Watchmen:Threat to a Utopia

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  1. 20 years after the events of Watchmen, Adrien Veidt's Utopia is still holding. World Peace is here. Science has advanced far beyond what it ever was. The world is led by Adrien and a council. But a rebellion is stirring. People who say they know the truth. They know what Adrian did. They know it wasnt Doctor Manhatten who killed those people, but Adrien. They are rebelling saying this whole world is built on a lie. They all were masks of the fallen hero Rorschach. Adrien seeing these Rebels as a threat to the Utopia he worked hard to create, Makes a new team of Watchmen to take on the rebels who now call themselves, The Faceless.
    Rules and Details (open)
    Follow iwaku Rules
    This does take place in the Watchmen movieverse
    You can be children of previous characters.
    No Overpowered characters.
    be creative with your characters
    Have Fun

    Character Sheet (open)
    weapons(max is 3)
    short Bio
    Mental Issue

    Alexander Ramses Veidt (open)

    Name Alexander Ramses Veidt
    age 23
    team Watchmen
    Skills/abilities Is trained by his father Adrien. he is gifted with his father's amazing speed, intelligent, and skills. Alexander is skilled in several combat styles, and also is skilled with swords and firearms. Alexander also can play several musical insturments
    weapons(max is 3)his suit has built in spiked gauntlets but he also has a pistol that he uses if needed
    short Bio Alexander is the son of Adrien Veidt. Right from the beginning his father taught him everything he knew. His beliefs, his plans, everything. At a young age he didnt get along with other children. he saw them as idiotic. Alexander learned the truth, and agreed with his father. Its the only way to achieve world Peace. However Alexander doesnt want to kill The Faceless. He hopes to bring them to his side, but will take them out if there is no alternative
    Mental Issue Narcissism.
    Other Alexander is a omnisexual. Also Alexander is a actually a clone of Adrien.
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  2. Name: Trent Warner - "Asphyx"
    Age: 49

    True face:




    However, the gauntlets are not as bulky, and are covered with long sleeves and gloves.

    team: Watchmen
    Skills/abilities: competence in karate, krav maga and American boxing
    weapons: wrist-mounted compressed-air needle-firing gauntlets
    short Bio:

    Trent Warner was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in January 1956. In his childhood, Trent was fixated on costumed adventurers, reading about teams such as the Watchmen with amazement and respect. Hoping to one day gain that sort of esteem for himself, he tirelessly studied karate at a local dojo, and learned boxing from his father.

    Never letting go of his dream, Trent became Asphyx (named after a recent film that sounded cool to him) in 1975, soon after graduating high school. His first costume was a basic one, patterned after Hooded Justice's wardrobe with a modern spin, and his only weapons were his own fists and chokeholds. His exploits were few, and hardly recognized even in a state with few costumed adventurers. In the hopes of better finding and fighting crime on a consistent basis, Trent registered with the U.S. government. After extensive physical fitness tests and psychological exams, he was considered a sanctioned hero.

    Due to his official status, when the Keene Act passed and costumed vigilantism was outlawed, Trent was sent a letter from the government asking if he would like to continue being a costumed adventurer. Still fully enchanted with the idea of superheroics, and believing himself to be competent at it in spite of his slow-going patrols, he agreed to further training and the use of prototype weapons.

    While Trent was unaware at the time, the government deemed "Asphyx" only worthy of being a hired goon to assassinate mobsters and dangerous unsanctioned adventurers. He was given an experimental, light bulletproof armor, and twin dart guns strapped to the underside of his wrists, which fired nigh-undetectably-thin needles able pierce through muscle and bone without leaving visible entry or exit wounds, while still fatally impeding vital organs. While Trent's superiors told him these were for his own defense, as time went on, they deliberately groomed him for missions which would almost certainly require lethal force. He was told to give one warning to costumed adventurers to surrender or face lethal force (which he later shortened to "surrender or die," after one too many decided to bumrush him whilst giving the warning). Most rogue adventurers fought or fled, which not only forced him to kill most of the targets he faced, but started to seriously hurt his image of costumed adventurers as brave, law-respecting heroes.

    Asphyx himself was not exempt from Trent's more cynical outlook. Through the years, he saw and recognized human desperation, and cut it down anyway in the name of duty. The government-assassin Asphyx was called "the Dr. Manhattan of Wyoming," another hero able to kill with a simple, emotionless hand gesture. Few could guess the mechanics of his "power," and those who could, couldn't confirm it. He was regarded as an urban legend at first, until confirmation that he was on the government's payroll was released in 1979.

    While most of his work was kept in secrecy, his confirmed kills were treated with disapproval and horror from much of the public. While Trent could keep his outward emotions in check, these perceptions still hurt him deeply. On one mission, he realized he was unable to declare himself a "costumed adventurer" without partially choking on his own words. After this, he stopped introducing himself, and mostly stayed silent unless ordered to deliver a message. He became, even in his own eyes, a symbol of fear rather than a hero. One time he refused to use his weapons, and instead strangled a common crook to death, both in hopes of preserving the man's dignity, and seeing if he could still feel disgust with himself. He did, and took the next week on leave.

    Following the events of Watchmen, Asphyx was one of the first sanctioned adventurers to be bought and hired by Adrian Veidt's company. While he has become disillusioned with his choice of "work," he still feels a connection with it (and a self-perceived inability to successfully pursue any other career) that prevents him from leaving. His drive to continue fighting crime in spite of his angst is mentally masochistic, yet compels him to remain a teetotaler, in healthy physical condition for his age. After being used for years to assassinate key figures of stubborn foreign gangs, Asphyx was placed on Veidt's new team to eliminate The Faceless.

    Mental Issue: Guilt. Killing unsanctioned heroes during the later years of the Keene Act has slowly left a scar in his mind, and spending his life causing terror rather than inspiring anyone or participating in traditional heroics has caused a subconscious clash in the traits he still idealizes with the reality of his work. He double-locks all his doors, and has wept himself to sleep on more than one occasion.

    Other: N/A
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  3. Very well done man. Accepted
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