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There's a lot of upset between factions and countries in Iwaku World and some of them have FLAGS! I want to make a flag too, and then i though... it would be REALLY cool to see the flags of others!

SO SHOW ME YOUR FLAGS. You can use MSN paint or something to make up a flag for your make-believe faction or country. You don't even need to play in Iwaku World to do it. :D

This is my flag for the Luna Ashe:



The shapeshifters used to have a LOGO....

But...I'd have to commission a flag from someone who could actually draw for the new faction involving the shapeshifters...

Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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Vandoosa Soviet Socialist Republic flag.

The symbol is called shvonka. Stands for the 4 seasons and unity. The color is green to represent the forests. Vandoosans like trees and protect forests.

Vandoosa has bases everywhere though and some have their own flags... In fact I need to make a new flag for this house now.. Vandoosa exists outside of the internet as well.. that is kinda where it came from originally.. But we lost the motherland in Goergia and decided to invade places like Iwaku and Moonwings.

The new land here in Arkansas Is now known as the United Socialist Schzestania Republik. It will keep the Vandoosan shvonka for unity and should have a red flag for communism.. Maybe two shovels crossing each other in the center..


I guess if Piroko had a flag under a future regime it would be something to this effect.