GROUP RP PLOTTING Wars of the lute and vibe.

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This is a simple story, though a complex one.

The premise is simple, yet the subject it deals with is far from simple.

In a world very much like our's, SOUND dominates the world. More specificly, this sound is MUSIC.

Here, any weapon has been removed, except for that of music. Wars are fought with music: The brute, driving force of Heavy Metal clashing with the complex melodies of classical music; The spirit and emotion of rock fighting the repitition and rythem of electronic.

Now, the conflict of music is threatened by one
thing. One unspeak able thing.


This non-sound is slowly crossing the land, taking where there was once sound and replacing it with nothing-ness.

Now, the only hope left for Music is for there to be enough of it in one place, enough for the white noise to be overwhelmed and the rich conflict of sound to finally be restored in its rightful place.

Aparently hope is an optimst. How can they fight the white noise when they are constantly fighting with each other?!?!?!

This rp was thought up by listening to Daft Punk's Human After All.
MMMMMmmmmmmm. Interesting. I LIKE! =) :bananaman:
Geeze. Whenever I hear tecno music Like Deadmau5 I get ideas.

I can't believe no one has jumped in on this. I really want to do it! I want to put my keyboard to work. =)
Does this mean we're all gonna be posting Youtube videos of songs whenever we're fighting?
Who knows? But actually I think that is a pretty good idea. It could give us a chance to experience new music and such. =)
Hell yeah that'd be awesome. Can definitely see Through the Fire and the Flames being used for an epic battle.
Ooh... Yah... Idk how to do it though.

Just a suggestion, figured it'd be cool to listen to some music as we're writing out a fight scene or something.
So that makes 4 yes? =D