Was there a time you got so angry you didn’t know what to do with yourself?

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  1. I guess I'm one for off the wall questions. I haven't really done much interacting on this site so thought I'd give this question a shot for an icebreaker and see what answers come from this! I'm hoping to read all your normal, crazy, honest or even made-up answers. The sky's the limit. I'll go ahead and personally share a real life moment, that sent me into an internalized frenzy. I always like to think myself a composed woman, who can handle any situation with classy grace. I do so but internally suffer for it. I'm sure both women and men can relate. Here it goes! This response will be a bit long!

    Let’s see, there was this time when I was out with a few of my girlfriends and we had decided to give this local club a try because we were only nineteen and the bar scene wasn't allowed to us at that time. I knew already that I was skeptical to go because in all honesty, rap isn't exactly my forte. They had managed to convince me and we are in this place music blaring sitting at this square table with four chairs. I distinctively remember this arrogant guy walking around with the sunglasses at night scenario and I could see from my peripherals he was strolling over and said hi to all of us. I’m cordial and give a greeting back and he proceeds to ask me to dance. Now, if you ever been to a club and see how each person gets into one another’s business, that kind of dancing is a bit too close and personal for my liking so I had politely said no hoping that’d be the end of it. I was dead wrong.

    “Oh, you know you want to dance with me…” he even had that swagger-like tone to his voice and already I was thinking to myself…”I must…break you…” (Love me some Rocky) So, I decide to go for another tactic and tell a white lie. “I have a boyfriend.” You’d think that should be simple, right? I mean, a relationship means you’re off limits so it should get him to walk, right? Wrong…-Rolls eyes- “Where’s he at?” he candidly looked around the dance floor and surrounding area and I was taken back by this. “I have a girlfriend and she isn't going to know.” He kept rambling and digging himself further into the dirt as far as I was concerned while I was just hoping his attention would draw to his next victim. “I happen to be happy who I’m with and I just want to hang out with my friends, I’m sure you can find someone else who can dance with you here.” I’m pretty sure I said something along those lines, trying to keep my lady-like composure but man, he made it tough. “He ain't gonna know.”

    A real winner, wow. See that’s not the part that gets me, it was the fact he deliberately grabbed my wrist and pulled me from my chair with a tug. He’s so lucky I have good balance in heels or I more than likely would have face planted. He proceeds to drag me over toward the dance floor, I remember trying to dig my heels into the ground trying to counter his movement…but, what can a 5”2 girl do against a 6”3 guy? I wasn't one for causing scenes, and I inwardly was shocked that this douche bag would be so brazen. He would try to turn so my back was to him but I managed to jerk myself from him and storm off with hell-fire and brimstone igniting my eyes with fire, I had never been so irritated ever, in fact, I used to like the song, “I wear my sunglasses at night.” But now every time I hear it that’s the one instance I think about, damn speck. Wow, long winded, but yeah totally remember that. You most definitely can say my club scene ended there, never had a desire to go back. I did write a blog about that but haven’t posted it on here, but it was definitely a post vent that helped expel all the disdain I felt interlaced with some satire because I have to make light of any situation.

    Just to humor you...and allow me to hang my head in shame, THIS!

    (That video though...-Breaks into laughter-)
  2. I HAVE ONE.

    I have a wonderful friend who is a friend of the family and we all adore him and his family! He invited me and my brother our for the day to hang with his family and some friends at a camp ground. Unfortunately the other guy he hangs out with is a huge dick. >:[ That dude was pissed off at this friends mom about something - I don't even know what it was about - and he went off on ME, like shouty screamy style because he thought I was talking shit with her about whatever it was going on? I DUNNO. I had JUST got there so I really had no idea what was happening. I am pretty sure he was probably drunk and on something. In any case I don't handle that kind of stuff well, and my brother and I promptly left. >>

    The good news is that he found out my husband was the giant massive monster man he works with, so the dude promptly apologized in fear of enticing his wrath. The bad news is that he screwed us over again later on a vehicle. D:< Since then I have blocked that guy out of my life in every way humanly possible. Sadly my friend still hangs out with him. But he knows that whole situation pissed me off so badly, he won't even refer to the guy by name anymore. He now calls him VOLDEMORT when the dude comes up in conversation.
  3. Well....I suppose there has been a time or two when I've been so angry that I didn't know what to do. The most recent was two weekends ago it was my grandmother's birthday. I had wished her a happy birthday the day before because my mom had to take me back to my apartment and stay with me for the week and my brother texted me, knowing I was coming up with our mother. He was all like "Hey you wanna come over for dinner?". Just so you know, this douche never invites me to dinner unless he's got a damn good reason, and maybe once every two or three months for a "game night" where he makes me stay up really late and stay out. Anyways he invites us over so we go, had a great dinner, and while we were sitting there I said. "Hey, you call grandma yet?" He says no so I glare at him and say. "You better call her. it's her birthday."....fast forward to Wednesday (her birthday was a sunday). My doucebag of an uncle harasses my mom asking if she's in the city and whines about her not going out to see him and blah, blah, blah....even going so far as to ask where I live.... (he's a story for a different time so I'll drop it there). And then we find out that He and my brother had been out at the "property" where my uncle goes hunting. AND we find out my brother called our grandmother that day WHILE MY UNCLE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH MY MOTHER IN THE SAME CAR. Apparently my brother said he just "forgot" even though I'd told him..... I STILL get so angry that I don't know what to do. So I'm going to start harassing him on different birthdays until he calls the person. Also I'm probably gonna be really angry with him over Christmas depending on what he does. Anyways he made me so mad that I had no words. I had to bottle it all up because my mom was there. Trust me I would've stomped around my apartment not knowing what to do with the anger.
  4. There is once or two I guess...cant seem to remember the other one thought.

    Anyway,it's happened a few weeks ago where my bestfriend said that he's going out with my love one that I'm still dating with.I got so pissed off somehow happy because she already with someone who is 10 times better than me.If I'm not wrong,I cried like over an hour in my bathroom and punch the wall till my hand bleed.That night,I texted her saying that we both should meet up and discuss this stupid matter and settled it once.The next day,we both meet up at a park.Better than restaurant since there alot of people there.So I ask her,which one anddd you know what...she still said that she want to be with me.That what makes me pissed off,you dont need to lie thought,there no reason to lie.I'd answered with "Oh really?You sure?You do know that you doesn't need to lie and start telling the truth." and then she admitted that she want to end our relationship.I'd then just walk away and headed home.Then,my tears burst like there no more tomorrow.My dad once said,"It's okay to cry for once or two.Real man does cry,so Steve,it's okay to cry son."I did thinking about ending my life by jumping off the cliff or somesort.But then,I figured out that killing myself wouldn't change anything.Well,that it.That my story.From that day,I made myself a promise that I would fall in love with a real person that actually want to be with me and stay with me no matter what happens.I know that it's sounds stupid,but yup,that my promise.Anyway,here a thing.If you're depressed because of love,never ever think about dying.It wouldn't change anything,infact it's a stupid move to do.

    P.S I've also made a promise that I wouldn't go berserk easily. c:
  5. Work as a custodian, kid shits himself, throws his clothes in the toilet, wipes his ass with paper towels, throws them on the toilet.

    I find it at the very end of my shift on an overly busy night due to being short on people. Never have I been so angry that I gained a British accent.
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  6. High school was a horrible time in my life. The longer it went on, the more depressed I got. Not too severely I guess, but enough to make me feel like I was living in a nightmare. I graduated in 2012, by the way. (Totally was going to blame my generation if the Apocalypse occurred.) So cut to my senior year, the most depressing year of them all. I was always around idiots, having to listen to their idiot things every day for 7 days straight, and only getting TWO DAYS to relax. I got a bit behind in my grades, I couldn't publish something I had been working on since the November thing. I really was just hating life at that time, and I couldn't do much to change it.

    So cut to me one day being in art class, and oh boy, let me tell you now. Every year below us, I saw as getting just dumber and dumber. It just irritates me how much trouble they got in, I won't list any examples per say, but let's just say some kids did stupid things to get caught, and others.. There was this one time during lunch when something -awful- almost happened, and it was TERRIFYING to just be there. Anyway, back to art class, so I get pretty angry at how stupid people are being, and I hated talking to them when my life was looking so depressing already. Well, they decided to tick me off past the point of no return, and I swear, I almost felt like beating someone up for that. But you know, I couldn't, so I left my class and just walked.

    So I walk and I walk, but I don't feel any better. I was too angry and I couldn't think straight, my anger over the past four years suddenly erupted, and I started bashing my knuckles against a brick wall. I didn't care if it hurt, I needed to get it out over all the stupid bull I had been put through by the idiotic student body. So I stop after a few times, my knuckles were hurting like crazy afterword and had these weird red spots all over them. My teacher eventually brought me back to the room and I had to hide my hand for a few days to not be embarrassed by it.

    The good news is, I barely just graduated. I haven't seen most of those idiots since, and it makes me happy to know that. I might be sounding selfish with this story and such, but I'm not going to rant about my life's story here. I just wanted people to know how it got to this point, and what I did. It wasn't the smartest option, I'll say that now, but at the time, it felt better to beat myself up than someone else. I wasn't about to get suspended or expelled over other people's stupidity. My advice is to get your anger out in a better fashion, and not hold it in like I did. I don't want people reading this and thinking 'WOW, LET'S JUST BEAT OURSELVES UP! GREAT IDEA, THUNDOR!' No, that's my story, my mistake, not yours to make. Learn from my mistakes, people. I know I have, and will probably keep learning from mistakes all my life.
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  7. Every time :/

    I'm not one to become violent, or break things, or yell. I also don't find exercise or the arts especially cathartic, so it's hard for me to channel it out when I get angry or frustrated
  8. I've been that angry more often than I care to admit. Unfortunately such times lead to violent out lashing aimed at either myself or inanimate objects.

    Years ago, during a rough patch in life, someone said something that just set me off. This led to me punching a cinder block wall. The wall, being what it was, broke my hand. I then proceeded to walk back to where I was living at the time, about two or three miles before I noticed my hand was messed up. Fortunately it was just a minor fracture. Unfortunately my hand occasionally bothers me from time to time. Makes it hard to write or draw for extended periods of time x_X;
  9. I don't actually get angry to the point of destructive urges anymore, but if I were to call out a recent-ish example. A year or so back, I got stuck in the company of this girl I shared mutual friends with. She was making up an array of mental disorders/tragedies because of the attention. Particularly bipolarity. If you ever want to antagonise me; that's one way to do it. Circumstance had it was that we were in a bar with a couple of people who she had apparently enticed in her story. Now me, I just tried my best not to pay her attention, which admittedly I wasn't very good at beyond upholding the pretence. At one point she said she was 'this social' because she just had more discipline than other persons with bipolarity. In hindsight this would have been a good time for a toilet-break, or pretending I needed to work a morning shift. Instead I made the choice to laugh in her face. It kinda got out of hand at that point.

    Drama queen and attention whore she was, that meant I got on her radar for the first time since we shook hands a couple hours back. "Oh, so you think my suffering is funny?" She asked, which I interpreted as an open invitation to play. You see, the problem is that an escalating anger with me turns into knowing exactly what to do, it's just that just my ability to feel sympathy self-destructs. I asked her if she wanted an honest answer to go with that. She did, but her luck had it that I know a lot about mental disorder, particularly bipolarity. Long story short, after debunking her bullshit it ended with something among the lines of "I think your suffering is unreal, but it's your ignorance I consider funny. You're a liar who imposes a false image of yourself upon other people, because you don't think you're interesting enough to care about otherwise. To which I say, fair point."

    So, yeah... That was a thing. It turned out I was entirely accurate, as she tried to turn people against me... Which didn't work in her favour. She excommunicated herself shortly after, which I guess was to find another group of people that would buy into her lies.
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  10. Every time my parents try to talk to me, especially about religion or school.
  11. I rage quit on cheeses that catch me completely with my pants down in Starcraft.

    I have a shitty Actions Per Minute ratio, I can't keep up with that!

    Juvenile? yes. Still angry.
  12. I remember once when someone struck my dog.

    I was walking home from school and my dog (laugh at the old story about the dog waiting at the playground for her kid all you want) was sniffing a tree. This lady screams at me to get my dog out of her yard and I called her. But before my poor pup could move, she kicked her and broke one of her ribs. I got so mad at the lady that she hid in the house and called the police on me after I threw four stones into her car window, and broke her headlights. I went completely apeshit on the woman, and I was just out of my mind seething in rage. The police came, tried to calm me down, didn't work so they took my dog and I to the station where we both got picked up by our aunt. I got slammed with a warning, and was supposed to apologize but refused so I was grounded for a month. Fuck if I care, damn bitch broke my dog's rib.

    I haven't yet been that angry again. I have been angry but even that is rare with me.
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