Waterless Shower

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    How do you feel about this? Would you want to try this clear gel? Do you prefer your showers? Do you have your doubts about this product?

    For roleplay... would something like this ever be useful in one of your plots? Maybe... there could be something like this? A gel that heals wounds... a gel that.. I dunno.. does something. What do you think?

  2. I'm a bit skeptical about how good this gel actually is at cleaning you, compared to a good ol' fashioned shower.
  3. It wouldn't be the same for me honestly..
    I enjoy taking a shower. Feeling the water and just the feel of alleviating stress.

    Gel most of the time makes me want to take a shower anyway >_<
  4. Yeah, I guess I agree with you guys above... but as a roleplay thing, it could work. Why not! A gel for everything! 8D
  5. I've taken several baby-wipe showers. Sometimes you just don't have time for a shower. :I
  6. That would be an interesting possible future, actually...gels for food, clothes, maybe even shelter, etc. etc. etc.
  7. Show me the formula and we'll talk.
  8. I am a little bit skeptic about this product helping the poorer areas in the world. After all, because it is relatively high-tech when compared to water, would it not be more expensive than water? I do not know, but it will probably not catch on in the poorer areas of the world. As for any applications in modern society, that depends. A shower is relatively quick, but one has to have the facilities for it, so this material may help people who want to live a non-stop life, people who are unable to shower, or people who are just too lazy to do so. It would also make the life of astronauts easier as they would not have to waste water by bathing.

    I would definitely use a similar gel in my science-fiction roleplays, because it has a lot of potential, and is a good concept to explore.
  9. I am not too thrilled. I'm old and traditional.
  10. Might not be a replacement for showers, but campers, deployed soldiers and such are going to love that.
  11. I enjoy being like a Chinchilla. I roll around in a special dust to clean myself.