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  1. This weekend, I'm going to a place far from home to dive and see nature under the sea.

    For a while, my dad has been training me for scuba diving, learning how to propel properly, and other useful stuff, like buoyancy. With the lungs.

    My first dive actually took me somewhere around 36-39 feet, and I might go deeper this time.

    How about you, Iwaku? What is your experience with water? Do you go about a mundane life in the pool? Are you adventurous enough to set sail on the high seas? Or do you partake in a maritime occupation?

    Surfing, water polo, fishing, Navy, doesn't matter. Tell me your experiences in watermanship!
  2. I am the epitome of water. I know, paradox that I am a phoenix and shit, but water...Man. I feel so safe in water. I will feel very comfortable in a vast ocean or sea. I will NOT get on a roller coaster, but a Water ride? Yes.

    I just feel so safe. I'm a fish. I pretty much LIVE underwater.
  3. I love water, always have and always will, the only thing that would worry me is a snake swimming towards me in the water, I swear I would faint:P But my grandparents have a boat, around 30 feet or so, and ever since I was just two or three years old I have been with them a week or two in the summer out on the boat and even now a days I go out to see them at summer, it is so soothing to lie at the bow and getted lulled to sleep by the water hitting the keel, the wind out at sea is special as well, and you get one hell of an apetite at sea as well;) Other than that I have a small lake where I swim with my dogs when I can from early spring to late fall.
  4. I am a great swimmer and I love the feeling of being surrounded by water. The ocean is one of the few things that I regret not having in my state and it's so veeery far away. It's my distant love, though!

    I've been out on boats with people, but they were never in the ocean nor very large. I remember once, when I was a kid, I got bored and jumped out of the boat in the middle of the lake and just swam back to shore. My mother was so upset, I got in so much trouble. XD

    I would really like to learn how to scuba dive and I am envious of you, Nic! I would probably learn, if I lived nearer to any real body of water. Unfortunately, for now, I would be restricted to reservoirs. Which is distinctly less exciting.
  5. fuck water i have seen to many horror moveis...
    halloween ((he killed someone using either a hot tub or one of the hospital whirlpools i forget which one it was))
    IT ((showers attacking people and then him in a sewer yeah fuck no))
    psycho ((that is why i dont have shower curtain))
    shark night
    mega piranha
    and others like them
    fuck going into the water the only time i have been near water is the shower and even then i have a butcher knife ready just incase someone or something comes out of the drain and maybe if i go to a aquarium and i wont go their anymore because last time a shark attacked the glass and i was dont with that shit.

    plus last time i went to the beach i got sand in far to many places that i dont want to repeat that.
  6. Just got back from scuba. Fucking seawater cleaning my mouth, nose, ears, etc.

    Actually got to 40 feet this time (yeah, Paorou was with me. Big surprise?). The main problem for most of the time I spent diving with my companions was staying the hell down to the bottom. Even with a Buoyancy Compensator and around 15lbs. of weight (you'd be a floater without these), I had to use my lungs to sink (filling yourself with air makes you float)! The current was also strong this time of year, and it was playing hell with our attempts to scuba dive properly.

    At least we got to see lots of fishes, snails, chitons, and sea urchins. Oh boy, the sea urchins, they're quite populous where we deposit our pollution. Also saw a rather curious clownfish that my dad wanted to catch. And we managed to scavenge a pair of shades - it's still wearable despite its time spent lost in the water.

    So we have swimmers here, huh? Okay. Pity Arsenal ain't here, he's a Navy man, last I heard.

    I pity you, nightingale. Urchins make me panic (they are easily avoided, however), and I cringe at the prospect of meeting the more dangerous creatures of the deep (like sharks, box jellyfish, cone snails, stonefish, and barracudas), but it's not all bad if you know where you're going.

    The specific species of sea urchin that's prolific in the area I dived in is Diadema setosum.

    I want to see a Mola Mola, though I might have to go to another country for that.
  7. its not my fault i wont go into the water my dad was one of them people that thought throwing a child in was good enough...i just remember sinking like a rock and then having something bite me ((catfish live near my grandparents home and thats where i was thrown in)) so its not that i have a big imagination ((even if what i said was true with horror movies but the horror movies just help me back up my fears)) its just that everytime i go into the water i sink ((no idea how to swim and for some reason if being still to float dont work for me))
  8. I used to go out to the ocean a lot, and was pretty into surfing for a while. I live about 30 minutes from the coast, so yeah. However, I lost interest in it, also the waters are too freaking cold here. And I developed a respect for the Ocean after a couple of crazy incidences, now I just look at it from a safe distance : )
  9. I'm a PADI licensed scuba diver, going to take my aadvanced course later this year. Might go diving in the Philippines this year. Might also take a dry suit course, so I can go all year round.