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  1. Hiya! I'm Zizi, the crazy cat lady. But not too crazy I promise. I'm a happily married chick whom loves to role play and play World of Warcraft. For the Horde baby. I've been honestly role playing for about 14 years. I know makes me sound OLD but I swear I'm not some old creeper yo. Most of my characters I've had for years though on occasion I do make new ones. I favor fantasy, action, adventure, drama, horror, humor and an splash of romance in my role plays.

    I also draw my characters (and others) on occasions. Eventually I'll get around to posting some stuff. My friend GGMara and I were looking for a bit more active role play community and stumbled upon Iwaku! Looks pretty awesome here so we're here to give y'all a try.

    My interests besides role playing are WoW, other video games, drawing, the beach, talking to my cats and writing!

    Weird facts about me: When I clean my house I listen to Sweeney Todd. (Sing a long and everything!) I absolutely love really bad b-type movies. The worse the acting, the more unnecessary blood splatter, horrible graphics and or monster suit THE BETTER. Also the less stars on Netflix the better. God I love that crap like a fat kid loves cake. They just make me laugh so hard. Regardless if their meant to be serious.

    Anyways hi peoples of Iwaku!! :D
  2. Woo another nerd from Florida! Nice to meet ya, hope you find an interesting rp
  3. Whoo nerd power!
    I'm the Overlord. A pleasure to meet yet another geek.
    Your existence has been approved.

    *Stamps approval on official citizen sheet*
  4. Florida nerd here too. Time to make my intro as well.
  5. Yay! Thanks for the welcome! Can I have the stamp or approval on my head instead?
  6. Hi Zizi, how goes it?