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In the early twenty first century, Earth, and, in greater scope, the Sol System, was visited by an empire of genetically similar beings called the Fomar (various slangs pointing to their pointed ears and tall figures). These visits were not completely peaceful and, on the twelfth year of the twenty first century, the Fomar Empire invaded Earth, overwhelming the armies and occupying the Earth. Integration into the Empire followed shortly after.

Surpriseingly, very little about Earth has changed, in fact, it seems that only the people who work in the orbiting space ports ever see more than a glance or two of the Fomars outside of a major city. Only very minor advances in technology have taken place, most that humanity would have within a few decades.

Translation: Earth was a backwater in the Empire.

It is now 2032, twenty years after the integration of Earth into the Fomar Empire, Earth is still a backwater, the Fomars mearly a fact of life now.

However, the Empire is not without it's foes, specificly the CASTIEL Consortum, a collection of self aware mechanical beings at war with the Fomar. And now,it seems as if Earth and the Sol system will be the new battle ground of their war.