Washington State Liquor Law

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  1. Well... Washington state has changed the Liquor law so that Hard Alcohol can be served in regular grocery stores along with the wine coolers and beer.

    I don't know why, but this irritates me... =/
  2. /me rages

    P.S. I work at a grocery store in Washington state and the distributors and tax makers are making liquor now more expensive because of deregulation because they want their cut still.
  3. I am sorry to hear that =/
    What is even more irritating is that now younger kids can steal alcohol even easier. Its ridiculous..
  4. It is a stupid change, isn't it? Ugh.
  5. *blinks* I grew up in California. All alcohol is sold in grocery stores as well as liquor stores. I never walked into a liquor store until I moved to Minnesota, and I still think it's ridiculous to make me go somewhere else for my alcohol. Too Many Errands. Plus liquor stores kinda skeeve me out. I feel so preppy and out of place.
  6. I prefer it all being kept in Liquor stores, where they make you show your ID as soon as you walk through the door.. There have already been a couple cases of teens trying to steal it.
  7. Perfectly honest? I'm used to it. I can drive 75 miles east and get hard A in Walmart. So, if I were to move back to Washington it wouldn't be that much of a difference.

    EDIT: Also here in Montana (North Dakota is the Liquor in every store state) You rarely get ID'ed in a Liquor store.
  8. Funny, they don't make you show your ID as soon as you walk through the door where I am. I've even not been carded in liquor stores. Kids are gonna be kids whatever you try to do. Best thing is to make drinking not such a big deal so that kids think they need to drink a ton to make them seem cool.

    ETA What really irritates me is that liquor stores are closed on Sundays in my state. S'cuse me? Why are you imposing your random illogical religious rules on me about whether or not I can drink? Alcoholics are going to get drunk anyway. It's not like the nearest state is all that far away.
  9. Up until about four years ago there was no liquor sales in WA either. Bureaucracy is slow to change, which is a lot of what government is. I'm very disillusioned by the whole initiative process in my state though. As bad as things in government is at times I swear the public in mass makes worse decisions.
  10. We have hard liquor in our stores here, too. But then, we also have liquor stores that deliver. I honestly think that responsibility should be taught more than anything. I had my first drink of wine at a very young age and was taught that you treat alcohol with respect. I hardly drink at all now, only when I decide I WANT to, and even then, that's normally once or less a month.

    Edit: NOTE I do not encourage underage drinking or breaking the law (and arguably if they are going to steal, they'd just steal something else and that is the worse problem in my eyes).