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  1. Hannah was getting off of work, It was at a bar since technically she was old enough like for legal drinking age but she never listened to that. When she was a teenager she was introduced to Alcohol. She walked unsteadily out of the bar as she walked down the street she had to walk along ways since she had a apartment, and it was two streets down. Plus it was like one o'clock in the morning where there wasn't any sun at all..Walking she soon finally reached the house shuffling for her keys. Yeah she was the stripper but still she loved alcohol... After a while of fighting with the keys she shoved the right key in the hole wiggling it and turning it at the same time as she opened it. She smiled. Stupidly She closed the door and she had the window open. She changed into shorts and a tank top and drank a bunch of water laying on the couch she was attacked by her cat and cuddled against her. Hannah pet her slowly before passing out.
  2. He watched her leave the bar, where he assumed she worked, with blood red eyes he watched her walk, stumbling to her apart. She'll do fine, he thought to himself, as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, hoping she didn't notice, stalking her. He was getting close now, on the opposite building to her apartment.
    He watched her fumble with her keys, barely able to open her door, God this'll be easy, he muttered inside his crazed mind. He turned as he saw her about to change, he wanted to keep some dignity after tonight, and what was about to follow. He focused on the door that she had just entered, and poof, he was there.
    She's left the window open, perfect. He turned his head, making sure no-one was around, sure enough, there was not a soul on the dark street. He jumped, with inhuman power, catching her windowsill with his hands, catching the wall with his feet. Not falling. Not making any noise. He crawled into her apartment and watched her sleep. The feline started to meow, standing on it's hind legs, he muttered something under his breath, and the cat fell, dead. He stood over her now, Hannah, admiring her figure, rather attractive, slender. She stirred, "Shhh, sleep deeper." ​he murmered, and she fell still, he then proceeded to pick her up, and leave the apartment.
  3. As Hannah felt someone breathing and her cat meow. She sighed and said, " Tom it's nothing" In a whisper as she was turning she fell right to sleep but something had picked her up. She turned her head slightly and she felt coldness like from skin she touched as she tried to snuggle against it. She tried to turn but something..Something was stopping her. Hands. Hands were holding her. She finally opened her cyan eyes as she realized it. She felt a shiver as she entered outside, confused, But she mumbled to herself, " I must be imagining things" Putting her hands on her head she sighed slightly leaning back. She was too drunk to understand what was going on right this moment. She fell into a deep sleep.
  4. Damn, she's waking up, he thought to himself. He placed the tip of his finger on her temple, uttering the words "Sleep, my child" ushering her into a spell induced deep sleep, she would not wake up for at least another 10 hours. Though he was carrying her body, he felt no burden, jumping from rooftop to rooftop like he had whilst he was stalking her, with ease. After about 10 minutes he arrived at his mansion. Thrusting open the door the butler came and took his coat, "Why thank you, Cyril." The man said, "Sir, I have some presents for you, in the dining hall." Intrigued, he gave Hannah to Cyril, somewhat carefully.
    "You know what to do, and don't hurt her!" He said to his butler, as he made his way to the dining hall. The dining hall was very expansive, decorated with what seemed to be objects from the mid 19th century, and hanging from the ceiling, were tree people, two males, and one female. "I caught them camping Sir." His butler said, laughing maniacally. He sat now, eyes changing colour at his will, fangs growing longer. He chuckled, as he looked intently at each of the terrified mortals. "Now," he said "Who's hungry?"
  5. Hannah felt in arms.In different arms.
    But she was moving in her sleep. She was dreaming about being deeply in love she giggled in her sleep. It was about her being pinned and she being kissed softly and tickled on the neck. But then something as they turned a guy, blood on his face she began to sweat. She gulped as she tried to wake up she was forced to be in the dream. So Hannah in her sleep was walking getting into a bath but then getting out she had kids, ten of them and five were girls and five were boys. The boys were older. She was having a good dream she muttered in her sleep, ' Now go rest." But then running away something. She slightly giggled as it time passed to the next day. Where she was in a bathing suit running. It was with her but with different colored hair then her eyes changed into a deep crimson. She gasped...
  6. Cyril walked into the dining hall, looking around. "The new mistress is in her room, sleeping" he stated, looking at the one body hanging from it's feet by some rope.
    It hard two pinprick sized holes in it's neck, it's face as white as the moon. "I let the others go" The master said, "No-one will believe their crazy vampire story, except for this poor girls family." Gesturing towards the body. Thinking, he thought, And if her family decide to come looking for her, well, no cooking for you Cyril. With that he left his butler in the dining hall, to clean up the mess, he walked through his stately mansion, to the room she was sleeping. He sat in an armchair opposite from her bed and grinned, maniacally. Crossing his arms and waiting, waiting for her to wake.
  7. Anne sighed, she was still in the bed, She was sleeping Now her dream had changed..
    She married a military man and she was at the cemetary , singing A tear fell in her sleep.. Her husband had died.. She was scared. She soon sat p looking around. She was scared. Confused. She realized a place.. a different place she frowned looking around she seen a man. Her eyes widened... She didn't know what to do. She gulped and then turned away wondering why she was here " Where am i?" She wondered. She gulped and wondered. She seen a man. Her eyes widened. She scooted back as far she can away from him.. She looked down at her wear , it was stil the same clothing she had worn from work.
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    Don't be afraid, he said, touching her mind. Staring at her with his cold eyes, yes, she was rather attractive. He noticed how scared she looked, and thought it was not very polite to keep her this scared. "You'll be living here from now on." He stated, standing up and walking towards the bed, setting himself on the end.
    "Trust me, you'll find it a much better life than your previous one." There was something about this girl, not like the usual ones he dragged in off of the street.
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    Hannah looked at him and gulped. She was scared. His eyes. She then bit her lower lip and when he spoke. " And, You can't determine that." She hated this and when he walked towards the bed she gulped. " Better, my life was just fine dancing on poles." She sighed slightly and wondered. Biting her lower lip. " I think, my job was just fine" She sighed and bit wondering. She glared She then gulped trying to get away from him. But wait there was something. she gulped. She stopped. she then didn't know.. She looked at a wall then looking at him.
  10. She scrambled away from him further. "My child, why do you seem so afraid? I have plucked you out of that pittance of a life you had. So you can live here, with me, no jobs, you will have everything catered for you, generous, no?." Not giving her a chance to reply he slung some clothes onto her bed, "Here, I had Cyril collect what clothes he could from your house." walking away towards the door now. "Breakfast will be served soon, in the dining hall directly below us, if you get lost, call Cyril and he will come." He said, as he left the room, leaving Hannah alone.
  11. Hannah looked at him , she was confused. she gulped and she seen the clothes. " Where's my cat?" She sighed slightly.Looking at him he didnt answer the question he just left. She sighed and bit her lower lip. She stood up looking at the clothes that there was. It was enough for a couple of days, She sighed she needed to change. So she slid everything off and slipped on a top , then she bit her lower lip she slid on a skirt that matched with the purple in her shirt. She then sat on the bed wondering but looking at the clothing before standing up again and fixing it.
  12. He was in his room now, wondering. In a dream state some would say, other's would say he was having a vision. Of what? Who knew. For he certainly didn't, he just wondered how she could not be grateful for this act of generosity he had shown for her. "Are you okay sir?" his loyal servant said, entering the room. "All preparations for breakfast have been made."
    Good, very good, the master replied, though, not opening his mouth.
  13. Hannah looked at the wall. Maybe she was overreacting... Well he did kidnap her, right? She sighed and finally finding her head meeting with the pillow she fell again once again. this time.. About her being turned into .. something.. something with wings.. that were white and she was flying above the skies but then she fell from the sky to the ground. She wondered. She didn't know what to do.
  14. He made his way to the dining hall, not expecting much, as he entered the hall it was more like a celebration feast than a breakfast, he smiled to himself, and sat down at the head of the table. He wondered, whether she would take up his offer and come and eat with him, when it struck him, they didn't even know each other's names.
  15. Smelling the food,Hannah woke up once again and following the smell. She was happy.. She soon closed her eyes following the senses . Opened her eyes as she opened her eyes seeing the male. Then the guy who she felt pick her up she sat on a chair, ' Um... thanks for.... everything?" She smiled looking up and she bit her lower lip.
  16. Ignoring her, he asked a question, "Well, I think we got off on the wrong foot, my name's Alex, what's yours?" He smiled as he said, watching her as she bit her lip, she was rather attractive when she did that, he thought to himself. Gesturing towards the food placed all over the table he said "Please, eat what you want."
  17. Hannah heard him. Alex. Hmm hot name She giggled and then when she saw the food she said, " Im Hannah" she sat at one chair and she took one plate of yummy food taking a little bit and putting the silverware away. She then took a bite, " mmm" She moaned then she ate.. She was happy
  18. She introduced herself as Hanna, he smiled, what nice name. "Well, Hannah, please enjoy the food" He said with a smile, perhaps they would get to know each other better after all? He thought, watching her eat, though not touching any of the food himself.
  19. Hannah heard him speak She smiled softly and wondered.. She kept eating.. She was eating slowly and carefully.. She giggled softly. This felt awkward.. He was watching her... She looked down and bit her lower lip, once she was done eating.
  20. Alex watched her, until he assumed she had finished eating, he called for Cyril, mentally, telling the servant to come in and take away the breakfast things, himself, he had not eaten anything.