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  1. Water, Blood, and Guzzoline.
    It's been a generation or two since the war... since the world it'self died. Now, all that's left is a sun-scorched hellscape that used to be covered in life. Hard to believe what the history men say was once true... that if you walked far enough, you could see water as far as the eye could see... that you once could find droves of people in any direction... that you didn't fight nearly every damn day just to make it to the next...

    But here... here, some people, some good people have staked out a place for themselves in hopes of helping each-other survive. This alliance is called the Sandweb, and it is focused on a collection of towns. First we have the Hydrogard... the beating heart of The Sandweb... where we find wet stuff from deep underground. Sometimes, they can find coal or metal, which they send to the Scrap City who can turn metal into tools, and coal into gunpowder. Scattered throughout the borders of the Sandweb are the three towns capable of drilling for crude, which can be refined into precious Guzzoline. To the west is the Gas-Swamp, where a massive moat of mud protects it from war-machines, and thus raiders end up having to fight on foot, where they end up being gunned down by snipers. To the east is Thundertown, notable for it's collection of Blood-Sport events, and inspired by the original Thunderdome, where The One Called Max fought to regain a V8 engine for his war machine... To the north is Fort Razorback, which is always at the brunt of raider attacks, and thus has the most effective standing military. Occasionally, we get trade or help from the War Boys, but the sheer distance between our two empires makes those few and far between. Scattered about are also various camps or villages, which hold individuals that may or may not be friendly at first, and the occasional wanderer will pass through with their own stories to tell.

    But a few days ago, only a few days ago, we got a message from the north... a powerful raiding force unlike anything any of us have ever seen in Wasteland is bearing down on us, and we have only two choices, to sit and wait for our homes and hope for survival to be crushed like an insignificant insect, or to rally and fight back against the murderous horde. Just like in the legends, we can, and will strike down that army. All you have to do, is arrive at the ruins of what was once a vehicle that could fly across the world at the night of a full moon, there you will meet Greaselizard the Blackfinger, and he will grant you and your fellow road-warriors the weapons needed to crush your enemies beneath your furious wheels.
    Normal Iwaku Rules apply.
    Maximum three characters.
    Minimum one car.
    Pre-1980s cars only.

    Suggestions: (Subject to change.)
    In need of an Organic Mechanic (Medic.)

    Character List:
    Grease Lizard-Dahrinn

    Character Sheet
    Name: (Crazy apocalypse names are preferred, but not required.)

    Car Sheet
    Original Model:
    Still accepting Suggestions and questions before the start of the RP.​
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