Waste Management Business (Mafia RP)

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  1. “This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great. But its very, very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can screw it up.” ~ Paul Castellano

    Waste Management Business

    will take a fictional look into the Gambino family in New York, mixing real facts with fictional characters and events. This is under libertine because as a mafia roleplay, there will be adult language, violence that could be depicted as graphic, as well as the options to have sex scenes, or sexuality shown throughout. I have been watching The Sopranos lately, and in an attempt to keep myself busy during the summer, I want to do my own little story like The Sopranos. This will probably have multiple story lines, if we enjoy doing it, but I have one main story line for now.

    Caporegime 1, Caporegime 2, and Caporegime 3 have been friends for as long as they have been leading crews in the Gambino family. They have been as close as brothers; every Saturday they take their families to have a backyard cookout, have a few beers, and on Sundays they go to church. There could be no friends who are closer than the three of these guys. The problems arise when Caporegime 2's cousin, who has been working under Caporegime 2, became a made-man, but quickly realised that he wanted out. He witnessed the torture and eventual murder of a priest, and couldn't handle it. He attempts to turn to the witness protection, thus the three Caporegime are forced to either protect him, or put a bullet in him. Things will either go downhill, or uphill from there. All just depends on the decisions being made and the actions being taken. This story can branch out into multiple substories. If we have anybody wanting to play any of the mobster's wives, there can be a side story about how they are affected buy this event. There can even be a stripper who is almost shot and it rescued by one of the Caporegimes, who starts to fear for her life. There can be cheating, crimes, and anything that would be interesting to this to add meat to the bone that is a storyline. I enjoy, and encourage, multiple characters. I also encourage character deaths, and breaking the laws and such. Nobody will play the mob boss, as we run our own crews, we do what we need to get done. When it comes down to the character's financial situations, fugget about it. These men each run a business outside of the family business, so they can handle themselves pretty well.
    Each of the characters who start off as main have some form of a preset. The only thing that really makes them preset is that they also run specific legitimate businesses on the side in order to make some clean money.
    Caporegime 1 (me): Runs a chain of large gun stores, as well as a motel on the outside of town. He has a gambling problem, and an infidelity problem (which can lead to smut, or subplots).
    Caporegime 2 (open): Runs one of the biggest Casinos in New York, as well as an old family operated flower shop that is still run by his grandparents, but he still gets a cut of the money.
    Caporegime 3 (open): Owns and operates four strip clubs, a community recreation centre (only part of it, he gets shares), and a car dealership. ​
    Wife 1: (open)
    Wife 2: (open)
    Wife 3: (open)
    Caporegime 2's cousin: (open)
    Any other characters that can be made are hookers, a detective or two, strippers, enforcers, a handful of mafia assassins, fixers, and associates, as well as ordinary people who get sucked up into the crossfire. The cousin can have a girlfriend, but she would become a target and most likely receive a brutal beating.

Thread Status:
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