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    Wars of Shaede
    ~ A Dark Modern Fantasy Gang War - Where the War of the Kin Overflows~
    Welcome to the city of Fransokyo(1) - in the year 2065; a 'Golden Era' in which the push of Mankind - the Mortal Men of the world, have brought their Technology nearly to the brink of discovery time and time again. The 'Mythical Unknown' however - always proves to out craft it being one step ahead has barely remained in the shadows to all but a select few in the world. Aerth, or Earth as Humanity calls it, is slowly spinning out of control a new darkness pulls strings and puppeteers the beginnings of an Epic War. As the Veritas en Lex-Pacem(2) accords are broken world wide discovery nearly breeched the under world is in an uproar. The Kin will have to pull together or repair the Sacred Accords - or risk the end of it all. Where do you stand? Bring on the gongs of war...

    This will be a Modern Fantasy Role - Play Group based our Kabyt's own original ideas and takes on a 'Shadow World' in which Supernaturals co in side with Mortal Men and Women. This RP group will play host to all sorts and manner of monster and mayhem. However!!! Be sure to check the races page before creating a character. Old cliche breeds and monster races are getting a facelift and minor adjustments that should provide a unique and fun twist for our story!​

    -- SIDE NOTE :: If you have any question PLEASE PM KABYT. We ask that no questions are posted below here we're gonna keep this thread neat and clean. Thank you in advance for you cooperation.
    -- SIDE NOTE :: Words with ( 1#s ) are found in GLOSSARY TAB just below.

    • In General you should see this City as a Powerhouse of Economy and Industry - on the surface it looks like an amazing city to live in with tons of opportunity and plenty of room to build a life for yourself. But that is the surface, its truly a machine that will eat you up and spit you out just as quickly as it would let you into it's city limits. Local law enforcement is closer to public - military enforcement - and yet still the 'Gang Violence' of the city spills over and over takes even them. The Gang Violence of course being the beautiful cover for the Kin's War going on just behind the curtain of this city.


      Locations within the City
      The City itself floats roughly 250 miles off the western shore of California, USA. Having originally been a part of Cali it now holds it's own statehood and is called Fransokyo. They support an extreme cultural mix but the majority populace is North American or Japanese American. The City is economically segregated into 4 areas and classes of wealth. -- North District is richest area and supports mostly Housing and upper class offices. Many higher Neutral Class Kin also hide out around here. --East District : Cove - is the business district and mainly supports - you guessed it - businesses. Downtown local and historical structures are also found her. LightStalkers hold main residence and protection on this area. --West District : Middle class housing mostly. Neutral territory and city vibe. College is found in this district as well. --South District : Down World Town NightWatchers own this territory and is a clubbing district - an area of sin and vice, hardly no police enforcement - and called Hells Kitchen on an every day basis. The Avarise Spire is the home base of the NightWalkers and owned by the Dijin Scales.



      x The Academy x
      -- HQ for LightStalkers - High Tech Para-Military Corp on the front - beneath the cover they are the keepers of peace

      xDown Town x
      -- Many Shops, and Businesses.

      x Mega Plex x
      Mega Mall - with just about every store you could ever want to shop in.

      x Memorial Gardens x
      -- Hospital that is also under the protection of the LightStalkers. What's more - angellic runes seem to cover the building cutting off all access to Demon Type Kin.

      Mysterious Anomalies

      x Rangaku University x
      College that boasts Many Programs of Study. Safe - Neutral zone. LightStalkers protect it.

      x Sand Landing x
      -- Beachy Area considered safe zone.

      x The Colony x
      -- HIGH END Living District - mansions no two look the same. Deals with gang violence often.. {/td}


      Coming Soon

      x Viri'Descent x
      -- Club Run by tge NightWatchers - Face of Bar is Blu Ao a Hell Hound who will fuck you up if you step outta line in Her Bar.

      x Avarise Spire x
      -- Business complex that deals in just about all things media. Supported by a magazine - they also own a chain of clubs, and other Nightly Businesses. They also boast their own line of fashion in the Spire

      x DownWorld Town x
      Many Shops, and Businesses.{/td}

    • [xtable=skin1]
      {td=center}LIGHTSTALKER'S LOCAL {/td}
      {td=center}NIGHTWATCHER'S TERF {/td}
      {td=@x12}ABOUT - Chaotic Light – they rule with iron fist and believe THEY are Judge and Jury – they eliminate Lawbreakers with Extreme Prejudice. This is not saying however that they are all good and kind - many of their Kin still break laws. They also seem to think that 'God' is on their side and are also referred to as the exorcists at times. {/td}
      ABOUT - Neutral Bad – they walk just within the lines of the law – they have to – to keep the peace with their Kin-Clans. Many enter Clan Wars go on within the NightWatchers though all Clans do seem to fear the Dijn Scales brothers. Many still plot and ploy to become the new rulers of the night and one must always be on guard if they are a Night Watcher Clans Kin.{/td}
      {td=@x12}Leader of ✠ LightStalkers - Council of 3 Clan Leaders. 3 OPEN SPOTS. (Leader of Arc Knights / Leader of Holy Seers / Leader of Mythics) >> 2ND IN COMMAND - The LTs. of Each Clan. This Hunters DO have a Member here that acts as a Liaison. So FOUR SPOTS AVAILABLE. But other than that unlike the NightWatchers this is ALL that governs the Light Clans.
      • Arc Knights – Half Angels known as Nephilim they use insane crystal weapons fueled by their spirit, half wings that they can morph / hide and seem to only be able to speak in truth
      • Holy Seers – Satyrs, Unicorns, Gryffs Mythological creatures of Light that have left the Clave of Guardians due to one reason or the other. Some felt the Guardians were becoming corrupted by NightWatchers.
      • Hunters – Composed completely of Human’s but unlike more humans they are considered Alpha class humans – super strength and bred through the ages this clan of well Hunters do just that – kill anything that steps out of line and are the most belligerent of the LightStalkers group. Hold no spot on the council and often reject the laws of the LighStalkers policing and controlling themselves only at the whims of their group.
      • Mystics – Light Elves and Vaelther Elves (SUPER RARE MUST HAVE KABYT PERMISSION FOR THIS ELF TYPE) Knowledgeable and producer of great technology that works on magic bases mostly.

      {td=@x12}Leader of NightWatchers :: CLAIMED BY SHAYLA >> 2ND in Command – Blu Ao – Hellhound >> Top Warriors – 4 Open Spots >>> Nyghts :: All other warriors within the group that ‘Police’ the Night Kingdom Clans and are set apart from the clans themselves. Council Consists of Clan Leaders --CLAN LEADERS
      • The GraveKeepers (( Vampires )) – LEADER CLAIMED BY SHAYLA Dhmpir ((vampire pure blood matriarch of a hive))
      • Djin Scales ((Half Demons)) Four Brothers lead this group – one of those brothers just so happens to also run the NightWatchers
      • Guardians (( Mythological Clan )) Pixies, Ogres, Golems, Gargoyles, Cyclops, Were Creatures (Not viral types like Lyshians and Dhmpirs))
      • BoneCollectors ((Wraiths)) Shadowy Clan made of Wryths (( ghosts sorta but also death bringers omen keepers succubus and shadow walkers)) Keep to themselves and never seem to need to ‘Talk’ negotiations between the clans out they just seem to know everything at the same time as tho they are linked.
      {td=@x12}CENSUS COUNT : 001{/td}
      {td=@x12}CENSUS COUNT : 001{/td}
      {td=@x12}NEEDS ... FOR AFTER WE GET GOING LOL{/td}
      {td=@x12}NEEDS ... STURF{/td}
      --for when large issues arise between clans{/td}
      --for when large issues arise between clans{/td}

    • You are NOT LIMITED to the races recorded here. Now if you chose something like a VAMPIRE you will have to understand that the DHMPIR RACE OF VAMPIRES IS YOUR ROYALTY AND IS THE MORE COMMON SPECIES - YOU ARE THE ODD ONE. Also Note you are allowed other Dragon Like Creatures - Such as Wyverns, or Basilisks, or even Japanese Serpent Dragons (not considered a Proper Dragon here ^.^;) but when it comes to Dragons in this story we will only have four and they will be very plot heavy neutrals. Also feel free to create your own races and creatures! I have left this age sorta loose and open ended just for that purpose!

      -- Lore on these rare beauties goes like this - they have always been Seers - are said to have come from Atlantis before it sank and can read the future of anything - of course when it comes to TIME NOTHING but the past is set in stone. They can look back into your past too - even objects they touch allows them to view the past of the object. Another quality they have are healing abilities. By touch alone they can heal broken bones, injured organs, they are the greatest healers around. They are said to be Human and Unicorn offspring but much of their true history is unknown even to them since there are so few of them. They almost ALWAYS have pointed ears a gem on their foreheads as well as on their wrists and ankles. Long silvery white hair regardless of gender and seem Kind by default. They may not be however. Their Healing touch can also be used to kill if wielded correctly.

      --HARPIES - Angels of a sort they specialize in Sound Manipulation and Suggestive Empathy Control. Their Kin form morphs their arms into wings and their feet into birds talons. Some don feathers and tails - some even have beaks of a sort. They ave EXTREMELY SHARP eye sight sometimes considered the best actually regardless of time.
      --MUSES - Empathy incarnate they can twist your every emotion and some think they are the essence of an angel poured into an elf like body. They seem to have a glow about them - eyes that you could loose yourself in, and are normally VERYYYY pretty. When ENRAGED they take a ghastly / haunting gaunt appearance and can be well evil and shit looking.
      --NYPHLIM - The Half Angels' Born to one of the Royal Court or High Angels (think Michael, Lucas etc etc or even one of the biblical saint - could also go with a horseman's child in this area) They are strong, smart, swift/agile, and can cast abilities on their flesh with runic stones (stealing this from umm what was it Shadow Hunters? yeah i think that is right I LURV THAT!) They were Created long ago when Angels still walked the earth and now are born in families and think themselves to 'Godly' to actually be a PART of the Light Stalkers - they want to obliterate all NightWatch Clans tho >.>; OUR Nyphlim STILL have the ability to manifest their wings tho. Wing colors range from Silver to white or golden tinted white for higher up angel offspring lines. (( BLACK WINGED NYPHLIM - are the same as Nyphlim only they turn to blood magic as they walk away from the light, their runes almost always take on a deadly effect - So if they had like Invisible shield - once turned dark it would make everything in the area pitch black to hide you. When we say Blood Magic we mean they can wield their magic to teleport from spot to spot (wherever their blood is at) they can also slice open a spot on their arm and force the blood into blades - blood will crystalize in this form and are easily broken by suprenatural weapons. ))
      --SIRENS - Like Harpies however, they have no taloned feet but have feathers running up the backs of their legs up their arms and have tiny wings that somehow still allow them flight.

      DHMPIR: Our Vampires!
      -- So vampires LOTS of variations for members to chose from - any known or member crafted type will be accepted. HOWEVER - the Dhmpirs are the aristocrats of the Vampire World, not only that they are considered the Pure Bloods and come in a Hive Style Matriarchal set up. So here we go a little about the Dhmpirs.
      -- They are Regals Aristocrats that normaly appear whispy / rail thin and gauntly beautiful and have an ethereal haunting appeal to them. They can look like any normal human in aspect of hair and skin color - height and body build though. Key features of a Dhmpir are crimson to black eyes that will glow when enraged or hungry, black sclera (thats the whites of the eyes) - pointed ears - blackened and sharpened nails and often time vein's appear through transparent like flesh. Dhmpir are not Bitten or Turned - they are born. They live relatively normal human lives until puberty hits then their diet rejects normal food for roughly 20 to 30 years. ( can resume eating regular foods later in life after they learn control of their hunger) They are Immortal and they are VERY FAMILY oriented. And I'm stealing a bit of Blood+ lore here in making them female family run the Queen Dhmpir's which are special being that they are always born as twins. Queens of a clan can create Knights who are the only ones who can create offspring with sibling Queens and the blood of the opposing twin queen is the only thing that can truly slay a queen. At CURRENT we're only going to allow for the 2 queens the residing Clan keeper of the GraveKeepers and her twin which will be more than likely a leader of her own clan and trying to take the GraveKeepers clan - the more prestigious and comes with the Dhmpir's Empire. They aren't called the GraveKeepers for no reason.
      ** About Dhmpir Bites ** A Bite on a Male Dhmpir from a Queen of a sisters Clan will turn him into a Knight (her Knight to be more specific) and will break any bound bond that male had with his maker. -- Any Dhmpir Bites a Human and you become a Ghoul - Blood thirty more normal Vampire with super strength and speed but lack luster in other abilities if any at all. You also Serve the Dhmpir that created you. All species are subject to a Dhmpir bite changing / altering them into the Hive.
      ------>> WHY ARE THEY CALLED THE GRAVEKEEPERS? The Dhmpir are the Keepers of the Hall of Bones - a special place in the Underworld that is a pocket realm and is the resting place to MANY higher up demons, and other guarded souls. Those who are meant for hell - but instead gained this little beautiful slice of hell. In a way Dhmpir are more SOUL Vampires than they are BLOOD FEASTERS. The Hall of Bones can ONLY be accessed by the Gravekeeper Clan though. And looks like an endless mausoleum. There is no outside really, some 'Inner Courtyards' but endless halls of the dead. The Clan heads - The Clan leader and her Knights she stole from her sister- are the only ones with Skeli Keys into this realm at this time. The others can Ask Access which will link them to the Clan leader who will either allow them entrance or deny it.

      --DJNINS -- PROPER-KNOWN DEMON OFFSPRING (Like saying your the son of Lucifer. Go into it knowing you prolly aren't the only one XD.
      --HELL HOUNDS : The Line of Cerberus - pups if you will from the line of the Keeper of Hell's Gate. He has Many children supposedly and all of them are fierce as shit and have tempers and the power to back it. Classified as Upper Level Djnins just below the 'Proper' Djnin - they often serve a Djnin as a loyal attack dog if you will. Now Hell Hounds are special in that it takes A LOT to put one down - tho mortal means do kill them - best bet is to try and behead. Now Hell Hounds have some pretty unique powers too. Firstly they have three forms. Human - Beastia Rage - Dire Cerberus forms. Each form is hella strong - has the ability to control Hellfyre (black and blood crimson fire that is more physical that it is fire being that it takes form and shapes and can actually pick things up. This fire is one part element one part telepathic ability.) Now being super strong also allows for them to be super fast. They are some of the fastest Kin on foot. Even Elves have a problem outrunning them. They can smell Lies and Deciet a mile away, and they have excellent night vision. Tho the are a little irritated and hindered during daylight hours. They always have Gold or Crimson eyes and red or black hair. Hell Hounds also can smell wicked or damned souls and if they want to - can take that soul before it's time to collect energy *Is secret to most Hell Hounds* They can open Demi Gates into Hell (so pretty much whenever they need to) And some even control Soul chains which will rip a soul apart and snatch it from its body. They have a way with all canine creatures of mortal and immortal plains and often times can also summon a familiar hellhound which is sorta like the other half to their whole.
      --GARGOYLS : Creatures of Stone some have wings some do not - they don't turn to stone during the daylight hours, but are weaker during them. They are hella strong and hard to kill having stoney like skin that have harden at will in patches as well as completly overtake their form. This stone is not like mortal plane rock though it's damn near unbreakable. They are considered a lower class Djnin and some can control lower level abilities and powers.
      --IMPS : Dark Deviant little fucks that decide to prank just about everyone, try to kill you - will stab you in the back in a heart beat - and are pretty much harmless on the power level scale. Now in their pranks they can be deadly. And the strongest of Imps can actually warp your visual reality and make you walk off a building. So theres that.
      --SUCUBI - INCUBI - NIGHT TERRORS : Pretty much your lust and desire demons - night terrors being fear eaters. Come in a variety of forms and types.

      -- Long ago these massive and powerful beings ruled the earth, but as the humans grew their numbers were damn near hunted into extinction. It was only by the power of Malefiorae - the Mother of Dragons - that the last four of her children were saved. Two male and two female one from each of the Pillar Element blood lines. How she saved them was most unique as well. For their very Souls were made eternal by phoenix light and their forms locked and hidden away in Mortal form. They live roughly 200 year life spans (if awoken and made away of what they truly are) and at the end of each life span their body dies and is reborn anew roughly 2 years of age with a new family. Sometimes these families are Kin (supernaturals) and know what they are, other times they are just mortal families and live normal mortal lifes. The things that stay the same however is their gender, and their element. Now what's unique in our current plot about the dragons is they are all four the same age this has only ever happened twice in history and both times were during great conflict and war. These four have just recently been awakened
      (must talk to kabyt to get one of these characters and in essence will be trying to remain neutral tho all of the clans will want their allegiance and loyalties. ) DRAGONS MUST BE 23 YEARS OLD
      -- Dragons are more like Mages in this rp. They are actually fucking EPIC Elemental Mages who can bend / summoner and employ the elements with their very will. NOW this is NOT SAYING they are humans, no no they are still very much dragons - have bad tempers normally, have some interesting other abilities too will update more here but your character will RARELY IF EVER make a full shift to full dragon form. Your 'Dragon' aspects will be horns, claws, tails wings, taloned feet so dragoon ish. Also will have a natural scale like boney plating under the skin that protects them somewhat from attacks. Scales can also be manifested and is like a Medium Weight Armor. But can still be pierced. ((MORE ON DRAGONS COMING))

      --THE NORMAL TYPES YOU KNOW - Night, Sun , Blood, High, Wood ... you know all the different types of elves you can think of from stories and lore books and fiction and stuff.
      --VAELTHER -My Own Breed of Elf will fill this in once I complete my character which is a Vaelther lol.

      -- PIXIES :: Devious little dark souled magic creatures. They are cousins to Fairies but if Fairies were dignified as Light Creatures a Pixie is the opposite. They tend to control chaos magic or prankster / poltergeist casting styles of magic. They like all Fae can shrink to mythological size (( roughly 2 - 5 inch in height )) Or the orb with simple wings. When a pixie hides it's wings they will be come tribal like tattoos on their back. They will always have pointed ears and larger almond shape eyes. Even when in human form it seems.
      -- FAIRIES :: Pretty much the same as a Pixie but a dedicated creature of nature or light more often than not. They tend to stay neutral in most events and fear fights for some reason. They unlike Pixies however will often appear in the guise of a much younger human than they would be mature wise. For instance the great queen of Fae seems to enjoy taking her 'Human Glamor' in the form of a ten year old spoiled little girl. They like Pixies have large almond shaped eyes and pointed ears, however they often times also have antenna - and when their wings are hidden on their back they fade into only a dim shimmering outline.
      --FAEREIS :: Fire Pixies in a way, they believe in chaos and destruction. Love to melt shit and often have dark tanned skin and yellow eyes. They unlike other Fae do not have wings, but have a long thing cat like tail with a flaming tip on the end. Their ears seem a little furred and when not glamoured their hair tends to get a bit wild. They still can shrink down like all fae and they can fly even without their wings. Only for shorter times.

      -- Myths and Lore - Like Witches Goblins - their type of elves (the small evil lil fuckers who normally did things with a price and couldn't lie and the such)) Many many options here - go for an original Grimm baddy or take a spin at your own version of it!

      --SATYRS, PEGASUS, HYDRAS, ETC ETC Same as Grimm Myths above only the Greek Lore monsters and such!


      LYCANS :: Not your average werewolf!
      -- Unlike how hollywood likes to view werewolves, We;re going a different route. Lycans or Lyshiens as some are called -- are actually more like Hell Hounds only pure of nature - kindred to the earth and actually were some of the Goddess Gaia's first followers. They can shape change at will and have three base forms rather than simply human and half wolf. They go from Human to Warrior form and then full form which is a full wolfen form they still can stand on their hind paws if need be but move on all fours and are roughly 4 times the size of a normal big ass wolf. They also do not loose control when in wolfen form. In fact if they are in a pack they are linked telepathically on a mythical bond called simply the Pack Bond. Its not like having an open channel 24/7 either its only if you call out you could still TELL what others are doing but its sort of like having your mind in the same room with the others you can ignore them as background noise completely. Once you learn how to use your wolf self of course. Lycans are born not bitten. They are a blood line that dates back before men - and it's rumor they only became Like humans to better blend in. They are the ULTIMATE hunters and keepers in the night. They normally chose neutrality and packs often only do as they must to abide the accords. They MUST shift on full moon however, it's more ritual and helps to strengthen the pack in a way. Lone lycans DO NOT EXIST, they are KILLED, without a pack - without the bond you become somewhat rabid. If you BITE a mortal this is when the Curse of the Werewolf enacts on the victim and you get the grisly looking bear - man- beast thing you always see in hollywood horrors. Now were wolves HAVE NO CONTROL they ARE RABID and they WILL TURN EVERY NIGHT. And pretty much go on rampages - needless to say the Lycan's punish those who have bitten - and let survive the encounter - almost more harshly then they punish those that simply hunt and kill humans. Most Lycan's think it's disgusting to eat humans (lol). Also to note the only way to truly kill a Lycan is with burning their heart and cutting their head off and burning that too. Don' ask me how they come back they just do lol. Werewolves (infected) can normally be killed by mortal means and with silver but it takes ALOT to put one down. Lycan's are actually weaker physically compared to their infected friends. Also to note Lycans are allergic to silver but it isn't all powerful harmful to them. They can for instance wear silver for short periods of time.

      -- Like those from lore they can do extraordinary things - even summon weather - wield elements - summon creatures. But at MOST they only ever control 5 powers or 5 spells. Nothing more nothing Less. And often only gain Complete control of their 5 spells in their later 20s. They are born - they look like oridinary humans, however, they have tribal like runes running all over their bodies that look sorta a dark henna color or like sear marks almost a scar color but not. Set apart. They are born with these 'Runes' and these are in essence the abilities they will control. Only Elder Ladies and Wyse Men can read these. They are a very family oriented people and the larger the family the stronger the bond. Being able to mass produce and Mix their powers when in circles - they can cast insane powers.

      -- Creatures that have a foot both in this plane and in the next. They often have no corporeal (thats physical body / mass form) body and are many times considered nothing but figments. Even the 'Aliens' are considered anomalies and only holographic versions of themselves seem to appear on the Mortal Plane (Thats earth)

      --Sorta like the Reapers from BLEACH having a Soul like form that is empowered by a weapon of that soul, at the same time they are shadow benders and have the only access into the Shade Plane (thing shadow version of this world portals can be taken into and out of any Shadow in the realm world to the Shade plane. They can also bend shadows into a physical form that can coil - lash - ensnare - stretch and do all sorts of shit think Ink matter controlled by their will. They can also read the color of your soul. Bright White to Blackest black they can predict where you are going. They often wear black cloaks over their body that seem to be made of shadow mists themselves. These cloaks allow them to pass through objects levitate for a short time and even cloak them in shadow to hide them temporarily the magic in this will also push a viewers gaze away and make them think there is nothing there.

    • 1 Fransokyo :: an island formed from a section of California that broke off roughly 50 years ago after a catastrophic earthquake wrenched the southern to mid sections of the state completely off the USA borders. Over a span of 50 years the newly formed island would be further pushed from the coastlines as volcanic activity stemmed and erupted from the recently removed section of the country. In today's time though - Fransokyo is a hustling bustling hive of activity and economic growth for the USA. Renewing Japanese American ties the island is now seen as a Beacon for Technology, and is taking leaps and bounds towards the future. One is only left to question - how long can the Kin remain hidden.

      2 Veritas en Lex-Pacem ( Truth in Law of Peace ) - often called the VLP or just the Accords. An ancient Pact set up long ago to keep the Kin hidden and safe from discovery while monitoring and policing one another. The Light would watch the Shadow and the Shadow would watch the Light. At the turn of the 18th century was this Pact was later brought back to the Table for re negotiations for the World of Humans was now growing in leaps and bounds. It has been roughly 1200 years since that re negotiations in which brought the factions of Light Stalkers and NightWatchers to the heads of their aligned clans making them the leaders and the keepers of their own side. The war has broiled just under the surface of peace ever since.
      -- In Our Time :: This matters because the Accords are about to be broken and no one seems to know which side did it! The Council' As it is called is held on the strongest 'Gate' in the neutral territory of FranSokyo. No Clan truly owns this Island but the Gate itself holds enough power that both Leaders o realize a tilt in either direction of the Libre Scales and they would not only be discovered but would also start a war that may end them all.

      Libre Scale - A myth or legend that the tides of Heaven Hell and the Dimensions Surrounding the Good Vs Evil struggle in essence is all guaged on a power measuring Scale in the Universe, if it tilts one way or the other ( BY INFLUENCE OF FLUCTUATING POWERS OF GOOD OR EVIL WITHIN IT'S INFLUENCE ) the opposing side may be granted the back draft of energy from the side that is weakest in that moment. In other words, if the Darkness gets to strong the Light gets a sudden power kick to ensure survival of Both Sides of this Celestial War. Why does this happy you might ask? How is that fair? Well think about it ... How do you know what is Truly Good Without First Witnessing That which is Absolute Evil? And Vise Versa? OOOO We getting all philosophic up in here!

      Gates - Portals / Rips / Tears in the Dimensions and a pooling source of chaotic and neutral energies. These 'Gates' actually cover miles worth of land and are often seen by a hazy bubble of rune like glyphs that manifest in a bubble like barrier around the entire gate. These Runes can only be seen by some, and very very few can even read the writings on the runes. The barrier itself has no resistance or feel to it at all it's just there once you pass into the area of the Gate your energy for Glamours is maxed and no longer pulls from your own bodies reserves. So All Kin within a Gate can keep their Glamours up indefinitely. Unless the Gate Drops.
      -- FranSokyo is COMPLETELY WITHIN THIS GATE'S AREA. With the Gate being an ample source of chaotic energy - strange shit seems to not only happen here, be drawn here, and be influenced by the actions of the kin here, but can also have >.> Crazy shit out of no where just decide to spawn up as the Gate can actually Act like a GATE and Anchor point for Ley Lines Spanning all of Space Time and the Universe and its Dimensions in essence. This Gate also happens to be in Flux and seems unstable at the moment so get ready for the ride!

      Kin - Any and All Creatures of Suprenatural Nature. No matter HOW LITTLE PERCENT of a creature you are you will still be a Kin if you have ANY POWERS ABILITIES OR ANYTHING SUPERNATURAL AT ALL ABOUT YOU. Now that being said Kin species cannot inter breed and produce offspring. Sorry I don't want mix breeds here for the simple fact we'll end up with people going I'M 1 - 3RD MAGE - HALF UNICORN - 3 PARTS PHOENIX WEEE or doing oppositions like UNI-VAMPI-CORNS yeah no... lol. Brain breaks on that one lol.

      Mortals - are just plain ole humans with absolutely nothing supernatural about them. They cannot see through glamours unless the Kin Drops that Glamour intentionally to scare the living bajeebus outa them XD. They will also 9 times outa 10 be oblivious to what in the hell is going on all around them! Now that being said these will mostly be NPCs you are free to play as one tho lots of plotty options here too! The Kin have many names to call Mortals some of them are Norms / Normies / Munds / Danes (for women mortals mostly) / Joes (males) / Snack - Treat - Dinner - other lovely explicits here for demon races XD) / Human - normally spat like a curse / And Morte's in some cases.

      AGE - ## Looks ## || BIRTHDAY :: MONTH || GENDER – FE / MALE / ???
      STANDS || #”#' WEIGHS || ### lbs EYE COLOR || color HAIR COLOR || length color extra.




      :UP TO 5 ONLY:


    RULES (open)

    •• BE POLITE : obviously be nice to each other - in story rip each other apart. OOC you keep it clean.

    •• STAY ACTIVE : seriously don't make me hunt you down every three days for a post. we're looking for ROUGHLY a post a day - every two days. only takes 15 minutes to right a paragraph.

    •• NO - THE NORMAL SHIT HERE : spammaning / gm / flamming etc blah blah blah >.> we're adults here. act it.

    •• More to come surely : but to tired to remember them we all know how to rp dammit please be aware i can be a strict bitch. don't push me.

    •• LIMIT YOURSELF : Try not to make To Many Characters - i will only limit those i feel are getting out of hand.

    •• GRAMMAR AND POST LENGTH : as you can see by my rules i can give to shits about grammar now i'm not saying type like this in post, but please try to at least run the spell check over that even iwaku's post boxes flag some things. try and take the time to read your post over a second time. and please - please for all that is creative and good a paragraph is NOT THAT HARD TO WRITE even in 5 minutes. not asking for more but if i get a three sentence fragment BS i will curb stomp you. try new angles, think of introspect idea from your character, express the sensations of the area around you. see seriously easy but for absolute structure sake and so we're all on the same page. 6 Full Sentences is my own definition of a paragraph.

    •• NO META / GM / PP ETC ETC : again we're all adults and role - players here. do not claim powers you do not have, no not claim knowledge you learned OUT OF CHARACTER and your character has no way of knowing. this also goes for people with telepathic / mind breeching abilities. do not enter a character's mind without permission (or dedicated NPCs) regular npcs massacre them and weave your way to out maneuver your opponent that way ? sure fine cool. also do not kill characters without permission.

    •• YES VIOLENCE / GORE / SEXY TIMES : however ... please take anything past pg13 off the main rp thread you can link it back in or whatever but I don't want to flood the main thread with smut thanks. Violence and Gore is a WEE in my book >.> however realistic consequences are an understood if you say ... go on a rampage in the middle of down town and expect to get away scot free HA be warned both factions will act.

    •• SIDE PLOTS : all good and dandy but i want it understood the MAIN FOCUS of this group for NOW revolves around the two Main Factions residing within This City. We may go out of city for events and stuff but for the most part we want characters and even side characters built for the two factions. as i said for now. later on we may open up for other big bosses and the like but we must build our foundation before the rp can spiral in all different directions first.

    •• PURE BLOOD GODS : in my book pure blood gods / angels / demon = no no = world breaking destruction just when one has a temper tantrum. SOME characters will be able to wreck a city block radius, SOME as in VERY FUCKING FEW IF ANY AT ALL! We do not want to be seen remember this. More powers your character has at being incognito the better chance for survival, the two factions will both work to that aim together stay hidden Kinsmen! now half bloods - angel and demons are fine - but we're gonna ask that no gods be made at this time please. malefiorea is an understood 'unknown' as in only the four dragons know of her really other than SOME ancients left in the world.

    •• RACE RESTRICTIONS : YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY BY MY RULE RESTRICTIONS, however if you chose to play outside the examples given in the races you will be considered and anomaly - loner more than likely and not have a 'Clan' of your own. HOWEVER in concern of DRAGONS there are ONLY 4 IN THE WORLD PLEASE READ DRAGON RACE INFO IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ONE NO YOU CANT EVEN BE PART DRAGON ONLY 4. now cousin races like wyverns and basilisks sure go right ahead but no dragons. also serpentine dragons are not dragons in this world (chinese / japanese style) but sky serpents - yeah i know what's the difference? - just go with me on this one k. thx.

    •• BALANCE YO' SHIT : keep your characters balanced none of the mary or gary sues please - not everyone needs their parents to have died - not everyone has to have had a bad child hood >.> thank you.

    -- I would like FOR EVERYONE TO REMAIN IN THE POST ORDER THAT THEY START / ENTER THE THREAD PLEASE & THANK YOU! I want to do this because it will keep things more orderly and will keep the flow going by giving each member a 2 day time span (48 between each post) to post. If any member exceeds that time frame / MISSES THERE POST / I will post here TAGGING THE NEXT MEMBER IN LINE TO POST AND THE PERSON WHO HAS MISSED THEIR TURN. IF YOU CHARACTER IS IN A BATTLE SCENE AND YOU MISS YOUR TURN YOUR CHARACTER IS FORFEIT TO HARM / INCOMING ATTACKS!!!
    -- A note on time flow and character area locations. When you post please at the START of your post tell members WHERE your character is within the city. DO NOT FUCKING QUOTE IN THE IC PLEASE! I don't want to see quoting ever. TAG ALL MEMBERS you interact with the @ command here on IWAKU its very nifty and works well at the end of posts for me! This will help people keep up with who is interacting with who and allows for quicker back tracking of what you need to respond to! Time flow within the plot will go in Arcs we will start the First Arc today! Within the MAIN Plot Arc Members are free to create and build as many small plot's as they like with one another. we will also have a spot here for TURN INS when MEMBERS GO OFF AND ROLE PLAY WITH JUST A SMALL GROUP OR A 1X1 so long as you keep to the limitations of our world you are free to do this for swifter posting means! See our PLOT PAGE for an example of what I'm walking about ^.^.

    TIME AND ABSOLUTE GODLY POWERS = NO NO. We will not be hoping foreward or backwards in time and though I will allow for Seer's ( can predict things) You must keep in mind to predict even a single line of ones future is like wading through a sea of decisions they are yet to make everything from even scratching ones nose can pull a thread on the lines of fate. So even tho one can SEE a future realize the character you're seeing ultimate can change it even with the slightest degree of change in the path you foretold. NOW things like stopping time, rewinding it things liek that even slowing it down do not work that is GODS POWER and Gods along with Pure Blood Angels and Demons will not exist on the mortal plane of existence. So no screwing with time lol.

    Any power after that could just about be had tho and even tho one character may have fire bending abilities doens't mean you can't have that ability either. This is where i get all happy go lucky and weee about people's creative freedoms within a story hell so long as you don't god mode and break the world feel free to play out any power. Anything i view as to much i will discuss with you in PMs privately but It will NEVER EVER be a START OVER message. It will be me helping to work with you to build a power that will fit into this world. ^.^

    Also to note -- Magic and the Cost of it in this world / also includes powers of any type can be translated into physical action / energy of the action made.
    I.E / What the Hell are you saying Kabyt

    Say You have Telepathy. You wanna float to the other side of the room.
    -- K so how does this translate to say throw a fire ball?
    - THE ACTION TO HURL A FIRE BALL ROUGHLY THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL WOULD COST 5X THE AMOUNT OF PHYSICAL ENERGY TO THROW THE SAME IN PHYSICAL FORM (A BASEBALL) WHY 5X? Because 1. Throw the ball / action of it 2. Concentration and extraction to pull the element from the natural environment. 3. To Direct and focus that Ball of Fire to not only Keep it's form but stay on the intended path. AND 5. I'm saying for anything over a 5 foot radius would cost of course more energy and then more energy and then more the further away from your character's physical position and raidus of influence. All characters will have a radius of influence and a limitation or max to which their powers can reach. Even creatures summoned will remain within a radius of their master.

    So see NO STATS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS. Just when posting with powers thing How much physical energy would it take for me to do X. if I didn't have the magic to do it. That will tell you how much you can do with your characters. Also keep in mind performing MAGIC can be DANGEROUS if i see you weild a spell that is GODLY in nature it will kill your character. This is because once the spell / seal / cast / mage influence is made they can't withdraw the action. It's a done deal. ANNND i imagine horrible for mages cause it's like they would realize at the Action's end that they fucked up and feel their life literally pulled outta their body to try and perform the magic they wield.

    ((this will be added to the rules ^.^ thx for reading - gives a cookie for reading-))

    -- SIDENOTE :: MALEFIOREA - Kabyt's dedicated NPC god can kill you if you fuck with the plot or fuck up in the rules, that's right i'm not gonna just kick you out - report you and ignore you - nnoooooo then i'ma humiliate your ass with a horrible horrible death in story - its my way of venting angers at immature members. Understand this will ONLY happy if you have been warned more than twice about any rule.

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      Article: 04.14.16 :: OOC
      -- Finishing up the information >> or the start up of it. Will fill more in as we go along and may end up spreading it out a bit more O.O;;; sorta no like the crowdedness of it at current >.> -inner designer squirms-
      -- Finishing up my own characters as well as getting the Intro to the RP / IC thread up and running tonight.
      -- Updated Glossary some more interesting terms / facts / sturf!
      -- Hmm things are sorta crowded >.> Should I build a Wix Site for our group? POST A VOTE ON PAGE 5!!!

      MAJOR SIDENOTE!!!! RULES UPDATED!!! pls be sure to read!!!!

      Article: 04.07.16 :: IC

      OLD NEWS
      Show Spoiler

      -- Still Setting up obviously this will be a quick look for ooc info mostly and quick ic updates.
      -- MON:APRIL:04:2016 - Thread was Moved to Regular Group Plotting and out of Libertine. Hoping to get more interest now. Also going to work on the races some more today! As well as the Sign Up CHAR SKELI. At work right now so - stay tuned and I'll get more updated later today. We may get this going this evening.
      ~~> END OF MON:NIGHT - GOT JUST ABOUT ALL INFORMATION IN - ALSO GOT CHAR SKELI UP! START YOUR CHARACTERS! Also to note the ONLY DRAGON LEFT IS THE EARTH DRAGON MALE! GET HIM WHILE HE LASTS! Can't wait to see all the characters! I have gotten started on my hell hound should have her and my dragon character together by tomorrow! And Hopefully gonna get the rp start tomorrow too! Weeeee Thank you all so very much for joining! Spread the word around we have room to grow!


      ARC . 001
      - Sinner in Lambs Clothes -
      It was a night that many would remember as the fateful turn in the tides – when the tenuous strings of peace were cut or frayed and the descent into madness of war would begin. Accusations and threats friends turned enemies and new enemies rearing their ugly heads. It was a night that so many would remember and so many would even blame. And yet, still this night was both confusing and clarifying in it actions. War was on its way and even a Sinner hiding in Lamb’s Clothes would be dragged into the light of justice if they only but stepped out of line. Tonight would change things for the Kindred forever.

      SIDE - PLOTS
      - 001.01 - Drinkin with the Dogs - Play with Blu in the Viri'Descent Bar -
      ((Coming on Monday!))

      Show Spoiler


      You know what she means here. Kabyt tends to play between the lines sorta Easter Egg Style Plot Devices when they get vague or need further explanation I'll post it here!

    ARC . 001 - SINNERS || INTEREST CHECK || OOC (u-r-here)
    XTRA || XTRA || XTRA
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    --in this post you can see who plays which characters and which faction they are in--​

    • Who - Plays - Who •
    KABYT - Plays Wysteria Flynt + Blu Ao + Everytte Koel Soltune
    • Tyrannosaurus Rekt - Plays Char Beleghast

    • Silver - Plays Sonya Eldwen
    • Furasian - Plays Alfons Lorenzo
    • Kythera - Plays Tallulah Charybdis
    • Pasiphae - Plays Calliope Delorea + Jezabell Shoto
    • Nemopedia - Plays Saree Nett
    • Princess Misaou - Plays Claudia Cardinale
    • Wicked - Plays Lorethan “ R e t h ” Orën

    • Uneasy Goat (( LIGHTSTALKER - Holy Seer Clan Member ))
    • Mischief (( 1 / 4 TOP WARRIOR for NIGHTWATCHERS + A GHOST ))

    @Pasiphae || @Kythera || @Uneasy Goat || @Furasian || @Mischief || @Silver || @Tyrannosaurus Rekt || @Kabyt || @Nemopedia || @Princess Misaou || @Wicked || @Boo Girlie BoomBoom
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  5. [​IMG]B L U - A O - C E R B E R U S
    t h e h e l l h o u n d -- c o m p l e t e
    Show Spoiler

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AGE - 69 Looks 20..maybe || BIRTHDAY :: OCTOBER? || GENDER - FEMALE

    STANDS || 5'3" WEIGHS || 115 lbs EYE COLOR || Crimson HAIR COLOR || Raven's Blue-Black; waist length - longer when in Rage mode.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]_____________
    Being a Hell Hound born - when in Human form she will still have sharpened canines on top and bottom jaws (not so much to protrude and stick out but she will definitely have a wolfish grin). She also has the Crimson Eyes of Cerberus and her ears are slightly pointed. Her nails are naturally black as well.
    -- Scars ||
    She has a lace like pattern of thin spiderweb like scars of silver color crossing most of her body one must be up close and personal to view them though. The largest rolls from around her ribs to just above her lower hip on her back. These are the pages of her history spent and are the sign of her time as a prisoner in Hell's arena fights.
    Lesson No1 - Do Not Be Fooled By Innocence
    To put it short - Blu is a Bitch - the Biggest Bitch you may ever meet. She is a HORRIBLE MORNING PERSON, and tends to live on a healthy diet of coffee and wine most days - she does have a furious appetite and can be bribed into things for food if it's really good stuff. She HATES liars, and LOATHES cheaters, she also has and issue with Reavers (Lovingly called Shadow Crawlers by her) even though she can come and go from hell as she pleases now she still loathes the fuckers who took her there in the first place. She used to have many fears, but these days she fears only disappointing her master. In a way she is loyal only to Him and would betray ALL for Him. But on the surface she works as a face and front to the NightWatchers group in the Viri'Descent Bar. With a stony cold disposition and an attitude that matches and surpassed her bite - most should know by now to tread carefully around this attack dog.

    TEMPER TEMPER!! Oh she has an explosive temper. Be wary not to step on her toes, she will bite cha! she chews on her nails - she plays with her hair a little bit to much - can't seem to keep her hands out of it. She also likes to tear shit up regardless of what it is - and playing rough - play fighting is sorta her thing.

    ___[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ___
    Coming soon!
    01. The Line of Cerberus
    Classified as Upper Level Djnins just below the 'Proper' Djnin - they are often contracted by Spiked Collars to serve a Djnin / upper level demon as a loyal attack dog / pet .
    This isn't so much an ability as it is a set of inherited species traits from her dear ole da'. Species are known for speed / agility / super sharp senses - most keen being their sense of smell which can find ANY SCENT regardless of where and when it travels. Freelance / free Hell Hounds are often used as Bounty Hunters for a reason. They can also smell a lie and see a Marked / Damned Soul for hell. On top of this they have a nifty ability to create doors to their father's dimension. This speed and strength also comes with a stamina to go for Miles, get the shit beat out of her and keep on going. She is without a doubt a Tank tucked away in a tiny package.

    02. Thrice Form :: Human - Beastia Rage - Dire Cerberus (further below)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -- Middle Image + Add wolf ears a small set of horns sweeping back from just above and behind her ears and a PAIR (thats 2) of swishy wolf tails. Give her taloned paws as seen in above image and there yah go Rage mode.

    03. Hellfyre (black and blood crimson fire that is more physical that it is fire being that it takes form and shapes and can actually pick things up. This fire is one part element one part telepathic ability.)

    04. Soul chains which will rip a soul apart and snatch it from its body

    05. She has a way with all canine creatures of mortal and immortal plains . Also can summon a familiar hellhound.
    [​IMG]Thanks for Reading ^.~

    [​IMG] W Y S T E R I A - L Y N - F L Y N T
    t h e f i r e d r a g o n -- 10% c o m p l e t e
    Show Spoiler

    {td}ALIAS : WYST || STANDS : 5'5' || WEIGHS : 115 lbs
    FAVORITE COLOR : Turquoise Blue || EYE COLOR : Sakura Pink
    HAIR COLOR || Silver White - waist length

    Currently working through college as a cafe Barista - she attends the University of Arts in merry ole' London, England and unlike her siblings - she was born and raised here during this life time.

    To say she was Shocked at discovering she was some sort of mythical creature hiding in plain sight is a understatement. But now this young Dragon has just recently been awakened and

    O'buddy is the Hidden War that wages behind the scenes is in for a surprising bit of fire now!{/td}
    In general she enjoys reading - writing - drawing / photography - and free running. Anything to get the blood pumping.

    Spending most of her time alone she is a bit of a wall flower - quiet and serene - that is of course not saying she doesn't have temper or never gets angry oh no - she only boils beneath the surface to later explode quite dramatically even at times.

    Wyst is always a shoulder to cry on or hear a friend's troubled woe's. She has a heart of gold if only one could reach it!{/td}
    {td}Dragon Clawing Its Way Out
    The feral side of Wyst is a much more aggressive and cruel natured being.

    She knows she's a badass and her dragon takes pleasure in her enemies pain. You could say she is a bit ... Battle Hungry once her dragon side awakens and can be a bitch to settle back down again.[​IMG]{/td}
    I'm Just a Human...
    -- She was born in Northern Ireland though would live only long enough to miss the fresh green hills when her mother took her away. After a rough divorce the ladies only had one another
    - as her mother forcefully kept her father away. Everyone and everything in her life was pretty average. She just wanted to be an artist, had been saving up for a pretty sweet loft apartment even on lower west side. She was just learning to manage the depression and loss of her mom...

    Oh but all that just had to change. The moment a horned and tailed woman appeared out of no where in her black room - photography studio on campus - her whole life had been turned
    topsy turby. You could say she was 'Woken Up' and in doing so she'd set half the Department on fire...

    Ancient Past Just Remembering bits and pieces now...
    -- Its been a Month since that day - the crazy bitch keeps appearing to Wyst in her sleep - Find you Kin, Remember Yourself. Always followed by more dreams, more insane visions and sensations of lifes she can't remember!

    What's more this fire she controls seems to come with other addictive powers as well. Between learning she is an Ancient Mythical Dragon trapped in the guise of a Human and that the world around her is Barely even the Tip of the Ice Berg ... to say the least this is gonna be one Hell'uva'ride!

    >> Da - Irish man who travel back and forth to visit his daughter now that her mother has passed away. She finds it challenging to understand him but is working with him to make a bond stick. He knows NOTHING of her true self.

    >>BEST FRIEND - M or F knows something is up with Wyst and will find out eventually as the Shaede War drags in Wyst's best friend as a pawn to use against her in the battles to come!
    >>SIGNIFICANT OTHER - M or F - She is bi after all though her destiny is with one of the other Dragons, will this relationship happen? Will she love a Dragon first? Will Dragon guys take away her heart?? AHHH!

    >>Malefiore ( Mal - E- Fi - OR - eh) The Mother of Dragons Keeper of Kingdoms and Protector of Avalon (afterlife in this storyline) Long ago when the Aerth (Earth) was young Mal and her children roamed and ruled the lands - skies, forests and seas. Some of her children were neutral some were savage and some were tame, but All took orders from only Mal herself and no other. But due to those that were savage outweighing those that were tame and good - Mankind came to fear and despair them - then they began to hunt them.
    After a time Mal realized even after those that were guilty had been slain that man would continue to slay her children. Taking her four last children from the earth she granted them a Phoenix Soul - so that they live and live again until properly slain. So that they could hide she changed them into the guise of mortal men and set them to hide in plain sight. As the Millennia marched on the Four Dragons lived on and on - life after life they slowly lost bit by bit of their true self and true memory. In current day Mal has appeared to them as their Star Signs Align (same age) it is time for the work of the Dragons to begin.{/td}
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    E V E R Y T T E - K O E L - W Y S S E
    t h e v a e l t h e r -- 10% c o m p l e t e
    Show Spoiler


    E V E R Y T T E W Y S S E
    AGE - 162 Looks 25 || BIRTHDAY :: ? || GENDER – MALE

    STANDS || 6”2' ☪ WEIGHS || ### lbs EYES COLOR || cyan ☪ HAIR COLOR || silver gray white shaggy.

    IDENTIFIABLE RACE MARKERS || Pointed ears and slightly glowing eyes plus a lithe body that seems naturally toned. An Enigma, a quiet white shadow with the leering blue pools of energy for eyes. He stands a slender 6'2" tall, but is much stronger than he looks. Being Vaelther his body is like carbon fiber, hard to damage and even harder to break.

    A boyish charm – an innocent demeanor – but a heart as cold and structural as a well written program hack. He’s not exactly Mr. Friendly; he’s also not exactly the best person to hang with. At times Ever can be so lost in his own mind he will completely ignore all things around him. Even his own bodily needs. Having a IQ that is off the charts gives him an advantage on most fields even in battle, but when it comes to being … polite to the ‘lesser minds’ around him he’s well rather a dick!

    An Enigma Wraped in a Mystery fucking Wraped up in a Madman >.> no seriously. No one really knows where Ever came from just showed up one day, and appears to be an Elven race, though this race never actually lives here on Earth.

    X. Technopath - BIOLUMINENCE
    X. Speed / Agility (stronger than human)
    X. Control over Wooden Growths
    X. INSANELY HIGH IQ paired to an Eidetic Memory
    X. Solar Powered Healing / Nourishment (star energy actually so star's (sun) and moon's reflective light will help to heal him and will substain hs life he TECHNICALLY doesn't need to eat anything. So long as he leaves his Dungeon for 6 hours.
    {td=348x@} {/td}
    {td=349x@} {/td}

    Show Spoiler



    FOR LATER & more
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  6. Might hold me a spot ^^ Got other CSs I need to poop out in other RPs but when I get those out I'd love to give this rp a try!
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  7. And We've been Moved ^.^ !!! Yippeee! Now maybe we'll get some more peoples!
  8. I was curious to know if I could snag up the One spot Female Dhmpir/The GraveKeepers & Leader of Nightwatchers?

    If only allowed one either would be fine for me!
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  9. @Kythera , Thought it might peek your interest.
  10. Yes actually! The leader of the Gravekeepers is a female Dhmpir. I'm currently at work >.>; and working on the races hehehe So I should have the vital information about them up shortly! But yes you may claim that spot!!! Thank you so much for showing interest as well as inviting others to check us out!!
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  11. It is my pleasure to help and participate in this! Are we allowed one or two roles?^^
  12. You are able to play as many characters as you can keep active. I myself will be playing three actually >.> plus One Major NPC that I will have total control over as she is a god and won't be used often mostly will show up in the dragons Dreams ^.^
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  13. Oooo , I am loving and intrigued by your God. Fantastic idea you have there and very creative. ^^ Well then , I would love to lay claim to the Leader of Nightwatchers as well and can they be male or female?
  14. Leader of NightWatchers is Male (also Love Interest for my character Blu - well she is gonna be >.> Super Loyal to him anywas) But is also male because he is one of the Djnin Scales Brothers (leaders of the various half blood demons))

    And YESH Malefiorea is Ultimate badass that will only be admired from the ethreal plane of existence lol if she ever LEFT her void realm and tried to enter earth again it would fracture the planet LOL. In essence >.> ole Mal was the cause of the dinosuars extinction XD))
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  15. Well I would love to be him if you will let me partner up with you on that behalf. ^^

    Lol , Badasses for the win all the way , I say. Nothing better than them to be honest! Love the creativity at work here!
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  16. Sure You may claim his as well. Also just a note on demons if you are going ahead and building right now. Demons are all half bloods here no pure blood angels or demons are allowed tho you can (if you want) create completely original demons that were your parents. Half Bloods are only made by other Half bloods or by a rite of possession that happened during the conception. For instance in Blu's case -my hell hound character- her father is Cereberus and her 'Da' was a possession of him that raped her mum. So yeah her Mum left her to an orphanage.

    NOW ANYTHING WITH DEMON BLOOD can enter the Hell Realms, same as Half Angels with the Celestia Realms there will be >.> many alternate planes in this rp tho MOST RP will be done on the mortal plane which in a way is still virgin soil for all realms and all realms wanna own earth but don't have the forces to concure it >.> yet and may not ever come to that but is a plotting option. For the most tho all clans want to control Fransokyo beacuase it's a Gate Mouth (center of paranormal activity and power)
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  17. Alrighty I got a lil bit of the race information in. Still got a bunch to go but figured I would get the Dhmpir rough draft up for yah @Shayla
  18. Hah.

    Nope. I totally didn't even know this was here. So, a lot of what I posted in the Interest Thread was like... pure speculation.
    Double hah!

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  19. Lol Sorry about that - my stupidity astounds me sometimes XD. But yesh here is the ooc now ^.^ Will be updating more in a lil while nearly done with Hell aka Work.
  20. Ooh sounds intriguing. Would it be possible to claim a dragon? :D

    Do you have a set race/gender in mind for the leaders of the Guardians and BoneCollectors?
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