Watch Dogs digital trip: Alone

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  1. Okay so this is just an interest check just to see if enough people even know what I'm talking about cause this is a very specific world. In the video game "Watch Dogs" there's a series of mini games called digital trips and one of them is called "Alone". Basically you have to sneak through city streets while robots with camera heads try to find you. As you can see this is an interest check to see how many people know what the hell I'm talking about xD even if you have no interest in RPing it leave a reply cause I want to see if anyone knows it.
  2. I know exactly what you're talking about. One of the first digital trips to catch my interest to be honest.
  3. Love "Alone"

    Got nothing on Spider Tank though xD
  4. Being as you two both know it. You think it'd be something you'd have interest in doing an RP on. Running from robots in a post apocalyptic city and if they find you they can disintegrate you on sight
  5. Yeah I'd probably be interested. I find I rather enjoy post-apocalyptic settings.
  6. Okay so imagine if we made an RP where characters are hunted by these robots with cameras on their heads that link to a single brain. And they survive in a giant city like Chicago or New York City.

    Basically the setting from the game.
  7. Yeah I might be interested
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