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  1. [text is colored for importance if you don't want to read everything]

    hello there! i'm looking for someone to do a Watch Dogs rp with me! i have been itching to do one ever since i finished the game, which was like a month ago, but i couldn't find a partner on the site i was previously on due to restrictions, so now i'm looking on here as i have recently found this site again c:

    anyways, i am semi-lit, and i can write from 1-5 paragraphs per post with proper grammar and spelling. i post at least once a day, the only exceptions is when i go camping during most weekends. i'm pretty laid back with everything and don't mind you driving the plot, but i can add in ideas if needed. i improvise plots a lot, and prefer to just dive in head first.

    i really love playing canon characters, and right now i want a post-game Aiden/OC, wherein i get to be Aiden and you get the fab OC. they can be male or female, but let me warn you i have never done a male/male rp before so i would need help with everything. also, for smut, i'm not comfortable with it, so no thanks, sorry.

    also, i would like you to be semi-lit as well!

    thanks for reading c: