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  1. [Currently NOT ACCEPTING partners!]

    I've been in the mood for some specific RP for the last couple of days and I'd figure I'd try and find a good ol' partner to try out a few ideas with!
    Before I get on to the nitty gritty idea stuff, I feel I should mention some things about myself/what I prefer my partner comply with.
    • One major thing to know when RPing with me: My posting rates can be a bit sporadic at times, especially if we're shooting a paragraph or so back at each other. I try to at least get one reply in each day if doing something that requires a paragraph. If we're shooting few liners back and forth at each other, my replies will (hopefully) be a lot quicker.
    • But on the note of paragraphs, it doesn't have to be! I'm really flexible with post lengths as I know from experience it can be hard to make longer posts when it's say just two characters conversing together. Can't think of anything to say? It's okay! Just reply with a few liner if you want. Or maybe you got a lot to say? Go ahead and cram what you got in.
      • As a side note, usually I don't go any higher then a paragraph or MAYBE two unless I have a lot to say. Which isn't too often.
    • PAIRINGS. I'm comfortable with F/M and F/F. I can play either gender equally.
    • It's okay if you lose interest in a particular RP we're doing as I've had the same thing happen to me countless times. Let me know if you feel like dropping and I'll let you know if I lose interest too.
    • I love to get to know my partner. I like to figure out common interests. Getting to talk with my partner OOC in my opinion makes things all the more fun. Even if it's completely off topic chatter unrelated to the RP, I love to get to know people.
    • Character development is a must with me. Especially when it comes to romance!
    • I have no triggers to speak of right up front. Themes such as torture, gore, violence, rape, etc are all okay with me if the need arises for situations like that. If I find something uncomfortable, I'll let you know. If you find something I'm doing uncomfortable for you, be sure to tell me!
    • Sexual themes. I'm okay with dwelling into this, however of course my partner must be 18+. I ask though that there be character/plot development before our characters end up in bed together.
    Ahah that was a bit longer then it probably should have been. Onwards to the actual RP stuff!
    *General Pairing Plots*
    These are general pairings I feel like doing at the moment. If you got any ideas, let me know.

    • Lab Experiment x Scientist
      • Maybe the government is kidnapping people and experimenting on them for a variety of possible reasons such as a killing machine to be used against their enemies.
    • Human x Guardian
      • Just a little plot idea I thought of. In a world where everyone, once they reach a certain age, are able to summon a Guardian to help protect them. Guardians could be races such as an elf, etc.
    • Kidnapper x Victim
      • One of my guilty pleasure kinda pairings ahah.
    • Slave x Master
      • Another one of my guilty pleasure kinda pairings hah.
    • Dragon Tamer x Dragon/Human Shapeshifter
      • A rare dragon is discovered that has the ability to take on a human form.
    *General Genres I'm Interested In*
    These are genres I'm open to plotting with partners in. I'm all ears when it comes to ideas.

    • Steampunk
    • Mecha
      • Steampunk/Mecha
    • Dragons (Is that a genre?)
    • Modern fantasy (Depends.)
    • Modern
    • Scifi
      • Scifi/Modern
    • Crossovers (Maybe! It's been awhile since I've done a good crossover.)
    *Fandoms I RP Right Now*
    Wooh, fandoms.

    • RWBY
      • I love RWBY and am open to ideas for it. Depending on what we do, I may or may not be open to playing a canon character. It's up to my partner, really. If possible, I'd like to do an AU type RP with this so it's not the typical RWBY RP.

    And that's all I have to say! Shoot me a PM or leave a message here if you're interested and we'll talk. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are and I look forward to RPing with you.

    Waters out.
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  2. YOU.... *cough Cough* Sorry.. Kidnapper and Kidnapped FxF or MxF? (pleaaaase)
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