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  1. *Annix was far away from home...She knew this. For home was a mixed word to her, it gave her mind endless questions, doubts, fond and upsetting memories. Maybe thats why an adventure always pushed back those questionable memories and hard moments in her life. The world outside was a curious, dangerous, and interesting place to be. Different races, places, animals, foods, scenery, you will never find yourself in the same place twice. The wind carried her to all sorts off places in her journeys. Today the wind had stopped blowing, stopping her to a small lake inside a forest. The lake lay in an open meadow, the forest all around acting like a barrier off some kind. It was obvious, not a lot of people came to this part of the forest. The forest was full of life, and darkness as well. For when she looked into the tree's, shapes would fly by sometimes, followed by strange noises she was unable to identify. But for some reason this darkness, it didn't touch this small lake. The lake shone, sparkling all kinds of different shades of blue's. Insects flew by, busy about their day. Crickets chirped inside the tall lush grass. The sun was burning down on this particular spot this fine afternoon.*

    *Annix closed her eyes once again, after gazing into the forest's dark glare. Nothing emerged from the darkness. So far anyway. She sighed filling her lungs with oxygen, making herself relax further. She was standing in the middle of the lake, on a tiny unstable rock. Her right foot was balanced on the unstable rock, her left leg was bent and pointing to the lake tucked into her stomach. Her lizard like hands were palm to palm with each other. Her tail was almost curled around her. The position required a good sense of balance and a clear mind. With her eyes closed, she listened to the world breathing, the smell of the hot summers day ahead.