War's Plot Writing Challenge? She Isn't Quite Sure What to Name it XDD

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  1. (I'm gonna try to do a challenge don't kill me please n-n)

    Well everyone-- welcome to War's Land of Imagination!

    This place only exists in your mind, unfortunately. n-n

    //time to put my custom title to the test//

    War waves a bit and says hello!
    She quirks an eyebrow at you, as if you were guilty for not doing something she asked of you politely to do!
    War growls a bit and grabs you by the collar of your shirt-- leaving you cowering underneath her terrified!

    War continues to growl at the fellow Iwaku member in front of her, only to beam brightly in a split second.
    She pulls out a scroll and hands it to you, with a grin-- indicating for you to open it and see what it revealed!

    You open it-- only to lock your eyes on the big BOLD BLACK LETTERS that titled the top of the paper,

    'War's Imagination Challenge!'

    War looks at you, with a happy smile, waiting for your reaction to this.


    Okay, I'll stop talking in 3rd person now n-n

    The challenge is---

    //clears throat//

    Type up a scene with a fictional character (for example, Bucky Barnes but it can be whoever you want!) and your OC!

    Be creative, and use your imagination! (with the dreadful and terrible plots I give you) o3o


    1. You can only use the plots provided below---

    Plot 1 (open)
    Your OC AND the fictional character you chose both are genderflipped and they have to figure out a way to return to their normal genders. XD

    Plot 2 (open)
    Your OC and the chosen fictional character find themselves living as teenagers in highschool for some reason.

    Plot 3 (open)
    Something thought to be a myth turns out to be real and your OC and the fictional character must do something to stop the myth! (in this case, it's the loch-ness monster or however you spell it XD)

    And here--- I'll give you an example.

    I'll be using Bucky (The Winter Soldier) and Corbin (OC) in this challenge, and I will be demonstrating with the first plot! ^3^


    Corbin ran up to Bucky, ready to get herself hurt once again by the dangerous threat. Both emotionally and psychically.
    She did this almost every-day at least 5 times in a full 24 hours.

    Corbin didn't care if she got severely injured, she just wanted to be close to Bucky like she used to be before he turned evil.

    She ran faster and faster, approaching him with a smile on her face.
    Corbin knew she'd get punched and would be sent halfway down the street.

    Bucky always seemed to stay where he was, everyday.
    He'd be expecting her, but he wouldn't look surprised since he was used to this girl coming up and tackling him to the ground.

    Corbin's eyes met with Bucky's. She stood in front of him, gasping for air, but still grinning.
    Then the grin immediately left her lips.

    She looked down at his chest to see quite a large increase there.

    'Huh... I didn't see or notice that yesterday.' Corbin thought, but she also realized Bucky was looking at her funny also.

    "Where did your breasts go?" he, or should I say, she question Corbin curiously.
    "Um... Why do YOU have breasts?" Corbin placed her hands on her hips, interrogating him with an attitude.

    "I don't have br--- !!! I DO have breasts!" Bucky shouted out, flailing his arms like crazy.

    Corbin paused for a second and looked at the narrator,
    "Shouldn't you be switching our genders now? Bucky isn't a he anymore! He's a she! I'm not a she anymore, I'm a he!" and she whipped her head back to look at Bucky.

    "What are we going to do about this?" Bucky asked, continuing to flail her arms in a panic.

    "I don't know, I think we should change our names first." Corbin shrugged plainly, acting like it was no big deal.

    "Why aren't you freaking out?!" Bucky screeched, she was seriously making a huge deal out of this, for no reason.
    "Buck-- relaxxxxx... Chillllll." Corbin put his hand on Bucky's shoulder, confronting her in calming manner.

    "It's gonna be okay... It's gonna be okay." Bucky took deep breaths, trying her best not to go into another panic attack again.

    "Yeah, it's gonna be okay..." Corbin muttered, and shortly added something to her thoughts,
    "Jeez, what kind of mental torture tests has Pierce been putting her through?" and ended her sentence with an irritated eye-roll.

    "Guys, chill out. Lol." a voice of someone familiar walked up on the scene.
    "Tony?! You're a girl too?!" Corbin waved his arms wildly in the air, unable to believe what was happening.

    Too many genderbenders!

    "Yeah. I'm a girl. But this can easily be fixed." Tony shrugged, acting just like Corbin did towards Bucky.

    "Just close your eyes for a second~" Tony laughed, making sure that before she did anything, to have Corbin and Bucky shut their eyes.

    "Okay, now hold on." Corbin and Bucky were waiting patiently as Tony did her 'magic' to fix the gender-flipped thing.

    "AAAAAND VOILA! We're back to our normal genders again!" Tony grinned, convincing Corbin that Tony really was magical and could do anything possible.

    But all that Tony did was pop the balloons from underneath his shirt AND Bucky's, and removed the plastic wrap that was tightly closing in on Corbin's upper-chest.

    'Wow. I'm surprised she didn't freak out when I put my hands up her shirt.' Tony thought, and walked away as quickly as he could. He was going to have a huge great laugh about this, and it was a pretty good sibling prank on Corbin.

    She still believed Tony was a magician though, and she wanted to know how he did it.


    There you go! XD
    Now get to work my fabulous little Iwaku members :3

    (I know this challenge sucks but bare with me OwO)
  2. (curt and no backstory to the OC or how OC and character met.)

    Benjamin woke with a sharp pain in his head, and nothing felt right. He had arrived in Jump City only yesterday, and a hangover and complete exhaustion was proof that he was more akin to living the nomadic life in the wild. Across from him, a green skinned girl was peacefully dozing, slouched on a couch with a little bit of drool hanging from her tiny fanged mouth. Windows on either side showed clouds passing by at his level; the Titans Tower. Slowly, the girl's eyes opened; a natural instinct in response to the feeling of being watched.

    "Terra?" she uttered, surprised, but with a hint of sadness.
    "Who? No." was the curt reply.

    She had the same look as he did now, looking intently at his chest. He looked down, and jolted in fright. He -- she had a bosom. None of the scars procured from a hard life were anywhere to be seen on the new body either. She screamed, and pointed at the green girl, who also looked at herself and screamed.

    "Gar, what has science done?!" cried Benny.
    "Science? I don't think it's science." Beast Boy replied. "It might be. I dunno. Robin's out though, so it couldn't have been his science. Just a sec, Benny, while I get whatevers jabbing me in the back."

    Beast Boy dropped immediately what was in his hands that he got from what was lodged in the couch on the ground.
    "A book." Benny replied blankly.
    "Not just any book. Raven's spell book."
    OH. MY. GOD.
    "We didn't."
    "We totally broke into Raven's room."
    "A real knee-slapper, this is."
    "It's okay. We can still salvage this."
    "How? I guess we could ask when Rae comes--" Benny shut himself down. "Run away and hide. While we still have bodies."
    "We can't hide. Two attractive females such as ourselves would draw out too much attention."
    "True, true, ... ... I got it!" exclaimed Benny. "You can change forms, right?"
    "Yeah, into an animal." sighed BB.
    "Animals have genders too though! Try changing into slug or one of those lizards that can change genders."
    "Even if that did work, it still wouldn't help you. Maybe being a girl can be really fun. Raven doesn't show it, but Star sure does."
    "You can put me in your mouth, then change into a male. It'll count for both of us!"
    "That is insane!"
    "It's better than not trying, before Raven casts a worse spell on us."

    Beast Boy changed into a T-Rex for a quick instant, scooping Benny whole, before changing back into a humanoid again. The elevator doors abruptly opened; the rest of the Titans stared blankly at the scene before them. Benny was dangling by the leg from Beast Boy's mouth like a spaghetti noodle, covered from head to toe in saliva. Both were still dressed as females as parts of the ceiling crumbled softly down on them, but they were men again. Raven rolled her eyes. "I'm not even going to ask."
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