Was it cheating?

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  1. I am in an online class (senior in highschool) and I have no idea how to do it, it is a java programming class. Thus I would google the answers to my homework, quizzes and tests, the final exam though I plan to do on my own only doing research as it is a project. My teacher graded two of my assignments and out them as "copied off internet. Zero points" so was I cheating? I'm not sure if that was considered cheating but I don't cheat and I feel really guilty about the prospect that I am now "a cheater"
  2. Have you asked you teacher for help?.
  3. I have emailed him, but each time he provides little to no help. He puts examples for us to use, but he uses abbreviations and doesn't tell his students, which confuses me a lot
  4. Hmm, well i think it's the teachers fault for not being more specific, but i also suggest you should ask someone who knows that kind of stuff.
  5. I go to a small school and pretty much I one knows how to program and the ones that do only know a little bit. When I started googling the answers I asked my friends if they thought is was cheating and all of them said no online classes you can't cheat. So I got the answers, now that I have been given zeros I feel super guilty and don't k ow what to do :/
  6. Maybe PM me to talk over it? I go to an online school myself and can really relate to you, and I'm all ears if you wanna talk about this or really anything else~
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  7. Well then don't be guilty on your actions my friend, what has happened already happened, all you can do is learn from it.
  8. To answer your question: Yes, copying down the answers to all your homework without needing to put any thought into it yourself is cheating. I'm not saying you should feel horribly guilty about it -- I think everyone's cheated on online homework before, because it's just so easy that it hardly feels like cheating, especially if you only do it a little. But, I mean... if you've been copying all your answers, then, yeah, you probably should've sought help long before then. You're not helping yourself any by just copying the answers, because you're not learning anything. I'm surprised you didn't realize that sooner, honestly. What would be the point of any class if you could just copy down the answers to every single assignment?

    My advice? If there's no one in your school who can really help you figure it out, then look up Java help online instead. No, not answers, but general help. Instead of Googling a question to get a copy-able answer, search for information about something that you can't figure out how to do and find a resource on the Internet to help you understand what you're doing.
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  9. Googling something for homework or a project isn't cheating. That's studying.
    However, simply copy-pasting the answers rather than using the Google to try to retain the info is cheating.

    Like wise, googling in the middle of the test (The equivalent of using all your notes in a test) is cheating unless the teacher specifically allowed it.

    The point of tests, homework etc is to give you practice and help yourself remember information.
    So when you use Google, use it for that purpose, to memorize things, not to simply substitute for your memories.

    That being said though, your Teacher doesn't seem to be helping the situation by refusing to help.
    So I can understand what led you to using Google in such a way.
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