalking this site for a long time and finally worked up the nerve to make an account. looking forward to role playing with you guys! :bsmile:

    on a side note, i'm totally addicted to the alexander hamilton musical series... haven't hear of them? well, here's a link, knock yourself out! it's amazing. for anyone who doesn't like history, this one isn't boring, i prooomise!

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  2. Welcome foof!
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  3. Welcome! Floofy sounds like a floofy dog name. Also. HAMILTON IS AMAZING OMG. XDXD *cough. ahem. Anyhow. I hope you like it on the site and if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask me or anyone else on staff. :)
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  4. thanks to both of you! lotsa love!

    also i see you steel/jorick, didn't catch what you said but i see you
  5. Welcome to Iwaku hope you enjoy the stay and make many new friends along the way