Waves, Hola!

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  1. Bonjour friends! /waves/
    I'm Axy, a student from the UK! I'm always busy but it doesn't mean I'm too busy for roleplay!

    So um, about me.. I'm Axy. I love science and I want to be a physicist. I love music (Yes, the backstreet boys are my favourite.) I am actually not new to roleplay. I have four wonderful long term partners who I adore! But I am new to this site!!

    I've roleplayed for about two years, and I thought maybe I could try out a new site! Yes, it's very intimidating, so please bear (Not bare, don't get naked with me.) with me! I adore making new OOC friends and I am always talking. I have a collection of OCs and I use face claims. I so much love 1x1 roleplays and I'm not used to groups! So, I'd so like it if somebody just messaged me about that!

    Oh gosh um, the rest of my info is on my profile and resume. So, thank you for reading!!
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  2. *waves* Greetings to a stranger, I hope you enjoy countless adventures here!
  3. Bear! it's bear!
    "Please bare with me" means "LETS GET NAKED TOGETHER!"
    And I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean.
    Bonjour, mon ami!
    Welcome to iwaku! If 1x1 is your forte click "here" to go the 1x1 Requests to get you started!
    Nice to meet you!
  4. /rolls away into the distance/

    Whoopsies, let me change that! I should know betterΣ(゚д゚lll)
  5. Welcome to the site!
  6. Oh my, that avi of your brought me back... it's already been fifteen years. Welcome to Iwaku, chatty new friend!
  7. Thank you guys!
  8. Howdy, Axy, welcome to the site! :D