Was this meant to be?

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  1. Loren was so happy to be able to get out the house. She'd been working long hours at the office and she needed some alone time. So she decided that she should take a personal day and go to the beach. She packed herself a folding chair, an umbrealla, sunblock, a portable fan, 2 towels, her iPod, and one of her favorite books. She got herself ready in beach ware and headed off to the beach. As she was driving her mind started to drift off onto her ex...

    She's been thinking about him a lot lately, and that bothered her to no end, They didn't end things on great terms and she actually regretted that. He wasn't a bad person and they could've been great friends. They just weren't good as a couple, despite what her friends would say. They always complained about how they couldn't have a picture perfect relationship like she did. If only they really knew what happened behind closed doors... They always fought. And about the most ridiculous things. She admits that she started a majority of them because of her jealousy. One night she took it too far and he finally left. She cried and tried to understand why. As if she didn't already know? Her friends were tired of her sobbing and whining after a month and decided to find her someone else. She was hesitant at first but she finally let in and let them find her a guy.

    After many horrible dates she found the perfect guy. He was a handsome, down-to-Earth man that she fell for instantly. They had so much in common, she couldn't believe that he actually existed. Over the months, they went on more dates and got closer and closer. She started to think that he was the one. And apparently he thought the she was the one. He proposed to her at one of her favorite Italian restaurants by hiding the ring in one of the bread-sticks. Of course she said yes and now they were set to get married on her 25th birthday, August 21st, which was now only 2 months away to the date.

    She took a hard stop and turned into the parking lot of the beach, her thoughts almost making her miss the turn. She walked around on the sand and finally found the perfect place to set her stuff up. She unfolded her chair and layed her towel across it. She layed down and put her headphones on before turning on her favorite artists' new album. Before she delved into her book, she took some time to marvel at the view. At the corner of her eye she thought that she saw someone familiar...
  2. Daivd was glad he was on his vacation. He had been stressed from all the work he was doing at his job and he honeslty needed a break. The warm air seemed to breeze against his body and the only thing he seemed to be stuck on was a certain someone. He hated the fact that his ex came trailing though his mind when he least expected it. It made it even harder to get over someone that you loved..still loved and you wern't even talking. His friends used to always say how they could picure them living together and growing old together. It was funny how he belived it too but it was too good to be true. They never seemed to get along and it was a hetic relationship on both parts. They'd be perfect and then out of nowhere argue over dumb shit that was pointless now that he thought of it.

    Looking at the water engulfed with some decent waves, he watched as people dove right in, their bodys being swollowed by the water. It was a pretty good time to swim too and he had just got out the water. His hair wet and he was heading over to get a nice drink at the shack since he had heard good reviews from his friends. Two weeks of peace was all he needed before he headed back to the annoying life that he lived. It wasn't that David hated his job but just two people that made his life hell in it. His ex bestfriend and his co worker who drove his nuts over the smallest things. The only reason he stayed was because he made great money.

    As he walked over to the shed he got himself a refreshing drink before paying the man and walking back onto the beach. When he did David saw someone he thought that he'd never see....Loren. His mouth was practically on the floor before his mind could even register exactly what was happening. Running his hand through his hair he blinked hoping it wasn't who it was. Jut like before he got this warm feeling and his heart was beating unevenly. David walked over and then a smile formed on his face. She was still as beautiful as before. " Soo funny running into you here". David started rembering things that he shouldn't...Back when things were good and back before she said what she said. And then he realized that even now he still missed her.
  3. As the familiar figure got closer, she became more suspicious. Was it her one of her old friends from college? Or was it a co-worker? It was starting to drive her crazy until he got close enough to see. David, who was over the years; he-who-shall-not-be-named. Her fiancee was lucky enough to learn that really quickly. She never thought that she would see him again after he left. If she was in his shoes she would've never stepped back on California soil. Her eyes widened when she realized that he was heading right to her. Her head was swimming with things that she wanted to say to him. And also things that she could do to make herself look like an idiot. It was always awkward running into an ex. What do you say to them? What do you do?! Do you hug them. Give them a handshake. Say, 'Hey, how you doin'? You have anyone in your life now?' 'What's up!? How're you doin'? Good, I'm actually engaged now, just sayin'. Oh and I was wondering if you wanted to go.' Just too awkward.

    She'd wished that she'd just went swimming instead of sunbathing. She could've avoided all of this. Looks like the fates had other things in mind for her today. In all of her mind babbling he'd already walked up to her and greeted her. She just sat there and looked at him look an idiot for a second before shaking herself and responding. "Hi David. It's nice to see you too," she said sarcastically with a warm smile. She didn't even have to force it like she thought she would. "What're you doing here?" she blurted out before she could stop herself from saying it. She didn't say it in a harsh way. She said it in more of a curious way. She was pretty curious after all.
  4. David tried to avert his eyes to something or someone else. It was an awkward thing realizing that he dind't know what to say or do. It had been so damn long and it wasn't like he was planning on seeing Loren either but the look on her face told him she was just as shocked to see him too. Why did he have to walk over? Why did he have to speak. It was like his body was doing the movements and hos mouth was talking for him. His brain was thinking about walking awya but his feet stood grounded in the warm sand and no matter how hard he tried to move his body wouldn't budge.

    When she said it was nice to see him he could tell she was lying. That was the one thing he perfected. Just by the tone of voice it seemed like she sounded exactly like he felt. Digging his feel deeper into the sand he was getting ready to walk away when he heard her speak. " IM on vacation". Turning his body he ruffled his hair and then started walking. " Ill see you around". David knew he would. It was like it was suppose to be but shit was just so complicated back then. They were young and short tempered now thinking back he knew it wouldn't have lasted but looking over his shoulder for a moment before heading through the small cround to get in his car he wondered..what if.....

    The ride back to his house was a short one but it felt long when he was in deep thought about a series of things. As he parked his car he scrambled in the car to find his keys. Since he rented out a beach house nearby he didn't have to worry about driving to catch the view early morning. Eventually finding his keys he headed inside and dropped his things. The first thing he did was take a shower. David probubally spent almost and hour in the shower. Once he was done he plopped down on the couch and then flipped through the channels pertending to be intrested in a show on tv.
  5. "Oh, well I hope you have fun. See you soon," she says before she awkwardly waves, knowing that he won't be able to see her doing it. She wasn't even sure that he heard her lame farewell. She actually felt a little hurt when he left the beach. Seeing him brought up all these feelings that she really wished was not there. It wasn't romantic feelings. But she couldn't explain what it was. After that encounter she just wanted to get home and see her fiancee. She looked at her watch and saw how much time she had until he got off from work. She decided to leave and tried to get dinner ready before he got home. He wasn't like one of those guys who demanded to have something on the table when he got home from work. She was actually happy to do it. Her mother did it for her father while she was growing up. She wanted to be the ideal wife for him.

    She packed up her things and drove to the market. She bought all of the supplies that she needed to make her and her fiancee's favorite meal, Fettuccine Alfredo. They had both ordered it on there first date, and ever since it's been 'their' meal. It was their substitute of having their own song, considering that neither of them listened to music that much. After she finished shopping, she drove back home and immediately got down to business. She cleaned and cooked the noodles after she put the sauce on the stove. The last thing she needed to do was to put the bread-sticks in the oven and she would have a good hour and a half to unwind and relax.

    She tried, and succeeded, to keep David out of her mind. She thought about the wedding and stuff that she still needed to get done. She still needed to go and get her dress fitted and also Travis'. She was going to start on her new book when she heard the door bell. She sighed and went to go answer it. She was so surprised to see her fiancee at the door with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. She smiled and gave him a hug and and a kiss, all while taking the flowers. "I so wasn't expecting to see you this early," she says before she headed off to find a vase for the flowers.

    "I just wanted to surprise my wife-to-be. Gotta keep her on her toes," she follows him to the kitchen and looked at everything that she was cooking. "Wow, what's the occasion?"

    "Um, no occasion, just wanted to make something special," she did want to tell him about her run in with her ex, but he was in such a great mood. She didn't want to ruin that. So she just let it go and thanked him again for the flowers. "Go on and clean up. Dinner will be ready in half an hour." She pushed him off to there room and checked on the food. She had a good 20 minutes before she had to get the pasta ready. She took out the bread sticks to cool and tried to cram in a couple chapters of her book before dinner.
  6. After an hour or two sitting and watching a scary movie that was a serious fail he stood up from the couch and streached his body. David looked outside the window enjoying the view. Even though it was late out he still was glad he was back in California and i haad been a long time. Some of his friends that still lived in the area texted and called him wanting to meet up and see how things were going over the years. He had to admit there was one thing he was glad he did and that was stay in touch with all his friends. Usually people would have highschool and college friends and move on leaving them behind but David kept each and every friendship that he had.

    One of his friends Keith whom he got into trouble with plenty of times when they were younger asked if he wanted to hang out. Already knowing what his plan on hanging out was. Heading to a club and getting totally and completly wasted or touring around California and embarking on old memories that led to them doing something stupid yet exciting at the same time. He honeslty know what he was prepared for tommarow. Removing any thoughts that he had about Loren he headed into the bedroom and fell asleep quickly.

    The next moring came sooner than he thought. David was never a morning person. He wasn't when he was a kid and he certainlly wasn't now. After streaching his muscles and heading into the shower he recived a call from Keith about the plans. To his supprise it was rather normal for Keith. They were going to head out for a workout then to meet up with some old friends and a party on the beach later on. It seemed like a great idea and David wanted to enjoy himself before he left. Throwing on come cargo shorts and a t shirt he put his hat on and grabbed his gym bag meeting Keith when he walked out the house. David knew this was good for him and it kept his mind off the one person he didn't need in his thoughts.
  7. Dinner had gone great. They were able to talk about each others day. Travis had been awarded a 3 day weekend for his good work and that made Loren really happy. They never had time to spend together anymore ever since they had each gotten promotions. She asked him if he had any plans for his weekend and he told her that he was gonna go to the gym. This made upset, considering that he went to the gym every single Saturday. Not that she was complaining. It kept him in very good shape and she absolutely loved it. She also remembered how much he-who-shall-not-be-named liked going to the gym. That was one of the things they would fight about. She cared more about spending time with him than worrying about his physique. Now it's a totally different story.

    She then told him what she did that day, but kept out who she saw. She'd been debating the whole time if she should just tell him or not. She decided on not to tell him. It would just stir up things that wasn't necessary. After dinner she cleaned up and took a very long shower. Maybe the longest shower in history. By the time she got out, Travis was asleep. She got ready for bed and fell into a deep sleep.

    He had woken up at 7 am for the gym. He rolled over and saw that his fiancee was still asleep. He had forgotten that she was on a break, just like him. He smiled and got out of the bed as quickly as he could without waking her. After accomplishing that he got ready for the gym. He grabbed him gym bag and gave Leona a kiss on her cheek before he left. While he was driving he thought about the things that he needed to get done before the wedding. 1. He needed to get fitted for a tux. 2. He needed to go to his mother's and get his soon-to-be wife's ring that's been passed down in his family for generation. Leona didn't even know about it yet. He told her that he would give her the same ring. 3. He needed to find a best man and one more groomsmen.

    He pulled into the gym parking lot and wondered if he would see someone there. He knew that his friend Keith would be there. He was always there. He decided that he would give him some time to get there, considering how early he had got there. He went through the front desk and headed straight to the weights, warming up with some 75 lbs dead lifts.
  8. David smiled and have Keith the handshake they had made in the 8th grade. They both laughed because they were supprised they both remembered it. As they drove to the gym Keith talked about his job and what he did, relationships people and of course people that he didn't like. He used to remmeber when Keith didn't like alot of people because of dumb reasons and then everyday when they'd head out for school he'd tell him about a diffrent person that wronged him. David actually found it quite funny.

    After parking there car at the gym Davd decided that he would head over and grab something small to eat. Keith came along as well talking about some hot chick that worked in the store. David ordered his food while Keith got something to drink for his workout. He was glad he was getting to work out he had haden't been consistant since of work schedule. Heading into the gym Keith went to the weight bench he hepled him. It took a few moments but Keith looked over as if he saw somebody he knew. He quickly walked over to meet the guy. " Yo Trav whats up". Motioning him to come over David did and gave a friendly gesture. " Trav this here is my bestfriend since we were in dipers, David and David this is Trav".
  9. Travis saw Keith walking over to him while he was on his 75th rep. He knew that he would see him before that day would end, just depended on when. He stood up and gave Keith a handshake before he introduced him to his friend since he knew from diapers. He smiled and gave David a handshake also. He couldn't help the ringing in his head that told him that he heard that name from somewhere. Was it from work? Was it some other time in the gym? Or was this he-who-shall-not-be-named? He shook his head to himself and took that thought out of his mind. Loren told him that he had left California and was not coming back. If he was in his shoes, he wouldn't either. It would be hard to bump into the woman you love all the time, not being to hug her or kiss her. He would just go crazy.

    "I'm actually glad that you found me Keith. I need to ask you something. One of my groomsman dropped out of the wedding and now I have one spot open. Do you mind taking his place? I think Loren will like you better than the other guy," he said jokingly. They actually got along pretty well. But Keith and Loren got along like brother and sisters. He loved how easy it was for her to get acquainted with his friends and her his. He stood there and waited for his reply.
  10. David looked at the guy, He seemed pretty cool from what he could tell. When he heard heard the name Loren come out of Travis's mouth he froze completly. It was indeed a small world. You come to California on vacation to run into the ex your still in love with and then your bestfirend introduces you to the guy she's going to marry. He tried to play it off but he was in tital disbelif. Loren? Marry? Keith noticed David's face and then the lightbulb went off in his head. It had been so long he had forgotten that the two used to be an item. Daivd looked at Travis again and then at Keith who had the " Damn this is awkward look". Keith decided to break the silence. " I'd love to man but ill catch you later, imma hit the weights with David".

    He didn't move for amoment until he felt Keith's hand on his shoulder. Shaking his head he tried to focus on his workout. Keith gave him a brotherly look. " Im sorry man I forgot you and Loren were together before...I mean do you still have feelings?". David thought about the question. He knew he did but he didn't want to and quite frankly it was a pain in the ass to have the same feelings for a woman who clearly didn't feel the same way. " I mean I thought I was until i ran into her yesterday..". He didn't want to talk about it and Keith knew so he stopped with the questions.

    It was about two hours when they left the gym. They were sweaty so Keith suguested they shower at his place and then head onto the beach after they got something to eat. After getting dressed they went back out stopping at an old food shop they used to hand around. David felt relived talking about things that he missed when he moved. It seemed that nothing changed as he thought it was be. By the time they finished eating it was time to head to the beach. Keith started the car and drove on over. David expected it to be empty but instead there was a decent amount of people and Keith said there'd be more comming.
  11. As he waited for Keith's reply, he happened to look at David. He had the weirdest look on his face. As if he was about to throw up or something. He wanted to ask him if he was alright, but right when he was about to, a light bulb went off in his head. David....Loren.... marriage. Ahh, hell, this was he-who-shall-not-be-named. He didn't even know why he was so surprised. He looked exactly like the man in the photo that he found in Loren's photo album years ago. He just wanted to believe that there were such things as doppelgangers. At that time, he had no idea about him. But after confronting Loren about it, it all came out. He wasn't angry at her. He totally understood why. He still hadn't told Loren about Elexia. But that would come up when it needed to.

    He brought his attentions back to Keith just to see the look that he and David exchanged. Of course Keith knew, he was good at picking things up like that. He hoped that it wouldn't change his mind on doing the wedding. He really did need another one and Keith was the only other guy that Loren would approve of. Of course, he had other guys he could ask. Loren just didn't like the rest of them. He knew exactly why. They were jerk-offs and he knew that. He'd just known them since he was a kid. He was ecstatic when Keith agreed to do it, but he left too quickly for him to tell him the important dates that he needed to keep in mind. He decided that he would just text him later. He was tired and he decided to go home early without finishing his workout.

    Loren woke up an hour after Travis left and she was happy. She had totally forgotten about seeing David yesterday, or at least that's what she told herself. She got out of bed and got ready for the day. She decided to a wear a spaghetti strapped sun dress with purple flip flops. She decided to make some grilled cheese sandwiches for her breakfast. She knew that it was more of a child's lunch than breakfast, but she couldn't help it. She'd always loved grilled cheese and she wasn't ashamed of it. As she was about to turn off the stove, she heard the front door open. She ran to the foyer and saw that it was only Travis.

    "Travis, you scared me," she said while she gave him a hug. "What're you doing home so early?" she asked him before she went back to kitchen to make him a smoothie. He always wanted one of those after a work out. She turned off the stove and put the pan in the sink for her to wash later.

    "I ran into Keith at the gym and now I have a replacement for Jason," he says while he props himself against the counter, watching him make his smoothie. "And I ran into someone today that I don't think you'll believe me if I told you." He honestly didn't want to tell her, risking putting her in a sad mood. But he decided that it would be better just to tell her.