INTEREST CHECK Wars through space, High Power Titans clashing, And a Stellar Prophecy!

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  1. It's 2015. In a short time, the human race has witnessed the existence of alien lifeforms and their politics. An attack on the United States of America, Britain, and Japan has thrusted the Earth into the flames which have engulfed the galaxies.

    Even with alien technology, scientists of various species are attempting to create new and faster-than-light warp drives, having relied on Jumpgatess, each solar system possessing at least one to travel between solar systems. Humongous battleships roam the stars, carrying starfighters and troops from atmospheric station to atmospheric station.

    The war has been divided between two forces: The Unity Federation, and the Conglomerate. The Unity Federation seeks re-unification of major worlds and all they possess into a peaceful organization, where the conglomerate is a combination of various governments and criminal outfits of great underworld influence.

    Throughout the stars are mysterious cosmic entities: Abstract God beings capable of rending molecules and creating civilizations, floating through the stars in any form of their choosing. Neutral are they in this war, and prone to self-defense when attacked, these beings, often performing natural occurences whether it be directly or indirectly are revered through many forms and names by numerous cultures, some of which are almost familiar to us, others more alien in appearance.

    These beings have begun to sense something anew in the universe. As if a great prophecy will soon come to pass. A prophecy known to these Abstracts as the Endgame Act, in which a final event would seal the fate of everything, believed to occur after a most fantastic ragnarok style battle. But the Abstracts will not be the ones to participate.

    Instead, there are those who stand under gods, but higher than any mortal could dare. These "Champions," though not indestructible utterly infallible, are superior beings capable of traveling through space on their own steam, and performing high level feats of power. Some have attained power from the gods they worship, others granted power through science or the cosmic forces of the universe. It is these beings who can match a starfighter's plasma cannons with their punches, and damage even battleships, and stand against entire ground based planetside infantry as if they were a whole legion within one lifeform.

    The story centers around these 'Champions,' and their parts in the war on either side, fighting for their respective forces in an effort to win the war, their lives on their various homeworlds being viewed as demigods, when in reality, high power doesn't entirely mean they're perfect. They'll meet men of combat, and men of politics. Gods of life and natural forces, and gods of darkness and death, admire the deepest reaches of space, and go toe to toe with each other in the efforto to perform the Endgame Act.