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  1. "Alright kids! Be careful! You don't want to fall off into the wastelands of the danger zone, now do you?" Mrs. Maria Klonecki told her three children as they walked around the park. The youngest, Arianna, quickly ran over to the dock pond near the edge of the danger zone. She started to feed the small things, smiling and laughing. The two parents watched with small smiles, seemingly happy their children were having fun.

    "Should we go for it now?" The father, Mr. Joseph Klonecki, asked his wife. The woman's bright blue eyes watched for anyone to be looking in their direction. There were a few, some teenage girls smiling at their boys and a few elderly laughing at their girl's antics. She shook her dyed blonde hair.

    Joseph, a large man with salt-and-pepper hair nodded and continued to watch over the park. His brown eyes glanced at the robots serving ice cream and other treats, his companies symbol right in the center. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Everything seemed perfect.

    A few girls started to try and flirt with Michael and Damion, giggling and trying to look cute. Arianna nearly fell in the pond, laughing as she escaped being wet. Why would anyone want to get rid of such popular and perfect children? Maria and Joseph could think of plenty of reasons. For now, though, everything was peaceful.
  2. Damion was practically trying to keep girls off him and his brother Michael since they were attracting them like flies to honey. He occasionally glanced over at his sister to make sure she wasn't doing anything danger then looked back at the girls that were trying their best to seduce them. "Ladies please. Take it easy. I need to keep an eye on my little sister over there. She tends to have her...moments." he says then shoots another glance to her and smiles.

    He then shot a glance over to their parents to whom he gave a slightly dirty looking, not liking the way they were sorta surveying the area but he didn't look directly at them since he didn't want them to know he was watching them slightly. One of the girls hugged his waist then he chuckled and pushed her off. "Come on now. What did I say about taking it easy." he says then looks at his parents once more, keeping his sight on them hidden.
  3. "Damion I'd appreciate a little more help," he said as a girl literally hopped up onto him wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "I'm not sure what to do here." Michael smiled at the girl, "Um hi," he said with an uneasy tone. "Could you maybe get off?" The girl simply shook her head kissed his cheek. Michael sighed as he simply slipped through the girls grip and began running. "I don't know you!" he yelled as he ran, keeping away from the danger zone. The girl playfully chased him.

    At this point Michael wasn't even smiling anymore, sure he could understand if they wanted to flirt or whatever, but wrapping herself around him made him uneasy. She was obviously crazy, but she was attractive so the most he could do was halfheartedly resist or just let it happen.

    As Michael ran he noticed his younger sister being rather close to the danger zone. He looked back at Damion to make sure he was watching her, which he was, then continued running away from that crazy girl. This girl definitely never got tired.

    After a while Michael simply submitted and let her have a few long hugs. Once she seemed to be "satisfied," she ran back to her friends giggling. Michael smiled and winked at them as they looked his way. Then he simply fell down onto his back staring up at the sky. His breath was quite heavy from running for so long. He relaxed in the lush grass and began whistle a nice melody he'd recently learned.
  4. "Damion! Micheal! Come look! Baby ducks!" Arianna called to her brothers, smiling at the small yellow puffs of feathers. She giggled as a few of them tried to walk onto the land. They were having trouble and needed their mother's help. They were so innocent and sweet. She smiled and helped one back on its feet after it fell.

    Their parents watched as most of the people started to clear out. "Now?" Maria asked, watching the children with disdain.

    "Wait until they are all together. Then we can go through with it." Joseph said, watching their sons and daughter. He glared at them like he would an unwilling business partner, full of hate and malice. Arianna didn't notice, happily playing with the ducks.
  5. Damion had a bad feeling growing inside but when Arianna called for him he looked at the girls and apologized then walked over to his youngest sibling with a small smile. "That's sweet Ari. I'm sure the little duckling appreciated the help." he says then remembered Michael had been chased down and goes over to help him up. "Come on bro. Ari wants to show us the ducklings." he then helps Michael up then leads the way to their sister.
  6. "Ah thanks bro," Michael said exhaling in relief. He looked up and smiled at Ari before looking to his brother. "What is it?" he asked. "I didn't hear what she said she wanted to show us." Michael walked with his brother. As he got closer he noticed Ari standing over something, or somethings. "Aw nice find Ari!" he exclaimed with a smile. He rested his hand on her back.
  7. Arianna smiled as she watched the ducks. "I learned in school about how baby ducks imprint on the first thing they see. That's why they follow their mother like that." She giggled as the ducks fumbled around, trying to keep up with their mother.

    "Now?" Maria asked, anxious and noticing that nobody was looking.

    "Now." Joseph said. He quickly moved and pushed the three toward the danger zone. They passed through the electric field, Arianna screaming as she and her brothers fell toward the steep hill of broken electronics. Their mother screamed and their father pretended to try and reach out for them. The field created a fake shock, as if shocking them and killing them in the process. The field wasn't on however. The three continued to fall, alive and well, toward the ground.
  8. The moment Arianna began to explain why the baby ducks did what they did he managed to turn just fast enough before their father shoved them into the danger zone. That son of a bitch. I knew they were up to something. he thought then once they were in the clear he quickly stood up and looked toward his brother and sister. "Are you two alright?" he asked, going over to help the both, still cursing their parents for what they did with angry look that didn't show on his face since he didn't want to make Ari and Michael think something was wrong.
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