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Waverly How

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Astaroth, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Waverly How

    At the end of a crooked and overgrown dirt lane that crept like a thief into the woods from the main highway, there was a pretty little park grown wild. This park belonged to the estate of one Mr. Avery, an aging eccentric who, with no children of his own, had entailed the land to a young cousin. This mysterious young gentleman was the subject of many an avid discussion around parlor tables in Waverly How... for the health of Mr. Avery waned by the day, bringing the house closer to its new master with every visit of the town physician. Soon would an outsider, a man of the ton, join their midst. Would he be too proud for their country society? Would he attempt much opposed "improvements" to Wisteria Hollow? And what of Miss Eldridge, a missish girl of scarce sixteen and Mr. Avery's ward; what was to become of the girl?

    These topics and more were debated over games of whist in the evening, the cracking shots upon gamebirds in the morning, and the delicate needlework or clinking of tea sets in the afternoon. Who was this Mr. Brightmoor, really? And was he or was he not, as they say, a good match?

    "He's quite young, as I understand," Mrs. Thwaight could be heard addressing the misses Grey and their mother, her sister, in Montrose's one Thursday. She fussed over Miss Alice's bonnet, and then continued, "His father..."

    And that's what I have so far. I already see about ten things I want to fix, but feel free to hack it to bits yourself. I'll be posting more as it comes.
  2. Everything flows so nicely... O.O *jealous*

    Your first paragraph really stands out to me; it sounds very gorgeous. Whimsical tone with a dash of the creepy and disturbing. More more more!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.