Waves and Wanderers

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  1. This is an underwater story, one full of fish tales and fish tails... no pun intended. Each player will choose a creature of their liking, whether it is a mermaid or a common sea urchin, it does not matter, and they will join with others on a journey to the warmer waters of the south.

    Currently residing in the northern waters of Alaska the undersea town of ShellReef sits undisturbed by humans, until now. A large fishing boat has crashed recently into the reef causing the deaths of many and the loss of food. There is no choice but to leave the safety of the reef and wander out into the open ocean, across the numerous predatory kill zones and down to the warm welcoming waters of the south. There is no hope, escape the now barren ShellReef or die of starvation and human capture.

    Rules: standard Iwaku rules plus no saucy sex scenes, keep that in the pms please

    My character:

    Name: Erralyn
    Breed: Mermaid
    Appearance: tumblr_ne8hjsrX0I1qczb2ko1_500.jpg
  2. Erralyn shivered as the chilly blue water flowed through her gills, it had been so long since she had seen the ice this close to the reef. Flicking her fins she swam closer to the huge red metal ship lodged into her reef, the ice floating closley around it. Raising a clawed hand she felt the strangely smooth metal, a substance rarely seen in her world and if it was seen, never in this amount. This ship was colossal and the humans driving it were screaming and shouting at eachother from above.

    The reef was silent after the crash, no one dared to investigate what had happened except Erralyn who was now doing the absurd and running her hands all over the metal and taking in the strangend errinesses it spread through the water around her home.
  3. Meanwhile, aboard the ship:

    "You bastards! You filthy, filthy bastards! My people have many different expressions to describe elements essential to our culture, but I think the word "no-good f**kwads" is more than appropriate for you people, given the situation! What do you even do, strutting around like through my ancestors' homeland! And, out of all the blasted ice-floes in my ancestor's homeland, you just had to plow through my favorite fishing spot! Oh sure, first you complain about the fact that we hunt whale, then you start to whine that killing baby seals isn't very nice either... Next thing you know, I bet you're going to complain that we shouldn't be eating mermaids, am I right, you bunch of crybabies? And you still have the gall to come about these parts whenever it tickles your fancy! I bet you wimps couldn't catch a single caribou even if one crawled sick and tired in front of you and I gave you a good fifteen sp-"

    The first mate wiped away the sweat that was already forming on his grimy forehead, despite the freezing cold that surrounded him.
    "M-mermaids? What in the world...?" he then ducked, just in time to avoid being clobbered by the old Inuit's seal club. "Christ, sir! Please, we beg you; calm down!" he shouted from his more-than-demeaning current position.

    The crew was currently trying to find a way to stop the grey-haired native who had somehow launched himself, accompanied by a flurry of unpronounceable but distinguishably colorful swears, aboard the bridge of the small fishing boat. The sudden assault had been enough of a surprise to everyone on board that almost nobody had seemed to notice the fact the ship, no longer under proper command, had lodged itself into a hidden reef below.

    "Whoa, whoa, ease up, old man!" one of the less-brave sailors yelped, trying to mask his visible concern.
    "I am not old, Baby-teeth! Run back to mama's teat, before I show you what this old man can do to you!" he growled threateningly, lifting his makeshift weapon high above his head.

    Race: Inuit
    Name: Grandpa Tulik

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  4. The shouting from above caught Erralyn's ear and she swam to the surface, careful to keep just her eyes and ear abover the water. Hearing the talk of ancestors and fishing made her curious so she found a large chain on the side of the boat that led to a heavy metal cross at the bottom of the ocean, it seemed to be keeping to boat in place. Taking a deep breath Erralyn began to slowly pull herself up the chain, not looking down at the height she had climbed but staying focused on the creatures on board.

    Finally reaching the rampart she pulled herself up just enough to see three human creatures shouting at one another. Two of them looked younger and less agitated than the old native one who was so angry Erralyn could practically feel the heat coming off of him. She was only about fifteen feet from the group, the closest she had ever been to any humans.... ever. Her fin suddenly smacked the side of the boat as she tried to maintain her position hanging from the side of the boat. Lowering her head quickly below the rampart she begged to Posiden that they had not heard or seen her.
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  5. There it was.
    The fishing boat. It's Red paint job was chipped and peeling, beholding a layer of rusting metal beneath it. What once might have been a great source of income to the fishermen was reduced to a sad spectacle with it's tattered fishing nets that dangled from the hull of the ship to the vast rupture running along the bow.

    Nome crouched on an overhang that revealed a vast panorama of the Ocean. She could tell that the boat hadn't been floating there for long as it had yet to become infested and swallowed up by Algae and who knows what else; it was bound to receive a fate similar to the many abandoned ships that she had seen when she went out hunting near the fast ice. She was always careful not to stray too close.

    Nome had heard many cautionary tales from the tribe Elders about the poor souls that drowned when the ice broke. Thankfully, there hasn't been any untimely deaths in her tribe in a long time. Everyone looked out for each other and Nome liked it that way.

    Name: Nome Mica
    Race: Inuit


    ((Would it be alright if Nome was in the same tribe as Grandpa Tulik?
    If he has one :p))
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  6. Erralyn recovered from her hiding spot and lifted her head again over the rampart just enough to catch a glimpse of a smaller female human tucked away from the loud ones. Cocking her head to the side Erralyn focused on the girl and to her surprise, caught the humans eye. Watching them widen Erralyn decided it was time to go, she had been spotted and didn't want a harpoon in her scales anytime soon.

    Dropping easily from the boat she free fell the twenty feet back into the icy water. Just as she hit the water she saw the female humans face peek over the side and see her yet again. The water closed over Erralyn and she became invisible in the deep blue water.
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  7. There was something in the water. Nome had spotted a flash of scales dart down into it's depths, to be taken by the Ocean's foaming waves. There was a girl in the water. Nome saw it, she saw her. Nome saw a mermaid. She held a fist to her heart and felt her pulse quicken, her breath caught in her throat.
    Her mind was in a jumble. Her thoughts were tripping and stumbling in her head. She had never see a mermaid before. It was a myth! A legend. Nome only ever heard stories, some of her tribe members claimed to have seen one but she wasn't easy to convince.

    Nome gathered her Ice knife, and her slingshot and the wild Crowberries she picked earlier in the morning. She threw them in her pack and slung it over her shoulder, Nome had to see the mermaid again, close up. She had to. Her black hair whipped her face as she ran, she ran towards the fast ice and towards the marooned ship. The men aboard were unknown to her. Nome thought the ship was empty.

    The snow shifted under her boots, they sank deep into the powdery substance, she shuddered as the cold clung to her, sending chills up her spine and as the water soaked to her toes. The snow had turned to ice and the ice was thin. It tilted with each step she took.
    Nome stopped running to catch her breath, her warm breath mixed with the frigid air and clouds of smoke appeared every time she exhaled. She squinted her eyes against the sun and searched for a glimpse of the mermaid. But she was no longer there.
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  8. Name: Dark Rain
    Species: Mermaid


    Dark Rain was swimming thought the cold water as he did everyday. He did not have much care today as he did not what to get up. He saw Erralyn swimming from the surface and wondered what she was doing up there. He did not like that surface and he hated the humans more. He tried to catch up to Erralyn.

    "Hey Erralyn, wait up. You swim to fast." Rain said as he swam as fast as he could. When he finally catch up to her, he stop and caught his breath. "What were you doing at the surface?" He asked as he looked at her.
  9. http://cupegraf.com/452471-mermaid.html
    Name: Luava
    Species: Mermaid

    Name: Russalka
    Species: Mermaid

    The surface? Luava had been wandering the northern seas for as long as she could remember, and had never heard of someone going to the surface. Erralyn. She wasn't surprised. That girl went wherever she fancied. She glanced quietly at her sister, Russalka, who looked like she really wanted to hear Erralyn's answer. Still living in a world of fantasy. Luava shook her head, moving on swiftly past, but the younger of the pair lagged behind, her eyes bright with excitement. The surface was a far off universe of interesting expeditions to explore. Luava knew it wasn't so, it was a dangerous and harsh land, but Russalka, who had not glimpsed at it, was going off a few ancient stories of forbidden love between humans and mermaids, told long ago by her parents. "Why was I cursed with such a sister?" Luava muttered quietly, so she was inaudible to anybody but herself.
  10. The captain of the fishing boat burst onto the deck, bellowing loudly in an attempt to restore order.
    "What is going on here?! We've got a nasty gash along the hull, and we need every hand we can afford down below right n-"
    Unfortunately, the massive stumbling body of the first mate was enough to send the two of them sprawling across the bridge. A brief, cocky smile cracked along Grandpa Tulik's wrinkled face, before he turned his full attention back to the unfortunate sailor he'd just pinned down in a lock.

    "Go home, you filthy blubber-boned foreigner!" he barked viciously, raining blows down on his victim.
    "I would, if only you let go of-!" the young sailor started to protest, before a glove-covered fist somehow lodged itself straight into his open mouth.
    "Ah, trying to bite my arm off like the treacherous shark you are, now?!" the elderly Inuit shouted furiously, still pounding the sailor's face with his free hand.
    "Mffa hffa rgfff hu haffing aboufff?!" the sailor tried to shout back, flailing wildly in desperation.

    Somewhere amidst the mess of the situation, however, Tulik caught sight of her. It was only for a second, a brief flutter of furs, but he saw it clearly. He immediately stopped his assault the sailor, his hand coming free with a satisfied "Pop". "Great spirits..." he muttered, grabbing hold of his seal club and getting onto his feet once more. The girl, Nome, had followed him yet again, despite the many warnings and denials. Swearing loudly, he quickly hopped over the ship's railing, effortlessly landing on a stray floe of ice below. He steadied his balance for a second, before bounding onto the next one, making at full speed towards the girl.

    It happened in an instant. A somewhat familiar flash of pale pink, followed by an ornate, scaly tail in the dark waters beneath him. He glanced down, mid-bound, for less than a second, but that second was more than enough.

    His foot twisted under him as he landed, causing the far end of the small ice floe he was on to rise high into the air. As time seemed to slow, he began to take in all the small details of his desolate surroundings. He thought he could see Nome running towards him, a fact that caused him to smile briefly. How very thoughtful of her, to worry about me like that... he thought, a strange sense of dreamlike calm taking over his entire mind. Course, would have been better if she hadn't been around to begin with...

    He tumbled helplessly downwards, towards the icy-cold waters that awaited him beneath.
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  11. Somehow, enraged voices had started to rise from inside the fishing boat. Nome tore her longing gaze away from the grey sea as she heard the resonating shouts of the sailors aboard the ship and then a voice that made her heart lurch, it was Grandpa Tulik's, of all the affiliates in her tribe Nome thought he was the liveliest as well as the wisest. The bulk of her knowledge were attained from Grandpa Tulik's stories, she frequently listened to his tales with the younger children, Nome had yet to outgrow them. She adored the magic and the truth that were weaved into them, everything made sense in stories. Grandpa Tulik's eyes held a story in themselves.
    But why was he on the ship.
    It was during that thought when she saw Grandpa Tulik leap off the edge of the boat and race towards her. Nome watched in a daze as the sheets of ice careened from side to side as he advanced with a certain grace in his steps, he was swift for his age. Waves lapped at the ice as they lurched and dipped into the sea. Grandpa Tulik executed them with ease. Something in Nome's mind clicked, she stumbled forward in a far less fluid manner than his and made her way towards him. It was too precarious to be running on the ice floes, too unpredictable.

    Nome had to warn him "Stop! Stop running!" her voice seemed powerless as it wavered in the bitter air and dissipated, swept away by the howling wind. It happened. She watched as a distracted look fell upon his face, she watched as he landed on the ice and as he descended into the unforgiving ocean. Nome tried to breath, she tried to reach for him but she couldn't. Nome couldn't save him.

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  12. Luava saw the ice slightly to the right of her move with weight. She sighed. "Russalka, come on," she hissed, grasping her sister's hand as she watched and listened in awe. As a human fell down, the younger sister's eyes widened. "We need to go," Luava murmured. "But..." She pointed to the old man, looking frightened. "Shouldn't we do something?"
  13. Naluark had been napping in an air pocket beneath a chunk of ice when the collision woke him up. He snapped upright, looking around wildly for the source of the noise. He couldn't see it; whatever had hit him must not have penetrated through the iceberg. Still, the waters seemed busy beneath him, and whatever it was might have something he could salvage. His pointed teeth flashed in a hungry grin.

    Naluark dove into the water, swimming out along the underside of the ice towards the source of the chaos. He could tell he was getting closer by the larger and larger chunks of ice bobbing around, scraping against the underside of the iceberg. He only came up for breath once, brushing long black hair out of his face, and dove again. He'd been waiting for something like this to happen; not belonging to any of the local mermaid pods he didn't often get a chance to hunt without picking a fight. His black and white, orca-like body was covered in old scars from those clashes. Hopefully this time he was close enough to grab what he needed and get out without attracting any attention.

    Finally he broke the surface, and looked towards the source of the crash, a boat. Its occupants seemed to be loud and alive, that was a shame. It made things harder. He went under again and swam towards the wreck, black dorsal fin cutting through the choppy water.
  14. Luava noticed Naluark cutting through just in time, pulling her sister out of the way. She knew that he would probably leave them alone, but she wasn't taking any chances. "We need to go," she whispered, pulling her little sister away. "Why?" she moaned.
  15. Naluark had to swerve deeper to avoid a chunk of floating debris--wood, it looked like--and glimpsed a flash of colorful scales out of the corner of one eye. He groaned inwardly. They were already here. Speeding up he swam to the hull itself, where it had been breached. He could already feel the tug of water pulling him towards the ragged, gashed metal. It would be a tight squeeze.
  16. "Because I'm older. And you have to do as I say," Luava hissed, which she seemed to be having to do a lot. It was like Russalka wanted to annoy her with her ignorance. "It's pretty dangerous." She gestured to the debris sinking. Luava mentally screamed as her sister crossed her arms stubbornly. "I don't want to." Luava closed her eyes, whispering, "One. Two. Two and a half. Two and a quarter..." It wasn't working. Russalka ignored her, watching Naluark.
  17. Naluark hesitated at the edge of the hole, clinging to the side of an outcropping of ice while he considered his next move. Swim inside and he might be trapped while the boat hadn't sunk yet. Stay out here and he had to scavenge and risk being spotted by the noisy people on the deck. Again he glimpsed scales out of the corner of his eye. Carefully, not turning his head, he looked that way. Two mermaids, one very small. What was a child doing all the way out here with only one other person?
  18. "Russalka, we are leaving right now even if I have to drag you by your hair," Luava insisted, getting frustrated. "But if want to see what's going on," the girl answered. "I'll bring you back later if you're curious. But I don't like the look of this," Luava murmured, promising, but her fingers were crossed behind her back. "Fine, but if you don't...I'll be sad," the little sister sighed. She began swimming back, glancing back every few seconds, slower than she could swim...in Luava's opinion, ridiculously slow.
  19. They seemed scared about him. At least the adult was; the child was probably curious or something. Naluark wondered whether it was just a general fear of loners or whether something else was going on in the mermaid world. Eh, only one way to find out. He turned and swam towards the pair, not too fast, so they wouldn't assume he was chasing them and race away.
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