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  1. The site I came from use to be wonderful, everyone was creative in their madness, ideas left and right, and then things changed for the worst of ways to role playing there. I needed something new, something fun and interesting, so my brother in role play told me of this site, at first I was skeptical, unsure if it would fit me, well I finally decided to join here and see what its like. The layout is totally different, not sure if I will need to blog about my character or not, so on and so forth. The site I came from was Mocospace and this is my character from it. Yet I enjoy more than just fantasy, I also prefer science fiction and some more real world, one of the best I have seen was the world had been infected with a virus that turned most of the population into "Vampires" and they used those that were resistant to the virus for their food supplies. Little colonies popped up around the world and those that went out had highly modified vehicles to run away from the "vampires."If you are wondering, no I am not new to role play, been doing it for about eight years on and off. I am always wanting to become better at my grammar and writing capabilities. Sometimes I will mess up horribly due to being dyslexic, but I dont let it stop me, I enjoy being creative.

    Disise Jhank, The Scourge Hammer
  2. Hello, little newbie creature, and welcome to Iwaku~
    I'm Kitti, but I've dressed up a bit for Halloween. The names will change here with October ending, so don't get too confused! Pretty much everyone has their usual name listed under the "alias" portion beneath their avatar.
    This site has many roleplays, with most people opting to create a new character for each roleplay. These characters are posted in the specific roleplay's "out of character" section (the OOC).
    You can store character sheets in your blog, if you want!

    You should look at our "Community 101" tab on the toolbar at the top and take a peek at the Community Hub section of the forums if you're getting settled in here.
    If you have any questions, please do ask!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. I do hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  4. Hello there! I know the feeling. I was once a part of a thriving RP community, but it has since then died down into something I can barely stand. Anyway, Iwaku is an amazing site and the people on it are just fantastic. Everyone's willing to help and RP so if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask!

    Like Kitti said, most people will be changing their names come the end of October because they "dress up" for Iwakuween. Kitti's pretty much answered any concerns you might have. There are roleplays where you can use non-canon characters, however, my Roleplays have worlds so detailed that altering the character to fit the setting completely would be much more effort than creating a new one from scratch.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay in Iwaku and now that we have addressed any concerns you MIGHT have, let us move on to the concerns you SHOULD have. If you see any tribes of rampaging plot bunnies or members foaming around the mouth groaning "Neeeeeeeeeeeeewbieeeeeee," run for your life. Just kidding, in the spirit of Iwakuween, again, I hope you have fun!
  5. Thank you both lol I am enjoying ti better here than Moco, it seems that everyone is very excepting and I am slowly figuring out this site and hope to use the rp's here to further improve my skills here as a writer, well wanna be writer, I still prefer to paint and doodle. I do have a quick question, how long do people normally wait to join a role play in forums?
  6. You can join a roleplay anytime, as long as it's open to new players, or you can start your own right away! Start as soon as you feel comfortable! The roleplay 101 has some good suggestions on how to get your roleplay started and advertised.

    I'm Cammy, by the way, the Official Iwaku Pet. Welcome to the forums!

    Oh, also, if you're looking for help in improving your writing outside of actual RPing, we do have a Roleplayer's Academy. You can try writing exercises, check out workshops, and even request a mentor!

    Happy writing!
  7. Hi Disise! 8D Welcome to the community! We might not be the #1 in awesome, but we're pretty awesome!