Watchmen:False Utopia

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  1. 20 years after the events of Watchmen, Adrien Veidt's Utopia is still holding. World Peace is here. Science has advanced far beyond what it ever was. The world is led by Adrien and a council. But a rebellion is stirring. People who say they know the truth. They know what Adrian did. They know it wasnt Doctor Manhatten who killed those people, but Adrien. They are rebelling saying this whole world is built on a lie. They all were masks of the fallen hero Rorschach. Adrien seeing these Rebels as a threat to the Utopia he worked hard to create, Makes a new team of Watchmen to take on the rebels who now call themselves, The Faceless.
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    weapons(max is 3)
    short Bio
    Mental Issue

    Name Alexander Ramses Veidt
    age 23
    team Watchmen
    Skills/abilities Is trained by his father Adrien. he is gifted with his father's amazing speed, intelligent, and skills. Alexander is skilled in several combat styles, and also is skilled with swords and firearms. Alexander also can play several musical insturments
    weapons(max is 3)his suit has built in spiked gauntlets but he also has a pistol that he uses if needed
    short Bio Alexander is the son of Adrien Veidt. Right from the beginning his father taught him everything he knew. His beliefs, his plans, everything. At a young age he didnt get along with other children. he saw them as idiotic. Alexander learned the truth, and agreed with his father. Its the only way to achieve world Peace. However Alexander doesnt want to kill The Faceless. He hopes to bring them to his side, but will take them out if there is no alternative
    Mental Issue Narcissism.
    Other Alexander is a omnisexual. Also Alexander is a actually a clone of Adrien.