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  1. Hey! Here's a few requirements before I give you the plot.

    - Please no text talk. Try to write your best, I'm not super big on grammar, but please do use spell check.
    - I like partners who can match my reply length, which can range from 1-3 paragraphs depending on the post.
    - NO SMUT! I will not do any smut of any kind. If it gets to a point where they characters will do it, I will go up until the clothes come off and then fade to black.
    - Please tell me if you're gonna leave, I'd rather not like to be waiting a week or two for a response that won't come. Also I try to post at least once a day, if not every other day

    "Watashi wa Kare O Aishite"- I love him.

    A high school love story about a boy/girl and a girl that were best friends in middle school. He/she is back from his 4 year move, after not telling anyone he was moving in the first place, and its sophomore year and a lot's changed and the man/woman she thought she knew is now totally different. The boy/girl that was cheerful and goofy had now become cold and distant from her.

    (Idea taken from Xanuun)


    Name: Name: Mika Fukumoto

    Age: 17

    Didn't think much of love when they were in middle school, she just thought of him as her best friend. She's a theater geek and always has been, which helped after he left. She hasn't changed a whole lot. Still in theater, on the track team, and is usually in high spirits. If she's not in either of those, which is rare, she's eating, sleeping, at her job at the local pizzeria, or relaxing at the pier not to far with a soda.
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  2. Oh oh oh, such romance rp is something I'm looking for..., may I?
  3. Yeah just DM me
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